Is Kim Zolciak’s Mom, Karen, Writing A Tell-All Book? Was Kim A Stripper?


Kim Zolciak’s Bravo spin-off show, Don’t Be Tardy, aired this week and the legal battle with Kim’s mom, Karen Zolciak, was brought to light. Kim has not seen or spoken to her parents since she kicked her mother out of her wedding on November 11th, 2011. Since then, Karen has sued Kim for visitation rights to see Kim’s daughters, Brielle and Ariana. On the show we watched as Kim’s publicist gave her notice that Karen was shopping a tell-all book, including details about Kim’s alleged stripper past. Kim has been accused of being a stripper by Nene Leakes, but denies that she was ever anything but a waitress at a strip club.

Kim filed a gag order against her mom December of 2012, and claimed that her mom was about to sign $50,000 book deal, but there’s been no further information shared about Karen’s possible book plans. On the show she says her mom is out for money and fame, and that all she’s ever worried about was the “almighty dollar.”

If Karen does go through with a book deal, she better be very careful what she writes, because we’ve already seen Kim talk to her lawyer about a defamation lawsuit on-camera.

Do YOU think it’s wrong for Kim’s mom to write a tell-all book about her daughter?

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9 Replies to “Is Kim Zolciak’s Mom, Karen, Writing A Tell-All Book? Was Kim A Stripper?”

  1. No parent or child should wright a tell all book IF it is going to be lies, make the other look bad, and most of all for the all mighty dollar. It is a shame that a mother would do this to her daughter, if after the wedding Karen would have called, texed, or better yet went over to Kim and Kory and say I am sorry for getting drunk on your day and making a ass of my self, but it also would not have hurt Kim to call her mom or dad and talk things out.
    I hate to read this fight “2 weeks b4 my mother died we had a fight and all though I saw her after the arugment(nothing like this) and I told her the reason I was worried about her. Well less than 2 weeks leater she passed away that was 26 years ago and I still blam myself for the arugment and I feel as if she passed away thinking I dn not love her… I never want anyone to feel this way when you lose a mom or dad bc you cannot replace that person no matter how much $$ you hav.

  2. Yes, I do. I’m not too crazy about Kim to begin with, but I think Karen writing this book is going to hurt Kim’s daughters more than anyone. I would tell Mrs. Zolciak to just leave well enough alone!!

  3. I think Karen shouldn’t write the book, to protect her daughter and her granddaughter. But we still don’t know the real reasons behind this whole fiasco. Is it as I believe that Karen or Joe asked Kim or Kroy for money and they turned them down. And so the bitterness of not getting the money. Or it could be that Kim is trying to dissassociate herself from people of her past that know of her past.

  4. Karen is stupid. During DBTFTW she acted like a damn fool wanting all of the attention for herself and treating Kim and Kroy like crap. I think she showed her true colors then. Kim isn’t perfect but her mom is a fame whore.

  5. To tell you the truth. Krama is i bi**%. Kim should had never kicked her parents from the wedding party. Did she really think anything hood was going to come after that lol smdh! And now her mom is writing a book about kim. When u do dirt. Dirt will come back to you! Thats what my momma glways told me. Kim needs to really get it together. Or in the words of Tamar Braxton “Girl, You Betta Get Yo Life”. Enough said.

  6. Im sorry they never got paid for their appearances on her show
    She has no respect for them id read it if her mom wrote a book.

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