Is Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC?


Vicki Gunvalson is the original Real Housewife and in a new interview with OK Magazine, Vicki is telling all. She admits she is single and that her and Brooks are no longer together and says she’s ready for someone else to fill up her tank! Vicki also admits when she will finally say goodbye to RHOC.

“I’ve always thought about quitting the show,” Vicki admits. “And I’ve always thought when that scale becomes more dysfunction and more sadness than it is happy, then I’m off. And that teeter-totter really gets pushed sometimes. But I like it. I like the drama. I like the craziness. I’m a glass half-full girl. I like to juggle a lot of things at once. If there’s an hour free, I’m gonna fill it with something.”

“My love thank is empty right now. As viewers have known Brooks and I have been dating, not dating. We both have taken a step back, we did not move our relationship to the next level and now we are open to dating others. I want my tank filled again.”

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9 Replies to “Is Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC?”

  1. Oh puleeeese. Put us out of our misery and quit NOW. You are such a whiny witch and I certainly could care less if that tank of yours ever gets filled. What you really need is to empty that gigantic ego of yours.

  2. In my opinion, i think Vicki and Tamra are two faced and love to cause drama!! They act like teenagers in high school! Come ladies you need to grow up and act your age!

  3. please! if there is a god please let Vicki quit! LOL all kidding aside I seriously hope she does quit but like someone said above there is no way shes ever quitting if she gets asked back. as long as there is a camera around her shes going to continue to be in front of it even if its shown what an awful, despicable, miserable excuse for a human being she is. its sad. vickis life just seems so sad to me. and shes clearly got no self awareness what so ever. its not becoming for a 50 plus year old woman to constantly be sloppy drunk, screeching like some kind of wild animal, wearing clothes way too skin tight for her age and figure, getting a ton of plastic surgery because someone she supposedly doesn’t give a rip about comments on her looks? her whole life is just sad. and that’s not even going into her repulsive high school behavior which I could go on about for days!

    its time for her and tamra to go! its been a looooooong time coming. theyre far too old to be behaving this way and to be rewarded with it by being on tv and making money from it.

    oh and Vicki even said this reunion she is famous…so yeah she aint goin nowhere LOL

    if andy doesn’t bring back Lauri full time next year hes a fool! lauri needs to be back because that would totally bug the hell outta Vicki. Vicki needs a taste of her own medicine for what she n tamra have done to Gretchen for years. let Gretchen and lauri give it back to her some

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