Is Kim DePaola An Official Housewife On RHONJ?

Kim DePaola

After Kim DePaola has been spotted filming a lot with The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 5, viewers are starting to question if Bravo will bring Kim D on as an official Housewife. Kim D and Teresa Giudice hit up New York Fashion Week and Kim told NY Live that she’s “hoping” Bravo will give her an intro sequence in RHONJ Season 5, which would make her an official Housewife. Kim also did an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment when she was in NY, and she hinted that she very well could be in the opening sequence! Read what Kim said below.

Wetpaint Entertainment: True or false: You’ll be a housewife this season?

Kim: Ah, let’s just say I’ve been really busy lately. I’ve been having a good time with all the girls.

We can’t help but notice that the rest of them aren’t here tonight — it’s just you and Teresa. Is there anything to read into that?

No, not at all. Teresa and I, we planned this together. It’s about our businesses, it’s about Fashion Week, it’s about having a good time. That’s all there is to it.

At the reunion, Joe Gorga apologized for all the nasty things he said about you. Was it for real, or do you think it was for the cameras?

I accept the apology and I hope it wasn’t just for the cameras, I really do. Joe did the right thing by apologizing and now I’m fine with both of them. I’m completely cool with both him and Melissa.

And the Wakiles?

You know, I’m neither here nor there with them. We live in the same town. I would rather get along with them than not. Let’s just leave it at that.

Has the Posche Fashion Show happened yet?

Well, I did a holiday fashion show this year… so we had that.

Was the drama major, as always?

It was… fun.

What can you tell us about the Giudices and the Gorgas? Where do things stand?

I know that Teresa is really trying to work on getting it together and being a family again. I think everyone’s trying to bury the hatchet.

You and Teresa seem closer than ever. What bonds you?

We’re just such good friends. She trusts me to give her the right advice and she knows I’m going to tell it to her like it is. No one can tell me what to do or what not to do. There’s a mutual respect, a mutual trust, and at the end of the day, we’re both businesswomen. We want to help each other.

As we exclusively reported, Kim was heard talking behind Teresa’s back at an event last week where the Bravo cameras were filming, and she was saying that her and Teresa “aren’t the best of friends.” Click here to read more on that.

Do YOU want to see Kim D as an official Housewife?

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3 Replies to “Is Kim DePaola An Official Housewife On RHONJ?”

  1. For those who don’t live in the area, Posche is located in a very old strip mall across the street from a run-down Charlie Brown’s. ‘Nuf said.

  2. While I am Teresa fan – my patients is running thin with her trust in KimD. KimD is a 2-faced alledged cocaine ho that will stab ANYONE in the back to be on this show as a full time HW. She threw Tre under the bus last season reunion and admitted, proudly, her every morning phone talks with Jac and her friendship with Caroline. SHE, Jaco and Kat set-up Tre with the MeHo bullcrap and I can invision KimD bashing Tre on the phone every morning with JaCo. These women are horrid and trash and if Tre has any sense she will leave Bravo after this season as her contract expires. She is not looking good as long as MsAndy hates her and promotes the constant slander/harrassment of the Guidice family.

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