Is Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga’s Feud Over? Melissa Attends Gia Giudice’s Birthday Party!

Teresa Giudice and family celebrate Gia Giudice's 12th Birthday

Is Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga’s Feud Finally Over? The Giudice Family threw a birthday party for their daughter, Gia, who just turned 12, on January 11th, and Melissa Gorga came with her kids to Space Odyssey USA in Englewood, NJ. Most people were surprised by Melissa’s attendance to Gia’s birthday party because of Teresa and Melissa’s on-going feud, and according to RadarOnline, it seemed peace was with the family for the day!

Melissa & Joe Gorga’s daughter, Antonia, was seen playing with Milania. Also at the party were Kim D and new Housewife, Jennifer Dalton! We confirmed Jennifer’s role on RHONJ Season 5 last month.

Melissa recently told The Huffington Post that all the women have filmed with Teresa and there had been no fighting while filming Season 5… yet! So have Melissa and Teresa put an end to their feud? I guess we will see, but you might want to read this exclusive first! More pictures from Gia Giudice’s Birthday Party are below! Click on an image to enlarge!

Photo Credit: Splash News



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  • Pinky

    Oh my goodness. I hope the fans do not fall for Andy Cohen’s tricks. He is heavily promoting MeGo-NOT Teresa. He got MeGo a book deal from same publisher as his. This is all fake. The women are playing nice with Tre, manipulating every situation for Tre to eventually look like the bad guy — exposing Caroline’s husband having an affair, Melissa having a very sorted past, etc.. Andy knows the ONLY way he could keep the Tre fans interested enough to watch this season is to make it look like everyone magically likes Tre now. They get her in a comfort zone and gossip. The Producers, who also do not like Tre, are trying to be very clever with their secret storyline. Once this is all poorly edited-Tre will look like the villian as will Penny and Danielle. The evil bitched will be the victims, once again, because of Tre. Ms Andy will never let his precious Manzo’s REAL life be exposed, nor the $ investment they he/Bravo have put into MeGo’s career. And that is why he brought the most hated charecters back this year. DO NOT EVER TRUST ANDY COHEN. HE HATES Tre and her husband.

  • Frick

    Melissa is a bitch. She claims that no matter what she does Teresa will have a problem. I don’t believe that. Melissa needs to be a genuine sister in law and she’s not. She shows up to things either because Bravo tells her to or to make herself look good. She didn’t want to go to Gia’s bday party. She had a total attitude the entire time. Then she lied about when she visited her father in law and then got pissed and left when she got called out. She didn’t even let her kids stay for cake. She lied about that too though and claimed they did. Why isn’t there any footage or pics of her kids during cake time? She’s a liar.