Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ Sister Ashamed Carole Radziwill Is Using Family Name On RHONY?


The youngest sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Lee Radziwill, is reportedly “mortified” that her former daughter-in-law has brought their family name to reality TV by starring in The Real Housewives of New York City. Carole was wed to Lee’s only son, Anthony, from 1994 -1999, before he died from cancer, just weeks after his cousin, John F. Kennedy Jr., was killed in a plane crash.

Lee, who is said to be very private, “guards her privacy with a vengeance and has expressed her disappointment that Carole used the Radzwill name on The Real Housewives of New York,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “It’s just tacky. Lee believes Tony never would have wanted Carole to be a part of reality television and she can’t quite grasp why anyone would want to be a on a television show with women fighting and getting drunk. Fortunately, she lives in Paris and that puts some distance between her and the sensational headlines.”

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  • DebBrenn

    Casrol always behaves with dignity. Maybe Lee Radziwill should judge her daughter in law’s behavior contrasted with the several Kennedy men scandals: rapist, misogynists, cheaters, and allowing a young girl to drown while rocking and crying on the ground about how it will hurt HIS career. That should be what makes her realize her family ties couldn’t be more embarrassing.

    • Anonymous


      • Anne Onhemous

        How silly all of this is!
        I don’t own a television, so have no idea who Carole Radziwill is, or what all this means. I really don’t know what ‘reality TV’ is!

        Most of us don’t know the difference between reality television and real life. By now, most don’t know the name Radziwill, only that name is distantly connected with Onassis, Jacqueline, and Kennedy. And that means many things to many different people.

        If one choses to dig into the past, into the marriage of Jacqueline Kennedy to Aristotle Onassis, there is plenty there about women fighting and getting drunk. Same thing as reality television, only on remote control. I don’t think anybody really cares about what may seem deeply personal here.

        If I were in the position to draw attention to myself, I would be most concerned with bringing to light issues of moral import, like designers who exploit the use of real fur all in the name of fashion, and sometimes at the expense of endangered species. There are so many worthwhile and important causes. This one is really narcissistic.

    • Julie

      What do the Kennedy men who have gotten into trouble have to do with Lee? Nothing. Carole has Lee’s last name, and now that name is known for RHONY.

      • DebBrenn

        My point is that Carole has done nothing to shame the family. Not like the entitled bunch of asshat Kennedys. They are all family, what difference if the last name is the same? We all KNOW they’re family.