Is Kordell Stewart Gay? No Prenup For Porsha


Many viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta were shocked to find out that Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his wife Porsha after less than two years of marriage. Porsha revealed in a January Bravo Blog that she and Kordell did not have a prenup agreement. “In my opinion a marriage is a sacred union between two people coming together as one with love being that foundation, being one in mind, body, and spirit. This means I want to agree with my husband and have like minds, I want to bond with him in the flesh (meaning anything that has to do with the natural things, whether it’s a sexual, monetary, or family issue etc.). I also want to become one spiritually with my husband so that we are equally yoked,” Porsha wrote.

“We have the same beliefs when it comes to God and how WE have our purpose shown to us by God. So through bonding with him in mind, body, and spirit there is no place for a piece of paper to stand between us,” Porsha continued.

In Kordell’s petition for divorce, he stated, “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.” Now, new claims have surfaced about the former NFL Quarterback’s sexuality.

StraightFromTheA reports Kordell Stewart quit the game after being labeled as gay by many of his teammates & peers. The site reports, ‘Kordell, a stellar quarterback who once played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was plagued by talk that he frequented Schenley Park, a Pittsburgh area park frequented by gay and transexual men. There was even talk that an officer had once witnessed Stewart engaging in gay sex in a limousine but because of his notoriety as the city’s star quarterback, the incident was swept under the rug. Apparently as time went on, other reports of his alleged homosexual activity became “rumors” that never held any substantiated proof.’

Kordell’s former teammate Plaxico Burress even commented on the rumors of Kordell’s sexuality. In a 2008 radio interview with Tim Benz of 105.9 The X in Pittsburgh, Burress stated: “It had to be tough on him personally. I didn’t call him gay or anything like that. . . . I think that’s one of the reasons why he really couldn’t become the player that he wanted to be. . . . It has to play on you mentally a little bit.”

Read more allegation on Kordell’s sexuality here. Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Lisa

    From day one on RHOA anyone could tell this guy had something to hide. He continually put out a fake front. Definitely trying to drive a message to RHOA viewers that he is “The Man”. The real old fashioned kind that has beliefs about what a woman should and should not be regardless of her own being and how this behavior affects her and those around him. His type of mans thinking is that a woman is NOT his equal and therefore does not have equal rights. What an idiot! I mean come on, in today’s world anyone who believes this is acceptable has serious issues. He’s the kind who believes he should have whatever he wants at whatever the cost to anyone or anything. This is what Kordell exudes on Reality TV. He is a taker, not a giver. It is clearly apparent that Kordell has a mean, mean temper and is more than likely an abusive partner also. Porsha’s fear is obvious on screen. She has shown us many times that when it came to Kordell camera time she was furiously thinking how not to let this mans anger come into view. Eggshells come to mind. Forget Bravo editing. Bravo has shown the real deal.
    Stay tuned as the fall-out continues.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares. He was old news when his career started.

  • T.N.

    Poor Porsha. When your entire self-worth hinges on fulfilling a certain role – in this case, that of the good, little wife – it must be devastating to have it all come crashing down. Hopefully, she will live and learn, and one day find a good man who truly loves her.


    Kordell being gay= OLD OLD news!

  • Elle

    I could definitely see him as gay. He portrayed that strong, heavily butch male figure that controls his wife-a man only holds the reigns so tight like that if he’s got something to hide under the hood. Kordell could very well be gay, I 100% see it.
    I feel bad for Porsha, though. She was either blindsided or saw it coming but didn’t want to face it. Poor thing. Her life goal is to be a housewife and mother-can’t even lie, it’s one of mine, too. But she needs to have other goals to keep her going until she reaches that ultimate one! Keep your head up, darling. Your prince is coming.

  • Lola

    Kendra here’s your chance to reach out and be nice and take a little edge of your whackadoodle reputation.

  • dcru


  • truthhurts

    He treated her like a brainless immature lil girl anyway.If you ask me she got away and should thank God it was enough time before children to find out he was an egotistical old fashioned controlling loser.She is too pretty a girl whether immature or not to allow her husband to treat her that way.For once it sounded like she was in it for real and not about money.He is a jackass! and it could be a blessing in disguise.He reminds me so much Deion arrogant Sanders. i saw the episode of her loss of miscarriage and the dude spoke about his loss with his dad and did not even acknowledge what is wife was going through then gives her an ultimatum like he is a young quarterback still in his prime.Kordell or Kora is a washed up has been that thinks he is the ish.Girl u got off good trust no prenup.Girl u good,forget the tears.Its in your favor and your body is not wasted on this cat,or dog.

  • tee

    When he was playing there were rumors he was gay.

  • Michelle

    Cordell is an arrogant disgusting looking loser. Porsha probably should have herself tested for Aids.

    • DrChristine

      Porsha, at the very least, get a thorough physical complete with STD tests. This is only to protect yourself and your desire to have children in a future relationship, which you can certainly pursue. Just take this step to be proactive, girl! 😉