Jacqueline Laurita Being Sued By Bank, Judge To Determine Foreclosure On Home!


As we previously reported, Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita’s home was in pre-foreclosure, and now TMZ reports Jacqueline Laurita is ‘being sued by Hudson City Savings Bank. The bank claims Jacqueline took out a $1.6 million mortgage back in 2007 on a 5,600-square-foot pad, but in Feb. 2012 failed to cough up the $10,175 monthly mortgage payment.’

According to the deal Jac signed with the bank. if she misses one payment, the bank can demand the entire balance… and they did!

The bank is now asking a judge for permission to foreclose on the home.

This is not Jacqueline’s only financial problem, she owes $340,000 in back taxes to to the state of New Jersey. If Jacqueline doesn’t pay her tax debt, the state will put a lien on her assets.

Jacqueline and her in laws are being sued for more than $7 million in bankruptcy court, and they are accused of converting millions of dollars for their own personal use. The lawsuit revolves around Signature Apparel Group, LLC, which was started by Jacqueline’s husband, Chris, and his brother, Joseph. Signature went bankrupt in 2010, but attorneys are alleging the Laurita’s “drained the company of all its funds and assets in order to support their families increasingly opulent lifestyle.”

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6 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Being Sued By Bank, Judge To Determine Foreclosure On Home!”

  1. This does not surprise me in the least…seems to be just another typical occurence in “a day in the life”.

  2. wow KARMA is a bitch after making fun of Teresa’s money problems she now has the same problems. That’s why you shouldn,t laugh at other peoples problems because soon they will be yours too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Let’s hope Teresa doesn’t set up Jac on her back porch and bring in Caroline for the kill. OH thats right! Teresa is to decent of a person to be so hateful. Jac and Caroline should make a public apology to Teresa and a public thank you for not acting terrible like they did.

  4. aww poor jac honestly feel bad for her. but im not understanding why these people are spending their money so foolishly like your already in deep debt and ur getting plastic surgery etc cmon now be smart. some of these housewives need to be on that princess show cuz that lady would whip them into shape lol. and why DOO THEY LIE ON REALITY TV? LOL like its better you just tell the truth honestly and the viewers would show more sympathy!!

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