Jacqueline And Chris Laurita’s Franklin Lakes Home Being Foreclosed Upon


Hudson City Savings Bank has filed papers in Bergen County Courthouse to foreclose on the Franklin Lakes home of Jacqueline and Chris Laurita from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A separate home owned by Chris Laurita, located in Wayne, is also being foreclosed.

Jacqueline and Chris placed their mansion on the market in January 2014 for $2.85 million, then dropped the price later that year to $2.78 million. The home features six-bedrooms on nearly two acres and includes ornate millwork, hand-painted murals in the dining room, a custom kitchen with a wine fridge, and a walk-out basement with playroom, wine cellar and an office.

According to court docs obtained by NJ.com, Chris took out a $1.6 million mortgage in October 2007, with monthly payments of $10,846, but has not made made a payment since October 2014.

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19 Replies to “Jacqueline And Chris Laurita’s Franklin Lakes Home Being Foreclosed Upon”

  1. Must be nice!! Where I’m from you don’t pay you dont have a place to live!! How does one just “NOT make a payment”???? For several months!!

  2. They were living above their means for some time before declaring bankruptcy. Chris was said (what I read online) to have taken more than just a little money from the apparel business to use for extravagant purchases before it went under. He is said to have had money issues since 1988. It is hard to feel sorry for them, knowing they owned more than one home and could have sold their Franklin Lakes house years ago before it got this bad.

  3. What a shame I like this couple but those bulky brown/beige mock Mediterranean repo italianny newish build homes are so ugly. The jersey lot should try and wangle an invite to Lisa vanderpumps for an interior design masterclass, her house is everything. Still I hope things work out for this pair.

  4. So sad … this is happening worldwide it doesnt matter how much money you have had when things happen and you can no longer afford things we lose them. It is about rich or poor , it is ‘reality’. I can only imagine the medical bills they have been hit with trying to help their son. And business ventures not panning out. 🙁 They can hold their head proud though because they have tried. And that all we can do in life put ourselves out there and give it a shot 🙂 prayers for them

  5. I am stunned at the monthly payment amount. Not to be personal, but I have a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath cottage on 1/3 acre, with a covered porch my husband built and a central vac that he installed. Their monthly is more than my mortgage in a year! And I agree with Phaleesha about the way the homes look. I am much more into Dorinda’s Berkshire’s home, all colorful with stone walls and beautiful rooms. I don’t understand brown with a touch of “color” as classy? Color with a touch of brown maybe, but certainly not beige with hints of mauve. Yuk.

    1. I was thinking their mortgage sounds high but then I thought they probably had a 15 year instead of the traditional 30 year. I even heard that some financial institutions offer 10 year mortgage

  6. Looking back I guess jax’s tummy plastic surgery and getting her tattoo removed, and her umpteen bottles of wine were more important than her taking care of her autistic child…

    1. wow that is low. this woman is devoted to her kids look how hard she tried with her oldest. and she is a huge advocate for autism ! Keep it classy and leave kids out of it geez.

  7. They are an embarrassment to Italians. Classless and tasteless without a pot to pee in. How dare they use their son with autism as an excuse for financial problems.

  8. Does Chris work now? Losing a mansion is not the end of the world. Not having a job to support your family is much more of a disaster. Jaq and Chris can move into a modest rental with an affordable rent. Hundreds of people lose their homes to foreclosure every month and survive. It happens- carry on and work to improve your situation.

  9. Can’t they find anyone in jersey who isn’t crooked!! Who has a real job, who isn’t stealing money, creating phony companies to get a loan then blowing it on clothes, jewelry, handbags, car leases, give me a break. Sorry, no sympathy here.

  10. I don’t feel sorry for them. They’re running their mouths about the reason they fell behind on their bills was because of their sons medical needs. No, the reason they fell behind was because they were living far far beyond their means. To cast the blame on your child was the lowest of the low for me. It seems like RHNJ is full of nothing but con artist.

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