Is Melissa Gorga Doing A Duet With Britney Spears?!

Melissa Gorga

The latest Real Housewives of New Jersey rumor has nothing to do with Teresa Giudice or the cast, but rather Melissa Gorga doing a duet with Pop Princess, Britney Spears! The rumor stemmed from Melissa’s Wikipedia page, as RumorFix pointed out. Wiki reported, “In early 2013 Melissa tried to get producers to get her a duet with Britney Spears but britneys team turned her down because they didn’t know who she was.”

Someone on Twitter criticized Melissa’s potential duet with Britney by tweeting, “Seriously lol your gonna try and get @BritneySpears to make a song with you lol @MelissaGorga #GetALife.”

Melissa shut down any rumors of a duet with Britney by responding with a tweet saying, “Good lord.. The rumors keep getting better & better.. Of course not;.).”

Photo Credit: MTV



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  • Pinky

    Please Lord, I hope someone got a screenshot of all this. Send to Andy to question her and you know she will lie – but a screenshot would prove her wrong! I also pray BullDog, who appears to be an extremely cool guy, lets the truth surface! I read where Bravo producers haven’t scheduled Penny for any filming the last two weeks. Seems that she did have the flu but was well enough to film this week. Andy must be getting nervous with all MeGo’s slutty secrets spillin. I am betting all the TRUE stuff gets edited out cause Andy is a dumbass and doesn’t have a clue what 98% of the viewers want….and he HATES TERESA! Andy thrives on comete fake bull shat!

  • JerseyGirl

    She can’t sing. I guess she saw how much they digitally alter Britney these days and figured she could get by with her poor skills in a duet.
    Poor Britney, she must be so insulted having this no talant, nobody think they are worthy of singing with her.

  • Alex4Alex

    Melissa Gorga, she is so cute and now a days anyone can sing. I do like the way she has her style of dance when she sings. Come on, people, say something nice. If I knew any of you I would look for the good and spread the word.