Jacqueline and Chris Laurita Make Top Individual Debtors List


There have been various reports in terms of Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s Jacqueline and Chris Laurita’s financial status, and now things have gotten even worse. The couple recently made New Jersey Treasury’s top individual debtors list, as reported by RealityTea.

The list shared that the Laurita’s owe New Jersey a total of $338,337.05. It has been public knowledge that they have been struggling financially due to Chris filing for bankruptcy for his apparel company, managing their home, the BLK business, and raising their youngest son Nicholas who is autistic.

The New Jersey Division of Taxation claims:

“The New Jersey Division of Taxation publishes information pertaining to the largest uncollected tax liabilities owed to the Division of Taxation. All detail provided on the Division’s website is public information as a result of the Division having a docketed judgment filed with the New Jersey Superior Court.

Each debtor appearing on these lists was notified of the docketed judgment by 1st class mail and given an opportunity to resolve the outstanding tax liability and avoid appearing on this list. The current amount of tax, penalty and interest due may differ from the docketed judgment amount as a result of partial payments made against the judgment amount and/or accrual of additional penalty and interest. In addition, debtors may appear that have resolved the liability since their appearance on this list and are in the process of being removed.”

It was also reported that Jacqueline is in talks with Bravo in renewing her contract for season 7.

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12 Replies to “Jacqueline and Chris Laurita Make Top Individual Debtors List”

  1. Reading Lizzies blog she mentioned Glass Houses, maybe Jacs should have thought about that before turning on Tre! I could say a lot more here but I won’t yet!

  2. When you live above and beyond, keeping up with the Jones’, its going to catch up with you. Look at the criminals Joe and Tre….,

  3. Yes, yes, yes PLEASE bring the Larita family back. Jac & Chris have always been the most “real” family on any of the RHO?? franchises. More power to them for putting their lives on the line. They are out there for the world to see and hopefully have empathy for ANY family raging against the uphill battle of raising a child on the “spectrum”. This is the epitome of “walk a day in my shoes”, and the message it sends. Only through the unselfish contributions of families like the Larita’s, Holly Robinson-Peet and Jenny McCarthy-Walhberg do we see their lives unfold. By letting us in on their daily lives, hopefully the mainstream masses understand spectrum children are just children needing a little more love. Thank you to all of these very heroic families. Congratulations Bravo TV for coming to your senses and realizing there is more to life than who is screwing who, who is backstabbing who and who is lying about it all! We were so sad, for so long, after you lost your moral compass.

  4. BTW, to these posted jealous theocrats get your facts straight. Jaq & Chris NEVER flaunted their lifestyle. Go back and watch you will see how often bboth of them shook their heads in disbelief re: Tre & Joe’s bullish*t. Besides Chris had well established legitimate businesses, not “companies” run under other names, chasing one bank account with another bank account, no co-investors that were never seen. Aside from the financial drain of raising a spectrum child, Chris lost his ass when “Mr. Good Guy Has Faith Uncle” went into the BlackWater business with Albie & Christopher. Numerous segments showed Chris fighting to keep it above water, while trying to jerk a knot in those boys ass*s. Oh yea, the left & went out to open a restaurant/bar…..,,..ON DADDY’S DOLLAR! Now Albie is shoveling shit, organic fertilizer is still unscented shit. And I haven’t heard what Christoper is doing besides trying to figure a way to come “out” and not kill his mother. So, as I stated in the beginning, Chris & Jaq never flaunted or squandered or filed bankruptcy (personal) on their money .

    1. Chris Laurita and his brother owned Signature Apparel group – they declared bankruptcy- they were both sued by bankruptcy trustees. Among other things the court documents stated:

      The Laurita’s spent millions of dollars of the company’s money on their family expenses:
      $2 million in credit card payments
      $331,637 on at least 11 leased cars including a Bentley and a Maserati
      $284,793 on airline travel $145,894 for private jet rentals
      $73,793 for car services $25,000 for an off-Broadway theater company
      $16,951 in rental cars
      The trustee’s attorney, Michael Fox, tells RumorFix, “It frustrates me that they are so public about their lavish lifestyle and they show indifference.”

      They are just as guilty as the Guidice’s. The fact that they have an autistic child doesn’t give them a pass to break the law or stop paying their taxes. I’ve always managed to live within my means-even when I got out of college at 21 and was making $18,000 a year. It pisses me off that people give them a pass.

      1. Slim, it pisses me off as well I like Teresa but what they did was wrong but so was these two liars and The Wakiles, Marchese with cancer drug, the Gorgas owe money everywhere! No innocents on this show I just don’t understand why this keeps getting deferred it was way before Nicholas was born.
        Now I have to say everything I have said is from other sites and my favourite word ‘allegedly’ in case I get into trouble again!!!!

  5. Would love to see Jacqueline back on the show! And, Shannon from the OC, can’t you see that you are being fooled AND used by Meghan, not Vickie!?! Wake up and grow up for heavens sake!

  6. I think out of ALL of the characters on these shows, Chris and Jacqueline are the nicest, kindest, most down to earth couple and I enjoy watching them! Bravo, PLEASE bring them back to the show ASAP! I, for one miss them and need a fresh, decent, honest couple to watch1

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