Jacqueline Laurita Calls Melissa Phony and Teresa a Criminal


Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey picked up where we left on last week, with the women in Vermont with the aftermath of Robyn Levy threatening to “rage on” Jacqueline’s ass, and Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania planning to tell Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga that it was time for Robyn to go.

Dolores went to Melissa’s room and told her that Robyn was a threat and that it wasn’t a good idea for Robyn to be around. Dolores also revealed that Jac wasn’t comfortable after being threatened, which didn’t go over well with Gorga, who questioned by Laurita provoked the fight. Melissa told the news to Teresa, who seemed annoyed her friends had to go and called Jacqueline an instigator. In the end, Robyn and her wife Christina left Vermont and Teresa and Melissa went to join the other ladies for dinner.

As they sat down for dinner, Teresa mentions that there are two empty seats. “I didn’t ask them to leave,” Jacqueline says to Teresa, asks, “Why would you sit in her lap?” Laurita explains she was giving Robyn her ass to rage on, which leads Teresa to call Jacqueline “manipulative” and “calculated.” This sets Jac off. Although she tries to leave, her husband Chris tries to defend Jacqueline by explaining to Teresa that Jacqueline is coming from a place of love and she’s defending Robyn, who she’s only known for a short while, over Jac.

Dolores also tries to defend Jacqueline but the fight continues to escalate when Jacqueline called Teresa a “table-flipping bitch.” Then, Jac recounted all the times she’s been there for Teresa when she’s gone off, including the infamous table flip, the time Teresa chased Danielle through the Brownstone, and the moment when Teresa shoved Andy Cohen into his chair during season 2’s reunion. Next, Jacqueline gave examples of Teresa’s soldiers, bringing up the Posche Fashion Show of 2012, and the rumor that Melissa was a stripper.

“She knows this is a sore spot for Teresa and I,” Melissa told the cameras, when Jacqueline asked Gorga if it was true that Jac had warned her Teresa was behind the set-up and Melissa did not answer the question in front of her sister-in-law. When Melissa did not answer Jac’s question, she put her hand in her face, accused her of having had four nose jobs and called her a “fake, phony bitch.”

“I think she warned you because she knew what was going down,” Teresa chimed in. In a rage, Jacqueline reached across the table, pointed to Teresa and screamed that she was a criminal. This was Jac’s breaking point and she left the restaurant after this. “I’m so disgusted with both of them, they’re trying to re-write history,” Laurita told the cameras.

All of the fighting is breaking Siggy, who can’t seem to stop crying, while Dolores seems annoyed. Upon deaf ears they try to explain to Teresa that Jacqueline is just hurt, but Siggy seems like she’s going to break.

Jacqueline left the next morning, and Siggy declares that she can’t be around the drama anymore. When Teresa and Melissa come in the room joking about what had happened, Dolores finally hit her breaking point. She screamed, “I’ve had enough!” Then, Catania observed that neither Teresa or Melissa even looked empathetic or sorry about what had happened. Dolores said, Melissa is dressed “like she’s headed to Studio 54 and Teresa looks like Milania.”

When Jacqueline got home, she met with Kathy Wakile to discuss what had happened in Vermont. She seemed to be doing okay, but her husband insisted that she still loves Teresa and is hurting. Jac said she is done, while Kathy warned her not to eat her words.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Melissa shared a special moment on a gondola. Teresa opened up about Joe leaving for prison and Melissa consoles her. Teresa thanked Gorga for being a good sister-in-law, and Melissa says, “and then there were two.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo