Is Yolanda Foster Suffering Financially After Divorce Announcement?


It was a surprise to most when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster announced she was divorcing with husband of four years David Foster. While the former model is suffering from Lyme Disease, Radar Online is reporting that Yolanda has complained to friends about her financial state.

David and Yolanda recently sold their Malibu mansion with the Dutch-beauty living in a condo David owns in the city, close to her doctors. The source is claiming that Yolanda is not happy.

“Yolanda has been holed up in the condo and is very unhappy. David hasn’t lived there for weeks, and she is absolutely miserable. The condo is in a luxury building, but Yolanda hates it. David has owned the condo for years and it was his bachelor pad, it’s not large and luxurious as their Malibu mansion was.”

Due to Yolanda’s health, how is she being supported financially? The sourced answered, “The only income Yolanda currently has is from her ex-husband, Mohammad Hadid and he is no longer obligated to give her any support. Out of the goodness of Mohammad’s heart, he is helping out the mother of his three children.”

The source concluded, “She is vowing to get as healthy as possible, and quickly. She needs the paycheck because of the impending divorce.”

Yolanda was spotted at a Bravo event on Thursday without her wedding ring.

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33 Replies to “Is Yolanda Foster Suffering Financially After Divorce Announcement?”

  1. I had read all of this elsewhere but I guess it’s the negatives of a prenup! Good for Mohammed, I think it was Rain that said he wouldn’t let her suffer and he obviously isn’t.

    1. Boo-dee-freaking- hoo, how much money has she thrown down the sewer for her bogus Chronic Lyme’s disease quackery cures? At least 200,000 of David Foster’s money until he realized she was completely insane.

  2. I don’t think she’ll ever have a financial problem in her life, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a nice settlement for Yo in that pre-nup!

    1. I agree. Yolanda has led a rarified life amongst wealth for so long, I have a strong feeling that unlike a typical sports wife or New Money Trophy Wife she would be savvy with her money. You learn a lot about these things from the type of people you are around in your life. With level of life experience and that social strata of hers, she will likely have investments, retirement plans, trusts in place for the children, ect. We also have no idea what monetary settlements she has from either marriage or pre-nuptial agreement (if there is one in place with Foster to begin with), or how she has invested her pay from the last 4 years of being contracted by Bravo or any freelance media projects she’s done in Holland as a tv personality. I’ve seen women worth a lot less than Yolanda as a Hadid or Foster manage to live luxuriously post-divorce, and it’s due to managing their finances wisely. It’s possible.

      1. One thing I will say about Yolanda, she is a smart woman, to me she comes off a very money savvy person, she seems like an investment person first before anything else. I don’t believe for 1 second Yo-Yo is broke-o..

  3. This is a bit confusing if it’s true. Why would Mohammed stop child support payments when the boy is still fairly young. Also it doesn’t address the obvious that she also earns her own paycheck from Bravo. I’m sure that check barely covers her lifestyle but she does earn her own paycheck.

    1. I said in the beginning what a class act. But I’m sick of people taking marriage vows and it seems empty words. Maybe there wasn’t a lot of money left, that David Jerko might be putting in new accounts. But let’s not forget she’s like #4 trophy wife. David came across as a jerk on the show. I think it’s a pity they made a comment about “she doesn’t like the condo” sounds like total BS.we that watch saw her tiny house she grew up in. Having this disease she needs help and REAL friends not on camera ones. I’m sick of these shows! Time to dump them Andy. I’m not sure if there’s a pre-nip but I remember her saying she married for LOVE. DUMP HER IN HER GREASTEST TIME OF NEED. YOUR SCUM DAVID FOSTER.
      ” ladies they’ll be no talking while I’m playing the piano” Self centered anyone?
      If she had a pre-nip with hubby #1 she most likely got a lump sum. When do woman get disposable arm candy?

    1. Chances are this story doesn’t even come from a real source. Tabloids like Radar Online are great at making up imaginary conversations to give readers something to salivate over.

  4. If this woman has money problems, where does that put the rest of us mere mortals who don’t have walk-in refrigerators, closets the size of most NY apartments, all her designer stuff, the wall of purses and shoes, the cars, not to mention the kind of apartment she put her kid in. 99.999% of kids who move to NY, live in squalor compared to how that Gigi was set up. She does NOT have money problems. What she has is a problem picking a good man. Like the Real Judge Judy titled one of her books.. “Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever”

    1. I agree. I just found this site and at a young 63 I’m wondering why are people spending money on little papers with a “story” that starts out “a source says”, it used to be published but then it was little green men. It was stated (on a reunion) that their told to try and cause scenes on camera. For the amount of their pay checks why not? People seem to enjoy seeing pretty cloths and a cat fight. How about we see them doing good? Try being a mentor? Anything but what makes me CHG channels.
      Andy shame on you. You bring Kim back after what 3 visits to rehab? A normal person would be locked up. What was one of the first dumb soaps? Dynasty?
      As depressing and sad you’d be better to pay attention to what’s going on in the real world.

    2. I do love that refrigerator but I’ll be happy the rest of my life as I battle the same vicious Lyme illness with everything paid for but most important my husband by my side. You learn so much by your 60’s but the kids think we’re lame. Enjoy learning.
      Share a smile today folks there free and I’m sick of no eye contact because so many are addicted to their phones.

      1. I’m sorry to hear you are ill but glad you have a caring husband by your side! You are young at 63 much younger than me at the old age of 64! We certainly aren’t lame! Take care of yourself. 😀

      2. I told my husband the other day when we were walking at the Marina, there were these families, kids, dogs, babies in strollers, and the women were looking at THEIR PHONE! I am thinking to myself, “your children, husband and LIFE is in front of your face, and you are mesmerized by this 2” square phone. Sad.

  5. My heart breaks for Yolanda as it seems his situation just becomes more complicated and challenging. I too suffer from a debilitating chronic illness and it definitely if life changing, finances are a huge struggle when your unable to work. I’m sure this has impacted her sense of self worth however Yolanda is a very well off individual and if her ex- husbands do not support her financially I am sure her two extremely successful daughters who’s careers have sky rocketed could comfortably support their mom and all her medical treatments even the ones she travels around the world to receive on a private plane- with one campaign ad they do. I would say finances are the least of Yo’s worries, and maybe some adjustments can be made to her life style to continue to afford her treatments if that’s the priority/concern.
    Sending her my best!

  6. Yolanda seems to be very practical, even telling her daughters to go out and work now, while the opportunities are there. So I think for the most part, she was very smart with finances.

  7. I live in the real world where people go through this all the time. I do not however believe Yolanda out of allthe franchise wives deserve this.Getting support from your baby daddy is looked down upon by many, but I think highly of Mohamed for helping her.

    1. Expecting support from an ex to support HIS children is considered a no-no Really? By whom? The father? Do some women go for this self defeating strategy bc it sounds like nonsense.

  8. I don’t believe it . Wasn’t she a model and received money for that? Plus all the money from Mohammed for the children and her Bravo paycheck? Don’t buy it.

  9. I think this story line is fake & I don’t think Yolanda’s main problem is finances, that’s one thing she dosent have to worry about at all.

    1. starr she dont have to worry but she s soooo GREEDY 45 mil is not enough she wants a Mohammed style life and she cant get it shes in her 50’s now so mohammed is dating a 23 year old !!
      people like yolanda can never get enough dough. big ego gas bag!!

  10. I cant stand Yolanda. She was so arrogant when she was with david and she acted like she was the Queen of the universe and all bowed down to the almighty blond bimbo queen.. but now she is like everybody else and its over for yolanda .. nothin sadder than a bimbo who made her living off her looks which have now faded. BOOO HOOO give it a rest its over. david was smart to run away.. hearing Helllllooooo MY LOVE 50 million times a day and having a woman with no sense of self around must have been annoying . new he would flee for his life.

  11. I’m not sure about her finances but I think she is the queen of exaggeration. She went from one crazy Lyme disease treatment to another not even giving them a chance to work. She does look crazy I think Lisa Rinna is right she is depressed. Also I think her and David have been separated for months. She was arrogant when they were together
    always giving marital advice. She is also friends with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville disgusting.

  12. Also from what I read she may be having money problems. Her house was on the market for 30 million it sold for 19 million. She is his fourth wife he has other ex wives and children that are dependent on him. I also think in their divorce settlement she is not allowed to talk about her divorce or him negatively in public. That’s why she hasn’t said much of anything. All in all she is not my favorite if you sign up for a reality show your life is on display. I think she should be recast.

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