Is Karent To Blame For Joanna Krupa & Adriana de Moura’s Feud?

Karent Sierra

Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami saw one of the biggest fights in Housewives history! The fight between Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa, where Adriana slapped or punched Joanna has led to an ongoing feud between the two, even after the show stopped filming! Many viewers questioned if Karent Sierra was to blame for the fight starting in the first place? Lisa Hochstein is weighing in, in an exclusive interview with RumorFix.

“I think Karent had a hand in escalating the situation when Joe Francis was asked if he had slept with both Joanna Krupa and her sister, Marta Krupa and then she [Karent] told Joanna,” Lisa told RumorFix’s Mr. Housewife (@realmrhousewife). “I however feel that there was tension between Joanna and Joe Francis prior to my party. I’m sure Joe had in mind what he wanted to accomplish while learning he would bump into her. I wish it wasn’t done at my home and event.”

Lisa continued to talk about the brawl saying, “It seems from the footage that after Adriana chose to walk away but Joanna wasn’t having that. I did not see Joanna’s hands based on the camera placement but Adriana quickly turned around and punched or hit Joanna.  It’s difficult to say.  Afterward it was a full on girl fight with both parties involved.”

Lisa also told Mr. Housewife that the two Housewives she speaks with the most after filming are Karent and Adriana.

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Lisa?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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