Is Taylor Armstrong An Alcoholic? Her Intervention On RHOBH!


Taylor Armstrong has been on a slippery slope the past two Seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and many people have questioned her drinking habits. On Watch What Happens Live in mid February, Andy Cohen even made a remark about Taylor’s state of mind at Lisa’s tea party and her whacky behavior in the clubhouse. In the preview below Kyle and Kim Richards bring up Taylor’s controversial phone call where she was admittedly intoxicated and didn’t realize Kyle had her six year-old daughter, Kennedy.

Kim tries to reach out to Taylor and explains because of her own history she does recognize when someone has a drinking problem. Kim explains to Taylor it is not just about the phone call that makes her think Taylor has a problem. A teary-eyed Taylor looks scared as Bravo plays several clips of her drunk while filming the show.

In her interview Taylor says, “I don’t drink that often, but when I do drink I find I can forget about all the stress I’m under and all the pain I’m feeling.”

Kim says the final straw was when Taylor didn’t know where Kennedy was and and at that point she thinks Taylor should step back and ask, ‘What am I doing?’ In Taylor’s interview she says in regards to the intervention, “I was a little taken a back. Not knowing where Kennedy was was a miscommunication between my nanny, my mom, and me.”

You can preview Kyle & Kim’s intervention with Taylor below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo