Is Teresa Giudice Trying to Get Pregnant?


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, 43 years-old, is reportedly trying for baby #5 with her husband Joe before he heads off to Fort Dix to serve is 41-month prison sentence next month.

“They are definitely trying to have a baby,” an insider told In Touch. “She and Joe have been intimate since she got out of prison in December.”

“She really seems to be glowing right now. She looks like she could be pregnant already,” the insider boldly states.

The news was confirmed by Teresa’s former prison cellmate Deseree Bradshaw, who said: “She talked about it when we would all pass around baby photos.”

And it doesn’t hurt that Teresa knows a baby would help her job with Bravo also. “Teresa knows a baby would be ratings gold, especially with her as a single mother with Joe in jail,” the source claims. “And it would be a dream for Bravo, too. Everybody wins.”

But what if Joe gets deported? “He believes that if Teresa has a baby, there’s a better chance she would follow him to Italy.”

Do you think Joe and Teresa should have another baby? Comment below.

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22 Replies to “Is Teresa Giudice Trying to Get Pregnant?”

  1. I’m not sure how an insider can know what is happening with Tre and Jo!! If they are and it’s what they both want good luck to them. Tre will follow Jo anyway so that won’t make any difference. How on earth can anyone know what is going on in Jo’s head! It’s absolutely ridiculous, Tre loves kids more than any other HW I can think of so why not. Whether they are or not good luck to her! Xo

    1. Perhaps I phrased the comment badly that she loves he kids more than any other housewife, so I will change it to Teresa is a really good involved Mum and loves her girls very much and also has a very close relationship with them. I still don’t believe the source, whatever any one thinks of Jo and I have never been a huge fan, although warmed a bit since the special, but he is a very private person. He doesn’t share his feelings, not that I’ve ever seen anyway!

      1. I don’t believe it at all. I do not think she will get pregnant, or in fact that she wants to get pregnant. A lot of people think she is stupid. I think she is naive and a little uneducated, but not stupid. She has a difficult road ahead and the world watches and comments on every little thing she does, IMO, to remind themselves and everyone else that they are superior. Why else would there be some derogatory remark on every page. If I don’t like someone, especially to the level she is disliked, I don’t read the article much less inflict upon myself others complimentary attitudes toward them. But that’s just me.

  2. Bringing a child into this world should not be about ratings. If this is true, it is sad for mankind. She always wanted a son probably but now is absurd. She would need in vitro to pick a boy…otherwise well, I guess the help can watch the little ones. Sad.

  3. If this story is not made up, it might just be the dumbest, most selfish thing I’ve seen from any of the housewives. Who in their right minds would believe this is a good time to have a baby. I’m pretty sure that prison is enough of a storyline and I highly doubt that she is in need of a ratings boost.

  4. I don’t believe this story, they had trouble conceiving last time but I also don’t agree with the comment that she loves her kids more than any other hw, that is a slap in the face to the others who love them enough to protect then from the show which Teresa does not

  5. As far as Teresa following Joe if he is deported…she may not be able to emigrate…since she is a felon. Italy may not let her in.

  6. This story wins the award for most idiotic, “oh my god, I don’t care!”, AND ickiest imagery. Please never ever ever write about Tre & juicy “being intimate” ever again blech.

  7. This is the stupidest idea that they have come up with yet! Thay can’t even control the trolls that they already have and did it ever occur to them that Teresa is beyond the age of having a baby that doesn’t come with medical problems?

    1. Two points calling children trolls is disgusting! My mother was the same age when she had me, I’m now 64 so I don’t think it’s done me any harm!
      But I don’t believe the story, it hasn’t come from them just a ‘source’!

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