Jacqueline And Chris Laurita Accused Of Purposely Delaying $7.8 Million Lawsuit


According to a new report, Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris are being accused of “playing dirty legal games” to delay the process of their $7.8 million legal battle. The legal team that was working on the Laurita’s bankruptcy case filed paperwork dropping the couple as clients, claiming they are still owed a “significant amount of money” from them.

In court documents obtained by RadarOnline, the law firm states, “The Lauritas have failed to comply with their agreement and obligations under the Engagement Letter with respect to expenses and fees owed to Troutman Sanders in connection to the Laurita Adversary Proceedings.”

As we previously reported, Chris’ former company Signature Apparel filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Then, the couple was accused of knowing the company was going under while taking out money for personal use in an attempt to defraud their creditors. The Trustee of the bankruptcy case sued the Lauritas $7.8 million to pay back their creditors.

One week after the Laurita’s legal team, Troutman Sanders, filed documents to back out of representing the couple, one of the creditors in the bankruptcy case filed paperwork on July 25th, objecting to the lawyers dropping them.

“The Withdrawal Notices provide no explanation of which of the Laurita Defendants have failed to pay legal fees or the quantum of legal fees that are outstanding with respect to each defendant,” the document reads. “Without this information, the Court has little basis to assess any merit of the Withdrawal Motions.”

The filing accuses the Lauritas of having their attorney withdraw in order to delay the case.

“Delay has been the Laurita Defendants’ primary defense tactic in these proceedings, and Signature is concerned that this latest and last gambit simply is more of the same,” the documents state. “Withdrawal for failure to pay fees at this late stage in these matters, when Troutman Sanders clearly was aware of that issue for months, is ethically suspect at the least.”

Photo Credit: Bravo