Is Ken Todd Managing James Kennedy?


On Monday’s Vanderpump Rules After Show James Kennedy talked a little bit more about his music and an upcoming album he is putting together. Mentioning who he has worked with on the album and who is helping James manage and produce his album.

“I’ve done stuff with Maxwell Todd,” he said. “Lisa’s son will be featured on my album. Max is actually one of the most talented guitar players I’ve ever met in my life.” But it’s not just Max who’s making a cameo. James confirmed that Lisa’s hubby Ken Todd is also helping to manage James and produce the album. And, let’s not forget that he’s also recruited Lala Kent to contribute some vocals. “I mean the main reason [I wanted to work with her] was cause she’s hot,” James explained. “The second reason was I heard her humming to herself and I knew that girl was a star, and she’s actually very talented.”

James also couldn’t help himself talking a little bit about Jax Taylor as well, “Honestly, I can sit back and hate on him all I want; I’ve come to the point where I’ve realized I’ve got to pray for that boy,” James said of his SUR rival. “He’s 38, pushing 40, and still bartending tables for Lisa Vanderpump.”

Interesting that Ken Todd is helping his music career. What do you think? Comment below.

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12 Replies to “Is Ken Todd Managing James Kennedy?”

  1. James is hard to stomach. I can’t stand to watch him. His looks and his manner are hard to take. He acts like a totally lost soul. He’s an idiot.

  2. Hyper arrogant, unnecessarily cocky, thinks highly of himself without merit. Future alcoholic prick ( yes, I know he’s already the prick part) can’t stand the bloat, mate, babe, love. Can someone please tell him he’s odd looking, with oversized ears? WOW! I don’t think I have ever been so negative about anyone! Just started typing and it all came out. Guess I really can’t take this punk kid. OH….and IMMATURE even for his age! Man, just when I thought I couldn’t fine one more thing?!

  3. Well given how vile James has proven to be the last few episodes and the vile comments Ken was making these two sound like they go together quite well.

    He’s ruining this show, he’s not interesting and he is too disgusting to watch he is FAR worse than anyone else on the show, but isn’t even gross in an entertaining way.
    It makes sense why he’s on the show now, and why he plays so many sets at Lisas clubs, another horrible person they’ve surrounded themselves with, I’m genuinely shocked she can’t see through some of these people.

  4. James is such a disappointment, I had high hopes when he joined the show ! Now his obnoxious doucrbag truth comes out !!!! And girls are fighting over this twig???? Just ick !!

  5. I think Ken and Lisa help a lot of people. James is a little jerk off. As far as Ken goes he didn’t say anything vile to Yolanda or anyone else. And, Yolanda wasn’t “shocked” like she said on WWHL. She had had a whole season to spin what she wanted to say for maximum impact. Having the energy to wait for all the shots to be set up gave her ample time to sit and have anyone slap a little moisturizer on her face and a little cover up. I am having real trouble jiving all of these photo ops she has with make-up, and her saying she hasn’t “touched” it for a year. I will give her the benefit of the doubt, though. Maybe she forgot.

  6. I actually laughed when I first saw him in the “hunk” pictures of the Sur staff by the pool. Then I felt sorry for him knowing he was so out of place, and that he would be made fun of by the cool kids. He’s so childish and childlike. But lo and behold! Some of those girls think he’s hot?!?! Then he started alternating with crass comments and really abusive comments to these girls. He’d only get a pass on that if he was under 7, and not in his twenties. Now I just hate him.

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