Is Lisa Rinna Joining The Cast Of RHOBH?


Bravo is looking to cast new women for Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and RadarOnline is reporting producers have approached Lisa Rinna to join the cast! The network has been having trouble finding women who they think are the right for the show, and the former ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star has been in talks to become a new housewife, with credentials that definitely fit the show!

“Lisa is married to a super hunky actor, she’s rich and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or call anyone out,” a source tells Radar. Lisa, who is currently starring in Donald Trump’s ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,’ definitely has a good relationship with the NBC network.

“Lisa already knows people at Bravo and they really like her. She’s funny but she’s got a great sense of humor so she can send zingers,” the insider adds. Since Adrienne Maloof is out producers are looking for somebody to bring the drama and they think Lisa would be perfect for that “role.”

“Lisa would be brought on to the show to stir up sh*t, especially with Brandi [Glanville] and that’s exactly the new life that the show needs!” The insider also reveals Lisa isn’t afraid of the Housewives marriage curse,” as she and Harry Hamlin have been married for 16 years. “She and Harry have a really strong relationship. They aren’t worried at all about the strain the show puts on them, they wouldn’t do it if there were problems, and there definitely aren’t any!”

Do YOU think Lisa would be a good addition to RHOBH?

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17 Replies to “Is Lisa Rinna Joining The Cast Of RHOBH?”

  1. This would seem like a MAJOR step backward for an established star. Most of the housewives use the show as a stepping stone to further their career. Just seems strange that Lisa would do a show like this.

  2. We know about them in the tabloids. Its fun to watch virtually unknown rich women. It makes it more real , hence real housewives …..

  3. I absolutely think she will be a great addition to the housewifes she is a definite talker not boring deserves every bit it.
    Ps love Yolonda shes my fav

  4. Yolonda
    Have to say you watching u .I see How u got where u r . Very interesting woman very intriguing. I am not into girls.But I can respect them.

  5. Lisa please come over to RHOBH you would be great for the show, love you and Harry would love to see how you would handle the show and how the other women would handle you….

  6. Interesting choice. If Lisa commits to RHOBH she will NEVER feel or be viewed the same. I’m not sure if her skin is tough enough for this show. These ladies have a tendency to rip each other to shreds on a weekly basis. Right now Lisa is known as a pretty “nice” person whom appears to have it all together. I guess we will see a whole other side of her, that’s inevitable with this cast. Let’s just hope for Lisa’s sake that she has deep, strong roots and will be able to keep herself grounded when the girls go for the throat or should I say, when the “girl” reaches for her knife to do yet some more back-stabbing.
    Good Luck Lisa ! Stay true to yourself!

  7. She comes off as a tough girl, tell it like it is girl, but…she would crumble under the pressure. She isn’t really all that strong.

  8. Definitely a BADDDDDDDDDDDDD idea. Lisa is a loud mouth and probably would fit right in; but she’s friends with Faye Resnick and she showed how much hate she has for Brandi when she was on Andy’s show. Anyway, I think the show would lose its creativity and become even more scripted if a known actress participates. I can’t see why she would want to stoop that low and come on such a show. Bad idea! Find someone else…

  9. Definitely not a strategic move on her part. First, she will never be viewed as a serious actor again… simply as a reality tv personality. Secondly, for her to think she can take on Brandi is a huge mistake. She will be taking on Brandi’s army of fans and they will make minced meat out of her. Lastly, she is not that strong a person when confronted. Just watch her on Celebrity Apprentice and it is obvious she struggles under pressure. She would be wise to leave well enough alone.

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