Why Isn’t Danielle Staub a Full-Time RHONJ Housewife?

Fans of RHONJ are either loving or hating the fact that Danielle Staub is returning to the show. One thing that surprised a lot of people was the fact that Danielle wasn’t brought on as a full-time Housewife for season eight. Now, we can reveal why Bravo decided to keep Staub part-time.

“Bravo is concerned about allegations of racial insensitivity,” a source tells Faux Reality Entertainment. “In today’s climate of hatred and bigotry and the incidents of Charlottesville, no one wants someone who uses “n*****” or “you stupid fucking Mexican” even the hint of such language would scare a network away.”

You may or may not remember the incident from 2016, where Danielle’s man at the time released a recording of her using racial slurs.

The tape begins with Danielle saying, “Hey stupid moron! Where’s the f***ing n****r pot? Awesome, you’ve got the n***er connection. You’re so f***ing powerful, you’ve got the n***er connection!”

She continued, “You wanna call me psycho one more f***ing time, you stupid f***ing Mexican? Go ahead, see what that gets you. Bring it. Bring it, Navy SEAL! See where it gets you with my f*****g cartel!”

So there you have it, folks.

Photo Credit: Bravo