Jacqueline Laurita Alleges Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis Threatened To Kill Her, Johnny Charged With Assault, Harassment & Terroristic Threats!

NorthJersey.com/Don Smith

This morning Jacqueline and Chris Laurita along with Joe Gorga appeared in court over the brawl with Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis that occurred at an event The Real Housewives of New Jersey were filming. Johnny claims the three RHONJ Stars beat him and filed charges of assault and terroristic threats. A judge agreed to these charges which are pending investigation. Today in court, Jac, Chris, and Joe gave their testimonies as to what they believe happened.

Jacqueline told to the judge Johnny was “asked not to attend” the Posche 2 grand opening, “but he showed up anyway with a bodyguard” and “came dressed in clothes like he was ready for a fight,” NorthJersey.com reports.

Jacqueline says the salon was packed and she was in a “tsunami of people” and didn’t see Johnny at first. Jacqueline recalls that “he lunged towards me, and I heard him yelling, ‘I’ll [expletive] kill you.’” She adds that Johnny “had a crazy look in his eyes like he was on drugs or something.”

Joe and Chris’ stories are similar. They allege Johnny lunged at them, threatened to kill them and was in general trying to provoke them.

Judge David Pfund presided over the hearing. As a result of the testimony he determined “sufficient probable cause existed for the charges to proceed.” Johnny was formally charged with harassment, making terroristic threats, and assault.

So both parties received the same charges. There will be another hearing to determine what happens next.

Photo Credit: NorthJersey.com/Don Smith


5 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Alleges Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis Threatened To Kill Her, Johnny Charged With Assault, Harassment & Terroristic Threats!”

  1. YEH what Lily says..all these 3 people do is lie for a Bravo TV paycheck. How stupid can this Judge be??? He must not watch much TV but if you are a Judge shouldn’t you at least do some research on the people who are coming through your court.

  2. Well is anybody really shocked that these morons would lie?? They are broke, very desperate idots of trash, the Laurita’s make their entire living on lies and ripping others off $$ – even a charity for goodness sake! Chris committed purgery in Fed Court -they have ZERO Credibility – SO – they are trying to keep bravo out of trouble so they can keep their jobs, they are broke and know when the real truth surfaces with proof – and it will – they can be sued for their lies and violence – I say, let these trashy fools keep digging themselves a little deeper….I also think the Lauritas haven’t yet faced the horror story their life will be when thier Fed problems conclude – PRISON TIME Folks.

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