Jacqueline Laurita Calls Melissa Phony and Teresa a Criminal


Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey picked up where we left on last week, with the women in Vermont with the aftermath of Robyn Levy threatening to “rage on” Jacqueline’s ass, and Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania planning to tell Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga that it was time for Robyn to go.

Dolores went to Melissa’s room and told her that Robyn was a threat and that it wasn’t a good idea for Robyn to be around. Dolores also revealed that Jac wasn’t comfortable after being threatened, which didn’t go over well with Gorga, who questioned by Laurita provoked the fight. Melissa told the news to Teresa, who seemed annoyed her friends had to go and called Jacqueline an instigator. In the end, Robyn and her wife Christina left Vermont and Teresa and Melissa went to join the other ladies for dinner.

As they sat down for dinner, Teresa mentions that there are two empty seats. “I didn’t ask them to leave,” Jacqueline says to Teresa, asks, “Why would you sit in her lap?” Laurita explains she was giving Robyn her ass to rage on, which leads Teresa to call Jacqueline “manipulative” and “calculated.” This sets Jac off. Although she tries to leave, her husband Chris tries to defend Jacqueline by explaining to Teresa that Jacqueline is coming from a place of love and she’s defending Robyn, who she’s only known for a short while, over Jac.

Dolores also tries to defend Jacqueline but the fight continues to escalate when Jacqueline called Teresa a “table-flipping bitch.” Then, Jac recounted all the times she’s been there for Teresa when she’s gone off, including the infamous table flip, the time Teresa chased Danielle through the Brownstone, and the moment when Teresa shoved Andy Cohen into his chair during season 2’s reunion. Next, Jacqueline gave examples of Teresa’s soldiers, bringing up the Posche Fashion Show of 2012, and the rumor that Melissa was a stripper.

“She knows this is a sore spot for Teresa and I,” Melissa told the cameras, when Jacqueline asked Gorga if it was true that Jac had warned her Teresa was behind the set-up and Melissa did not answer the question in front of her sister-in-law. When Melissa did not answer Jac’s question, she put her hand in her face, accused her of having had four nose jobs and called her a “fake, phony bitch.”

“I think she warned you because she knew what was going down,” Teresa chimed in. In a rage, Jacqueline reached across the table, pointed to Teresa and screamed that she was a criminal. This was Jac’s breaking point and she left the restaurant after this. “I’m so disgusted with both of them, they’re trying to re-write history,” Laurita told the cameras.

All of the fighting is breaking Siggy, who can’t seem to stop crying, while Dolores seems annoyed. Upon deaf ears they try to explain to Teresa that Jacqueline is just hurt, but Siggy seems like she’s going to break.

Jacqueline left the next morning, and Siggy declares that she can’t be around the drama anymore. When Teresa and Melissa come in the room joking about what had happened, Dolores finally hit her breaking point. She screamed, “I’ve had enough!” Then, Catania observed that neither Teresa or Melissa even looked empathetic or sorry about what had happened. Dolores said, Melissa is dressed “like she’s headed to Studio 54 and Teresa looks like Milania.”

When Jacqueline got home, she met with Kathy Wakile to discuss what had happened in Vermont. She seemed to be doing okay, but her husband insisted that she still loves Teresa and is hurting. Jac said she is done, while Kathy warned her not to eat her words.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Melissa shared a special moment on a gondola. Teresa opened up about Joe leaving for prison and Melissa consoles her. Teresa thanked Gorga for being a good sister-in-law, and Melissa says, “and then there were two.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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48 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Calls Melissa Phony and Teresa a Criminal”

  1. We now found out the real phony of this group: Jacqueline! She got pushed to say what she really feels. She’s nuts and her husband is an enabler. He should have reined her in and Joe should have stopped the attack on Melissa. And why everyone is in Teresa and Melissa’s business is beyond me. This whole “I’m a relationship expert” is getting old. You’re not on duty anc no one hired you to intervene. They just want to have fun. Geez, relax and take a xanax!

    1. Jac no doubt, should have pulled WAY back but I do think she was hurt that Tre and Melissa were quick to turn their backs on her, after all the years they have known each other. I don’t believe for a minute that Melissa is this True Loving Sister-in-law. She and Joe need this income from Bravo and will do whatever it takes to stay on board. She knows that Tre is the queen bee of the show so she is playing nice. Chris and Jac are in this same boat which is why I think Chris wanted her to stay at the table. But I do think that Chris is the voice of reason and does his best to help all sides. I like him, always have. 🙂

      1. Barbara. Agreed. Melissa,& Teresa showed their true colors. They were trying to rewrite history.
        I felt so bad for Jacqueline. To see Teresa fully support Robyn without having all the facts, confirmed that Robyn is a solider,& that Teresa is still the same old grudge holding Teresa.

      2. Barbara, I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I agree with you about Chris Laurita. He’s always been the voice of reason and has tried to squash fights from season one (during the infamous table flipping dinner). lol.

    2. Enough with this effin Jacqueline already! Andy should rename RHONJ “The Jacqueline Laurita Show.” I’m so sick of seeing her idiotic rants and whining about Nicholas costing them so much money.
      What’s with Chris sitting there sucking his thumb while Jac(a$$) goes off on tangents?
      Also VERY sick of Siggy, the self-proclaimed “relationship expert” analyzing everyone’s every move. I felt like I was watching Dr. Phil last night.
      Where did Flicker go to medical school and get her degree in psychiatry?

  2. If I acted like this in front of my husband, he would get up and leave. Apparently this is just another day for bat-shit-jax which is why Chris just sits there in a daze. Imagine living with this crazy, explosive beast. Also, enough with Siggy and the relationship expert crap. And why is everyone so insistent that Tre mend fences with Kathy and Rosie? MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS, but then they would have zero story line.

    1. My husband wouldn’t tolerate that shit either. Especially if I embarrassed him and everyone with antics like that in public. That’s why I love him, he doesn’t fear putting me in my place. Sometimes I need it. Sometimes he does. But Chris seems to check out rather than check Jack’s behavior.

      It also annoys me that Jack seems so invested in ANYONE Teresa has a relationship with. She wants to stir up issues with any and all of them.

  3. They should be concerned for Jacqueline her explosive behavior is getting out of control and Chris is in lala land how many people does she have to alienate before he gets her some help. His entire family has been hurt by her episodes one by one. Didn’t she physically attack Caroline. She is scary

  4. Chris is so scared that Jac will flip again! She seems very close to it now. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. It’s a joke her calling Tre a criminal, when she is in same situation. I would love to know how they have managed to get away with it for so long!

    1. To add as I have just seen the clip: Chris should have removed her from that table! If I started shouting like that and pointing in someone’s face my husband would have told me to behave and he would have left me and walked out. Chris is so scared of Jac! Same as all the family!

  5. Wonder why the restaurant managers didn’t ask that party to leave–it would ruin my meal if I was in the restaurant.

        1. I did thanks down in Surrey and London with my grown up kiddies! Sinus issues can be very painful, I know! Xoxoxox
          It’s about 10c here! At least the sun has come out this afternoon!

  6. Brrr. Sounds mighty chilly.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Was it something special, or did you have to get your ” Kid fix.” ( my mother calls it, when she wants to see me. )

    So jelly. Love Europe. My hubby has promised me that for our 20 anniversary that he would take me back.

    1. I wanted to see my sister who is 83 tomorrow (she is 17 years older than me) so decided to drive that bit further south as I need to spend as much time as I can now with my kids. They have withdrawn my treatment now as it isn’t working but it’s ok. I’m a tough old bird and will fight on as long as I can.
      Get back to Europe when you can, We won’t be Europe soon! But you will always be welcome in my country! Xoxoxoxxo

      1. Suze, that absolutely breaks my heart to read this. Like always you are in my heart and prayers. Please know I hold you close to my heart. Love you always friend. Love Deb

        1. Sweet DaisyDeb, I didn’t mean to put it on, I have avoided doing it for two weeks now but I guess I’m just tired today after my weekend. It’s ok as I said I’m a tough old bird. They gave me three months in March and it’s now October and I feel ok. So I’m not going anywhere for a while. I have a family Christmas coming up! I will be around for that I have decided that. Love you sweet DaisyDebxoxoxoxoxoxox

          1. Dear Suze please remember sometimes doctors can be wrong. My mom survived cancer twice. Once was stage 3 the other was stage 4. When she was diagnosed with copd they said she would not make it 10 years. She lived for almost 20 year’s . Stay strong sister and please remember how much you mean to me and everyone here

          2. Suze, Dr’s tell people shit all the time and it isn’t true. They don’t have a crystal ball. They told me years ago I had a tumor on my spleen and it turned out to be scar tissue. Meanwhile, my prayers are with you, as they have been since you first informed us, and you mean the world to all of us here!

              1. Suze sweetheart, you are a strong woman and we are all praying for you and have faith that you shall conquer this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxox .

      2. 83! That’ s awesome.. As they say, ” U killed 2 birds with one stone.” 🙂
        I have always admired your strength, & personality,& your out look on life.
        You definitely sound like a little firecracker. A force to be reckon with.
        Nothing can stop you. God Bless.

        Thank u. Very true about Europe. If we EVER make it back, I would be honored to meet you in person.


      3. Suze, this is not right. Still praying for the miracle. And yes, you are a tough one. Holding you in my heart & luv u bunches.

        1. Thank you sweet Starr, I haven’t been back to is thread for a couple of days! Feeling a bit low when I did it but ok again now xoxoxoxxo

          1. ((((((Sue)))))) We’re all here to help you along and lift you up when you can’t. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your beautiful life. You’re a precious gift. ♥️♥️♥️

          2. ((Sue)))))) We’re all here to help you along and lift you up when you can’t. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your beautiful life. You’re a precious gift. ♥️♥️♥️

  7. I watched last week’s show again to see WTF the problem was between Robyn and everyone. NOW I see that Jaqueline decided to tell everyone, especially Theresa what Rosie and what’s-her-name were feeling, when she wasn’t even THERE. She, Jaqueline, is not liking anyone, including Melissa, who Theresa does like. Suze pointed that out above already. Someone above, sorry I can’t find who said this thing with how Jaqueline is acting about Theresa getting creepy, and I couldn’t agree more. Theresa did look so exhausted on the bus, they were supposed to be getting away for Theresa to REST AND RELAX. I had never, never liked Melissa till now. I don’t “like, like” her, but I no longer “dislike” her. I think she has grown up, and is getting out from beneath the bulk of her husband. I have never, and will never, like him. He is creepy, period. Anyway, I had wondered what Robyn’s problem was, so I am right now in the middle of last weeks show, because I must have missed something. I have it paused in another tab, hahahaa. It is cold brrrrrr here today, so the gardening I planned for this am is waiting till afternoon. It’s only 10:30 here, so I decided to watch last night’s show with my coffee. It confused me along with all the commentary on here, because I didn’t see what happened. So, back to the shows, and maybe I will get it, it Jaqueline can be “gotten.”

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