Exclusive Details: Is Lauri Peterson Returning For RHOC Season 8?

With some of the pictures that have been released by Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson while filming Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers are wondering if former Housewife, Lauri Waring-Peterson is finally making a return in 2013? Since a lot of you have been asking me, I decided to see what I could find out. Lauri originally left the show in 2008, and has told Andy Cohen that she would never rule out the possibility of returning. Lauri has mentioned that she almost returned to the show for Season 6, but what about Season 8?

It seems Lauri has been filming with the OC ladies. She was included in Tamra Barney’s bridal fitting, and also just filmed with the women in Whistler, Canada!

We do know that Andy Cohen DEFINITELY wants Lauri to return, and we know how much weight he has in the network. A viewer asked Andy on Twitter, “I was wondering if anyone could ever convince Lauri to return to the show?” Andy replied, “Yeah Lauri, how many times did I try to convince you!”

Andy and Lauri then revealed that she almost returned to the show for Season 6. But they never said why she didn’t go through with it. Lauri suggests she wasn’t comfortable with the show’s dyamic. “We almost got there, to contracting for season six, it was close, but then I watched the show and ….. I never say never.”

EXCLUSIVE: My source says Lauri will not be returning to Season 8 as an “Official Housewife,” however she is going to be making some cameo’s. She was going to come back in Season 6, but Bravo wasn’t offering her enough money, and she didn’t like all the drama that was going on. My insider also says Lauri could be testing the waters to see if she feels better about the format in Season 8, then she could possibly be making a return for RHOC Season 9!

Tell Us- Do YOU want to see Lauri return to RHOC?

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  • BarbieGirl

    Yes I want to see what’s been going after being away for so long. I hope Lauri and George are still happy and back on full time.

  • Arija

    Yes, I always liked Lauri & would be interested in seeing how she’s doing these days. I too hope she & George are still happy, and that the marriage is everything she was hoping for.

  • BarbieGirl

    Five months changed the entire dynamic of this horrid couple. Two Posers, with the help of Ashley’s pathetic fake twitter and Instagram accounts. My Gawd, what a mess!

  • sharon coffman

    Laurie must be desperate for money. She is trash and a liar. If she comes back I quit.
    It was Vicki sister that she was watching a movie with in bed.
    Bravo better fire that evil Laurie. Or nobody will watch.
    I hate her gossipy mouth.
    Thanks sharon