Is LeAnn Rimes Joining The Cast Of RHOBH?!

LeAnn Rimes

It looks like producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are doing anything they can to add drama to the show. RadarOnline is reporting Bravo producers and executives are doing anything they can to lure Brandi Glanville’s nemesis, LeAnn Rimes to join the cast of RHOBH. “Producers have approached LeAnn multiple times about joining the cast and have been pursuing her even harder in recent weeks,” a source tells Radar. “Viewers are fascinated by Brandi, how she’s dealt with her marriage being broken up by LeAnn, and the pain that continues to cause her and her family.”

“Executives at Bravo have told LeAnn that appearing on the show would be a great opportunity for her to get her side of the story out and no longer be seen in a negative light. However, she has continued to shut the offers down, claiming she doesn’t want the added drama in her life, that she has a flourishing music career, and that she just doesn’t need to do a reality television show,” the source explains.

So how does Brandi fell about LeAnn possibly joining the cast? RadarOnline reports, “Brandi is a very smart cookie and recognizes that if LeAnn were to join the cast, the audience would hate her even more. Brandi loves playing the victim and having LeAnn on the show would allow her to continue in that role as the long-suffering, spurned ex-wife,” a source tells the site.

“Brandi wants to become Bravo’s next Lisa Vanderpump or Bethenny Frankel and have her own spin-off show; having LeAnn join the cast will almost cement that desire. Viewers love Brandi and her book has seen a very strong debut,” the insider added. “Brandi isn’t surprised that LeAnn has turned down the offer to be on the show, but she feels that the country singer owes it to her to sign on after breaking up her marriage. Brandi has been adamant that her sons with Eddie Cibrian absolutely wouldn’t be a part of any filming with LeAnn. She would shield them from all of the drama, as she has always done,” the source revealed.

RumorFix reports LeAnn is NOT joining the cast and has never been asked by producers. RHOBH sources tell the site “It’s not going to happen,” and “It was never discussed. She was never contacted.”

Do YOU want LeAnn to join the cast of RHOBH?

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8 Replies to “Is LeAnn Rimes Joining The Cast Of RHOBH?!”

  1. Damn – does Bravo ever consider what the kids of these people will think when they see, and eventually they will, their parents/step parents act sp hurtful toward each other!!! Not many people “like” LeAnn, myself included, but I do think she has serious emotional issues and could be destroyed or try to destroy others. – Brandi – Lisa? Drama is one thing but emotionally unstable people on these shows is not cool. Kelly Bensimone went over that edge and as we all were shocked and loved the drama at first, most of us eventually fely uncomfortable. Kim and Taylor – so tired of troubled souls on here with serious mental health issues – that is the shit that is ruining these shows. Show reality with the healthier, less fragile women and trust me, drama will happen – you producers do not have to set-up people and play your games! UGH

  2. HELL NO!!!!
    1. Her storyline sucks!
    2. She is beyond UGLY!
    3. She has the personality of a gnat!
    4. She the personality of a mosquito!
    5. She stinks like a skunk!
    6. She’s anorexic or bulimic or both!
    7. No one likes her!
    8. She’s a back-stabbing bitch!
    9. She’s sneaker than any housewife ever was!
    10. She WILL sleep with anyone for attention!
    11. NO, HELL NO!

  3. LR says they weren’t any talks or offer…and she wouldn’t do it anyway. She would have to face Brandi. She couldn’t do it because LR would unravel, she’s too immature. Plus Brandi is the goose that laid the golden egg, Bravo wouldn’t risk a meltdown or Brandi not staying. (Lisa wouldn’t allow it…lol)

  4. If this is true, and not simply idle gossip, I would say BravoTV and Andy Cohen have lost any sense of moral fiber! It would be an absolute despicable act of disrespect… Toward the CHILDREN!!!

  5. I am so proud of LeAnn for turning down RHOA she better than that. I do like the show and I hear that bad pubblisty better than none and Brandi sure keeps LeAnn in the the line light. For all you haters of LeAnn what makes you so perfect and what makes Brandi so perfact or Eddie? I am not saying what LeAnn did was right but she was not in it alone Eddie, and Brandi was part of it.
    Brandi is always playing the poor me card when she is always opening up her mouth and putting her mouth in it. Why do all of you think she is good and sweet and beautiful? I like the opening when she saies “money don’t buy you class it only gives you money,” and that is her no class. Lisa and Yolanda better watch their backs brcause Brandi is working to be the top B- – – – h on RHOBH and her on show.

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