Jacqueline Laurita Believes Melissa Gorga is Threatened By Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice


Jacqueline Laurita is taking to her blog to share something she noticed while watching this episode that she never noticed before… she thinks that Melissa Gorga might be threatened by her relationship with Teresa Giudice. Read what else Jac had to say below.

“What a difference a day makes, huh? I bet you didn’t see that reconciliation coming! Like I said before, there is a lot of love and history between Teresa and me! The chemistry between us is clear and real, even though we frustrate the hell out of each other sometimes. #RollercoasterFriendship #HereWeGoAgain

I wish you could have seen the whole car ride to Crystal Springs with Siggy! We had so much fun! I got those fake buck teeth from the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. LOL! When you saw me shoving a big wad of gum in my mouth, it was because Sig and I had a contest of who could blow the biggest bubble with Bazooka gum! Our mouths were full of it! LOL! We were anxious to get there and continue the fun! We ended up sharing a room together upstairs. We belly laughed ourselves to sleep each night. We had so much fun!

That was interesting to learn that Teresa was offended by my handshake and would have preferred me to hug and/or kiss her instead. What?! I had no idea. I’ll remember that the next time I see her after we fight. Pucker up Tre, get ready for a big bear hug and smoocheroo!

There’s something I’ve been noticing since the show has been airing that I didn’t see before: It’s the look on Melissa’s face every time Teresa or I say that we are communicating and/or doing well together or when we are saying nice things about each other. It’s been consistent. I think she was bothered by it. It may be where her animosity was coming from. She may have felt threatened or jealous of my friendship with Teresa. She shouldn’t be. Teresa’s relationship with me is completely different than Teresa’s relationship with Melissa. They are family. They should always be close for the sake of their family, their parents and their kids. That goes without saying, and I respect that. My relationship with Teresa takes effort, because we are not family. We are friends that have a long history of closeness then had a falling out. Teresa and Melissa never had that closeness. They are finally just opening the doors to getting to know each other now. One relationship should not interfere with the other. It was never my intention to take Teresa away from Melissa. It’s just a different relationship. I’m hoping that it was never Melissa’s intention to come in between Teresa and me either. I was just focused on getting my friendship back on track with Teresa, not realizing that Melissa was starting to feel a little threatened by my closeness with her. The truth is, I would have loved for us all to be close. That is the way it should’ve/could’ve been. Can’t we all get along?

I never thought Melissa and Dolores were bad-mouthing Teresa and me. I think you could tell that in my voice and the way I addressed them. It was using my silly voice and not my angry voice. I just knew that my name, Teresa’s name and “eggshells” were brought up, and I wanted everything out on the table. I wanted the girls to know that Teresa and I were doing just fine and there was no need to worry. It felt like old times again. We shared many positive memories and a lot of laughs that weekend.

When you saw me cry over Nicholas, it wasn’t something that I normally cry about. In fact, it’s rare that I feel like that, but once in a while it affects me and I have to release. It makes me feel stronger afterwards. In that moment, all the girls were talking about their children playing soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, wrestling, etc. and I just thought about Nicholas. Every once in a while I think about him not having the childhood that his typical peers are enjoying, and it hurts.

Nick struggles every day to do the things that typical children do so easily. Sometimes it hurts to see kids that are younger than him passing him up in milestones. I just have to keep reminding myself that although Nick’s childhood is different, it doesn’t mean it is any less than the others. It’s just different. Nicholas has different passions and things he enjoys doing, and he is a very happy kid. Isn’t that what every parent wants? Parents want their children to be happy. Nicholas is happy. He IS enjoying his childhood, even if it’s different than some of his peers’.

Chris and I celebrate so many of Nick’s accomplishments with our friends all of the time. It’s what proud parents do! I never want my friends to feel like they can’t share their children’s accomplishments with me. They should be able to do that. That’s why I really didn’t want them to see me crying about it. I want them to know I’m ok. Allow me a moment to cry, and it will pass. I honestly do enjoy hearing about their children too. I want them to know that as well. I appreciated their support and compassion during that moment. Those are good friends.”

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27 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Believes Melissa Gorga is Threatened By Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice”

    1. Suze…WE ARE FINALLY on the same page with this show. lol. Except for specific tears while talking about her son…ALL the other outburst from Jacs were annoying as heck. Maybe she was drunk but she really is a pain in the ass. I could never be friends with someone who is as paranoid as she seems to be. I still stand by my feelings that Theresa has been just as shady to her (and Melissa), but Jac’s does seem to start the drama at this point. You could even see it on the faces of the two normal ones (Siggy and Delores). Jac’s wasn’t kidding around when she was squealing about them whispering!!! I recognize that I am peri menopausal, which makes me bitchier some days, and weepier on other days…I have a feeling that Jac’s might be in this same boat. lol.

      1. Well parts of it anyway! To be honest I don’t really care about any of these women or Bravo anymore! I would give up totally if it wasn’t for this blog! Xoxoxoxxo

        1. I am with you, Suze! You said it! 😉
          I do not watch Jersey as you know or Atl. I am sick of OC, and just down to tolerating BH. NY was a bit better this season sorta kinda. These women all have issues and a lot of it is just so fake and rehearsed. I would miss everyone here too.

    2. It seems she forgets she has another son. He is doing all of the things Nicholas is not capable of. I rarely see his name in her blogs, I have never seen her share a video of CJ dong a sport or a spelling bee or whatever he enjoys as a kid. And no matter which parent is with the boys, he is always on the outer edge of the world that seems to be created for only one son, trying to be seen and heard. That is the saddest part for me in Jaqo’s entire problem filled world. Both boys are going to have problems. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so. I am actually surprised, because wouldn’t all of the therapy they get for Nicholas include how to make sure the siblings are getting enough personal attention too?

      1. It almost sounds like Munchausens by Proxy with Jac. I don’t watch anymore, but she seemed to live for the attention having a child with a problem (autism) brought her. She cried and cried and cried, even when the boy did something positive. She cried for herself and it was not joy IMO and sent mixed messages to the boy. Feel sorry for Jac…was her message. It is always how the world affects her and she is most important. She is far too self absorbed. I feel sorry for her children.

      1. I use to think Jacqueline was awesome feel so sorry for Nick but she’s arrogant and her imitation of Theresa is so annoying. I think since she had plastic surgery it’s gone to her head. Your not your daughter quit acting like your a kid grow up. I cant hardly watch the part were she’s on the show.

    1. No wait…Bethanny and Ramona need to be in this category after that scene in the hotel room in Miami. lol. That was some of the fakest crying I’ve seen from any of them.

    1. I look ugly when I cry too. And, I have never had botox or any kind of surgery on my face. I don’t actually believe that was fake. I think she was breaking down, with her illness, her divorce, which BTW was delayed because Jason wanted way WAY WAY more of her MONEY than he deserved, the responsibility she carries all the time, being sent that video, being targeted as the s**t stirrer, as was proven at the finale, knowing she would be blamed for it all……she freaked out. She probably was on some Rx drugs too. Luann did exactly what Bethenny thought she might, blame her. Anything but blame Tom. The “woman” waiting for him at the bar after the nonexistent argument, what a total joke, ready to get Tom in her clutches, wow. With all of the rich, well mannered, handsome single men in New York, HE was the one a woman waited for. He must be some lay.
      As I have said so many times before, Luann is eaten up inside with jealousy and hate for Bethenny. Bethenny’s brains, her success, her MONEY, her ability to survive, her fan base….she tried to take her down, now I see what Heather outed her with as a fact. She planned all year how to do it. Then when Bethenny was being totally inappropriate at Dorinda’s sleepover, she was handed her chance on a silver platter. Everything it took all season for Luann to think up was used that night. The difference is Bethenny can out think & out smart her every time. Minus the horrible way Bethenny ruined Dorinda’s party. I hope she did something very thoughtful when she said she was sorry to Dorinda. It was Dorinda who deserved a huge apology. I have to say I respect the fact that Bethenny won’t back down because of the new P.C. “s**t shaming is bad.” And I must say, as awful as it might make me sound, I was glad when Bethenny said it the way she did at the reunion. From the first season Luann said and did the most pompous, arrogant, pretentious things. Toward everyone. The same time she was polishing her title, she was doing what she has now been outed for. Bethenny is the only one who called her out all along. Everyone else kept a distance from her so as not to destroy the glee that they were in the presence of a “Countess.” This little dance has been going on for as long as the show. The reason Bethenny was IN the bed was because she was cold. Just like she was cold when she was on the beach with her friend. I know that kind of cold. Cold from loss of blood.
      Bethenny and Ramona are the only 2 ladies who work. Carole writes, but she isn’t required by financial necessity to do so. She is certainly a talented writer, or so I have been told by Aunt Bee. I believe Aunt Bee, if she says the book was great, I am sure it is. She shares intelligence with Carole, Bee does. It seems to be forgotten that Bethenny and Ramona actually spend a lot of their life WORKING. Bethenny does more than work, she creates her own business. After 20 plus years of being like she is, to my mind it has been proven that she does not use street drugs on a regular basis, if at all. No one can keep up that pace if they are using speed or coke to augment their energy, no one. Heroine is the one drug, or other opiates, that a person can function on for decades, if they have the resources to be supplied at all times with pure prescription grade morphine or heroine.
      I am so looking forward to the next part of the NY reunion!!

    1. Touché, Misty K. ..Did you like that rhyme?…hehe. Yes a shark is a better description for her and Ramona. Nothing funnier than watching a bunch of narcissists try to play the “what about MEEEEE”…crying game. lol.

  1. I noticed Melissa’s reaction earlier but didnt mention it because I can’t stand her and thought maybe I was over reacting.

  2. I LOVE Jacqueline. I was a member of an autism association and I saw the tremendous pain parents went through. It’s constant, 24 hours a day. Please be kind. Melissa seems to be self-absorbed.

  3. As a 100% Italian, the more I observe Melissa, the more I’m convinced she is not Italian. There’s just something missing. She is not Italian.

  4. Someone above said Jacqueline might be peri-menopausal and I think they might be right. Not to blame hormones for everything, but her paranoia and insecure fears are all raising their ugly heads this Season. I did like her all previous Seasons, but she’s on over drive in this one. On a mission to prove something. Value? Whatever. Not attractive.

  5. I can’t believe how they all fight they act trashy….. I’m talking about all the house wives. I can’t stand the manzos won’t watch. Orange County Tammy is the fact crier.

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