Is RHONJ About To Be Cancelled?

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are being accused of faking storylines to make the upcoming season interesting.

For example, Dolores Catania is accused of having a fake storyline. “Dolores’s storyline for the next season is that Frank is having financial problems so he moves back in with Dolores,” an insider told RadarOnline. “It’s all a farce.”

“He has a girlfriend Ellie who he’s been living with for 15 years in a house in Franklin Lakes,” the insider explained. “He’s far from broke.”

“The producers and Dolores are desperate because she has no storyline,” the insider added. “Frank’s on board because it’s good business for the gyms he owns. But they are not moving in together in reality – it’s all for the camera.”

And as we previously reported, producers have been fired from the show, causing a delay in filming. “A producer has even left the show,” the insider told the site. “It’s so weak that they may not have another season.”

“They are so desperate they even had to bring back Danielle Staub!” the insider noted.

And Danielle has brought the drama. She got into a fight with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga at the POSCHE Fashion Show. This year’s show was a fundraiser for Aaron Anderson, who was found dead in Kim D’s car earlier this year.

“Teresa came with the girls,” the source said. “She had her little tribe with her… Danielle Staub and Melissa. They came downstairs where the models were and Teresa was just ballistic.”


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Giudice reportedly picked a fight with Kim D. “She swore at the girls working. She looked like she was ready to throw glass.”

“Teresa got in Kim’s face,” the source continued. “So Kim got back in her face.”

Aaron Anderson’s mother was not pleased by the drama. “The kid Aaron’s mother came down the stairs with a picture of Aaron and said, ‘You’re disgusting! How could you act like this at a fundraiser. Aaron’s girlfriend who has his baby was crying that they could act like this at a fundraiser,” the source shared.

“So when it came time for the fundraiser, Melissa, Teresa and Danielle weren’t allowed to stay,” the insider claimed. “They bought tickets but they couldn’t go up.”

The source said after they left, the fundraiser was great.

Are you surprised by this report? Do you think RHONJ is over?

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  • kt

    PLEASE cancel and take OC with it!

    • Daisy

      Good morning cutie pie . I absolutely agree with you , haven’t watched NJ in years . How are you ?

      • kt

        I’m doing great…how are YOU? Are y’all getting a lot of rain? Our flat city is almost flooded!

        • Daisy

          Doing good. No rain here and we desperately need it. I hope the weather clears up for y’all

          • kt

            Are you having a good summer? I’ve been checking in every now and then – not much happening around the site?

            • Daisy

              It’s been hot as hell , yep not much at all going on here anymore

    • Me

      Amen I’m with you. Teresa seems to think it is her show all about her. I like it when juicy Joe gets drug and has too much wine he gets hilarious

  • Kim

    I hopened not love the show been watching since beginning

  • Shaw Allen

    The Source is radar online! Probs wacko putting those stories out

  • Barb

    I would not miss the NJ women at all.

  • Bittyboo

    Omg so now they are so desperate they need to advertise there is no story line to try n get more viewers?! I used to live in franklin lakes. It was the worst place on earth! The people were so rude and snotty. I wanted to get as far away from NJ as possible! There’s a reason they call it the armpit of the nation! No loss here if the show gets cancelled

  • Me

    Bye bye Teresa. Bring back Joe bring back joe

  • Me

    Oh yeah Melissa Gorga HOT! HOT! HOT! I say

  • starr

    It is really boring. Time to end.

  • Michelle

    Sounds like the source is kim d abd unlikely the truth. I love rhonj! I can’t wait for the show!

  • Bon Vivant

    We won’t know if this show is up for cancellation until we see the ratings, and and whether or not they will be part of NBC Universal Upfronts 9 months from now. Radar should follow more trades instead of whisperings from “Insiders”.

  • Aunt Bee

    I hope so.

  • One Rotten Egg

    CANCEL already!

  • Melp

    NJ should have been cancelled many many years ago. Once Tre went to prison she should have done her time got out and told all the camera’s to get out. At that time she chose the show over the best interest of her kids. Keeping them in the limelight only created a more difficult situation for those girls. They were already dealing with the peer pressure and bad media but mom decided that “So what,,,,, they will be fine.” If she had gone black and made sure that there was no press AT ALL those girls would never have had to deal with the backlash of what Tre and Troll had done. I would have never ever let the media write any stories about my family and kids and let them live in peace. We all know that Tre is selfish and thinks about the money only. No amount of money is worth putting your kids in harms way. Tre will not get my vote for Mother of the anyway. What a mess and she had control over the entire situation.

  • Mizzy

    If it comes back I’d watch but only because it’s Real Housewives… New Jersey has sucked since Bravo decided Teresa was the star of the show and forces everyone to brown nose her to make-up when she’s in the wrong. Horrible woman, I don’t care how popular she is.

  • Kelly Anne Conway

    This show is an unburied corpse, it should have been cancelled years ago

  • kk

    sick of Teresa move on cancelled the show please all fake

  • Starr

    They all make a scene where ever they go. Nothing new, just classless.