Is Kenya Moore’s Booty Fake? Does She Have Butt Implants?

Kenya Moore

After the drama surrounding Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks and their booty workout DVD’s, people have been asking if Kenya’s booty is real or fake? In the video from the WWHL after show below, a caller asks Kenya’s cast mate, Kandi Burruss, if she thinks Kenya’s butt is real or fake? Kandi looks stunned by the question, gets wide-eyed, and says, “I plead the fifth, I don’t know!”

Andy continues the debate over Kenya’s “Stallion Booty,” and says he asked her on the show about her booty and she got “all offended and crazy.” Kandi laughs and continues, “I don’t know! I’ve never gripped her booty, so I don’t know!” Andy goes on to tell Kandi he is “DEFINITELY bringing this up at the Reunion!” Kandi seems shocked, and Andy clarifies that it’s because a lot of viewers wonder if Kenya’s booty is fake and if she has butt implants! Mike from Shahs of Sunset defends Kenya by saying her booty looks real to him, and that women with implants tend to look different. Skip to 1:40 to hear the conversation about Kenya’s booty!

Do YOU think Kenya has butt implants?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • she is

    kenya,kandi & cynthia have fake asses

  • imsojazy

    Cynthis booty is real. Phaedra is too. Try again, boo.

  • she is

    lmao.. sorry “boo”( are we imitating hood rat ghosts?), the answer is false… gullible asses.. no pun intended:



    not enough squats on this earth

  • bootywho

    Sorry but I have seen lots and lots of women who have gluteal implants and Kenya obviously has the extra extra extra large version. It looks absolutely ridiculous and it moves completely unnaturally. It looks like two hard pieces of silicone sticking off of her rear. I enjoy the “donkey” booty look (love Phaedra) but Kenyas fake butt just looks goofy. I am a white girl who was thankfully blessed with a black girl booty and I would never think of making it even larger. And no I am not fat. I weigh 106 at 5’2. Just a curvy little girl with a big ol booty. Has anyone noticed how horrible her skin is? She needs to take a laser to that ruddy mess. Hopefully it wasn’t like that when she was Miss America! Or was it U.S.A.? The point is that nobody cares. I like most of the girls on the show but her and Kim are a couple of hot messes.

  • unknown

    Yes it is fake. Look at her during the Miss USA Swim Suit contest 1993 or 92. She did not have no butt, now all of a sudden her is as big as a Donkeys!!!! And it shapes unnatural, Brazilian Butt Implants!

    • Anonymous

      Yes kenyas butt is fake… Met her at essence festival..its fake…. Look bck 1993 miss USA.. And shed forty with ass.lmao… She knew she paid top dollar for her bottom…. And how she says her weights goes up and down.
      yea right… That

  • Anonymous

    she may just have injections not implants

  • Louise

    Is it supposed to be attractive? Fail!

  • Workingmodel

    @she is…I know for a FACT Cynthia’s butt is real, she was a very good friend and roommate of my aunts. Secondly, years of training can actually produce a much larger butt than what one is born with (not saying this was this case with Cynthia).
    I can’t speak for the other ladies…Kenya’s butt absolutely looks fake.

  • MS.D


  • Stac

    I just don’t like kenya or anything about her. Yuck.

  • Bridgett Myers

    Kenya’s skin looks like a snake, man she needs to work on her face not her booty. Please BRAVO do not put her back on the show next season, please!!! For her to be miss USA she sets a awful example for the girls who want to become a beauty queen. I don’t think the ladies need to do all that crusing and acting imature, it’s terrible. And for God’s sake somene tell NeNe to please stop acting like she’s the best thing since slice bread, come on old lady slow your roll because you are not all that and thanks to ugly Azzz Donald for start and turning you into a complete fool. You are not rich and Kandi has more money than you and she acts like human, you’re disgusting looking like miss Jane Pitman!!!! l0l” Why is Kenya on there, she has no man and she is by far a house wife, com on BRAVO do the math and subtract Kenya off and bring someone with class.

  • Unknown

    Man really people nene maraliyn manrore you are not your a joke Kenya is a bad joke who do you girls think you are your 15 min of fame should have been 71/2 min I know this is for tv but your embarrassing yourselves and all people of color who are new money act normal not like you want to be a joke if that’s what your going for your doing a good job it’s dispicable you couldn’t pay me enough to humiliate myself like all the houswives do