Is Kordell & Porsha Stewart’s Divorce A Publicity Stunt? Does Kordell Want Porsha Back?


Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Stewart is in the midst of a shocking divorce from her estranged husband, Kordell. Rumors have been making there way across the internet suggesting Porsha’s divorce is a publicity stunt to keep her on the hit Bravo show. Mediatakeout, claims Porsha was afraid she wouldn’t be asked to return for another season of RHOA and faked the split to create a more interesting storyline for herself on the show. After Kordell filed for divorce, the site claims, “BOTH Kordell and PORSHA were asked back.”

However an insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment, that is not the case. “This is the toughest time in Porsha’s life,” the source says. “Not only did her marriage fail, it’s happening in front of the whole world. This is not made for TV. It’s real and it’s incredibly painful.”

“She knows she left the impression she was dependent on Kordell,” the source added. “But she wants to make sure everyone knows that — for better or worse — she’s her own woman.”

Porsha’s rep also cleared up the rumors to HipHollywood. “That’s absolutely ridiculous,” her rep said. “Given everything this abrupt filing has put her through in the public, she would never bring something like this on herself, ESPECIALLY with them having a child in the house. She wishes things could have been different but that simply is not possible.”

Kordell has fueled rumors he wants Porsha back after posting old pictures of the couple on Instagram, along with a photo of a vacation spot where he wanted to go to “work things out,” but it seems it’s already too late for the couple.

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4 Replies to “Is Kordell & Porsha Stewart’s Divorce A Publicity Stunt? Does Kordell Want Porsha Back?”

  1. This little girl will do anything for attention and I really wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. It’s a little odd that he filed for divorce when the show was ending and their spot was being jeopardized. But whatever you say Porsha….

  2. TOO LATE??? I read yesterday that Porsha was not invited to come back next season, so Kordell and Porsha schemed up a “storyline” about divorce. When Bravo caught wind of it, Porsha was immediately signed up for next season.

  3. Considering they don’t sign contracts until weeks before filming starts, I don’t think it was a stunt to stay on the show.

  4. What is it ?? Is Porsha & Kordell getting Divorce, Is it Real of Is it Fake “OMG! No one can’t get one story Right it’s like did Porsha Lie to get Attention from fans and everyone to feel bad for her ? ” I still don’t know if Porsha an that husband of hers are together or living together cuz the last time I heard they were living together . I don’t know this is all mess up an Bravo just keeps on putting more BS on their show that’s all fake an Scripted WTF is up with all that…………………. O_o

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