Is RHONJ About To Be Cancelled?

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are being accused of faking storylines to make the upcoming season interesting.

For example, Dolores Catania is accused of having a fake storyline. “Dolores’s storyline for the next season is that Frank is having financial problems so he moves back in with Dolores,” an insider told RadarOnline. “It’s all a farce.”

“He has a girlfriend Ellie who he’s been living with for 15 years in a house in Franklin Lakes,” the insider explained. “He’s far from broke.”

“The producers and Dolores are desperate because she has no storyline,” the insider added. “Frank’s on board because it’s good business for the gyms he owns. But they are not moving in together in reality – it’s all for the camera.”

And as we previously reported, producers have been fired from the show, causing a delay in filming. “A producer has even left the show,” the insider told the site. “It’s so weak that they may not have another season.”

“They are so desperate they even had to bring back Danielle Staub!” the insider noted.

And Danielle has brought the drama. She got into a fight with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga at the POSCHE Fashion Show. This year’s show was a fundraiser for Aaron Anderson, who was found dead in Kim D’s car earlier this year.

“Teresa came with the girls,” the source said. “She had her little tribe with her… Danielle Staub and Melissa. They came downstairs where the models were and Teresa was just ballistic.”


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Giudice reportedly picked a fight with Kim D. “She swore at the girls working. She looked like she was ready to throw glass.”

“Teresa got in Kim’s face,” the source continued. “So Kim got back in her face.”

Aaron Anderson’s mother was not pleased by the drama. “The kid Aaron’s mother came down the stairs with a picture of Aaron and said, ‘You’re disgusting! How could you act like this at a fundraiser. Aaron’s girlfriend who has his baby was crying that they could act like this at a fundraiser,” the source shared.

“So when it came time for the fundraiser, Melissa, Teresa and Danielle weren’t allowed to stay,” the insider claimed. “They bought tickets but they couldn’t go up.”

The source said after they left, the fundraiser was great.

Are you surprised by this report? Do you think RHONJ is over?

Photo Credit: Bravo