Is Teresa Giudice Being Fired From RHONJ?!

It is no secret that Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a hard and emotional season for Teresa Giudice. From being scorned by former friends Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo, to fallen relationships with family members, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile, Giudice was at the center of most of the drama. So why would Bravo be talking about replacing her?

After the filming of the Season 4 Reunion, insiders are telling US Weekly that Teresa’s future with the show is in jeopardy. A Bravo insider reveals that the producers are wanting to, “shake up the series next season and get rid of Giudice.”

Who could replace Teresa? She is a fan favorite for sure! “Although she creates all the drama, the other Housewives hate her and her storyline is getting stale — she holds on to the same grudges!” the source continues.

The source insists that the show’s producers are, “looking for a new, mean Jersey girl to replace her.”

Wow, I am truly shocked by this news! I think this would anger A LOT of Bravo fans. I know tons of my followers are Team Giudice all the way! Nothing for RHONJ Season 5 has been confirmed yet, but this is what insiders are telling several publications.

Tell Us- Would you still watch if Teresa goes?

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18 Replies to “Is Teresa Giudice Being Fired From RHONJ?!”

  1. I will NOT watch without Teresa! She is fun and I love her family. Everyone else doesn’t add anything beside whining and negativity.

  2. There is no way I will watch hwonj again without Teresa. I hope she goes so I don’t have to think about those other women ever again. Melissa is so confident she will be asked back and good for her but I don’t like watching her especially after knowing she destroyed a hard working mother of 4 girls who was an original cast member.

  3. If Teresa goes I’m not watching anymore of #TRHWONJ . I hope she gets her very own SPIN-OFF and if Teresa did we all can see that she’s as real as ALWAYS and Teresa has never ever change. I would love too see her girls and Gia’s Hip-Hop she dances awesome, It was nice to see also when Gia dancing on stage , Then her Auntie Melissa came out Singing it was Beautiful to have both of them on the Stage. I hope the family can work it out because of children …

  4. If Teresa is back next season, I WILL NOT watch the show! She’s a liar, only out for herself, and wants to make everyone else look bad. Too bad it backfired on the final episode of the reunion. I was so happy to see how uncomfortable she was when confronted with her lies throughout the entire season. And the people of NJ should be up in arms that “Juicy Joe” could afford to buy her the “I’m sorry” jewelry she was wearing during the reunion! Dear God, the man owes millions of dollars, doesn’t work, and can still shop. Teresa can still shop? If I lived in NJ, I would personally write the govenor and inform him of what was said last night!

  5. i think she needs to go – she is definitely bringing the show down. It used to be about friendship w a small amount of drama now it is nothing but backstabbing , lying and name calling.

    Teresa and Joe need to be gone

  6. I think the only way to save the Guidice’s family (kids)is for tre to be fired! It will put her back on the road of life’s reality and knock her off of her high horse that she has somehow inched up onto! Joe should also have to pay the reprocusions for all of the laws that he has so blatenly broken. I think if the two of them( tre & joe) can’t teach those 4 beautiful impressionable children then it’s up to bravo to fire them before they (parents) do anymore damage to them. Come now this was supposed to be entertaining! No one in there rite mindframe can think that role models like there two are fun they are disgusting! I hope tre reAds this & finally gets it.u to Andy Cohen! Tre ur shameful realize it already u got a huuuuge head the last 2 years..

  7. even if you don’t like teresa, you can’t say the show will have the SMALLEST bit of entertainment without her. her family brought out this side of her, along with caroline and jacqueline becoming friends with them knowing the problems the giudices, gorgas, and even wakiles have had. how do you NOT expect her to react this way when this is the results of family spitefully joining a tv show behind her back… miss the happy jers girl the show portrayed her as when her fam was gone!!

  8. I feel that I already know what Teresa is going to do or say in a situation. It’s the same sentence(s) that comes out of her mouth. Occasionally, she will learn a BIG word and say it in a sentence, sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t but I really have stopped listening when she starts talking about her cook book (yawn, we all know she can’t write a chapter, let alone, a paragraph without the help of some expert writers).

  9. its like this teresa thinks shes the show period she needs 2 understand that no 1 person makes any show i personally dont like her shes a liar wonts 2 cause trouble where ever she is at she does need 2 be let go 2 be put back in2 railty 4 a change i read where she had a food line what a laugh she a joke in my eyes

  10. I am so tired of her accusing who is not a good family member. If it is not her way then it is the highway. She needs to wear the sign that she is not a good family member. She ranted about her cousin, who watched out for her kids when she and her husband were fighting with her brother, Joe. She is always saying how the others are not as smart as she is and she cannot even say of think clearly. Her husband is a slob and a cheat yet she always reminds us of how juicey he is. I want to just throw up on that old line. Well what can one expect when some one’s hair is growing from her nose.

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