Is Jennifer Dalton Really A Real Estate Agent?


In Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we were introduced to Jennifer Dalton, who appeared as a real estate agent trying to help The Gorgas sell their home. RumorFix is exclusively reporting that while Jen is “licensed she has only been practicing real estate less than five years and no one in the Bergen County real estate community would consider her an agent to the stars.”

“Jennifer does no marketing whatsoever and has sold only a handful of million dollar properties ever,” a real estate source tells the site, “And those were just favors from friends who wanted to help Jennifer launch her career.”

Another source reveals to RumorFix that Jen has never done any real estate business in Morris County which is where the Gorgas live, and “she knows absolutely nothing about Montville real estate.”

RumorFix also learned that in “recent years, Jennifer has relied mostly on rental commissions and generates an estimated $30,000–$40,000 per year.  In addition, court records would indicate that the aspiring reality star actually filed for bankruptcy in 2012.”

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  1. She is a fraud. From her real estate transactions to her so called “wealthy” lifestyle”. There were sources close to her from the real estate world that gave this info to Radar online. Court records show that she only made $30,000-$40,000 a year on her taxes. What kind of high end real estate agent makes this chump change in Alpine, one of the wealthiest zip codes in America? Also, she claimed to be a real estate agent to the stars, why didn’t she bring a real celebrity client to view the house? All she could come up with was P. Diddy’s baby mama? Can baby mama even afford a multi million dollar house? Her baby with P. Diddy was 19 yrs ago. You know Diddy is no longer paying child support with the baby is now 19 yrs old. How unprofessional is it to introduce a client as someone’s “baby mama??” lol. Court records also show that she filed for bankruptcy in 2012

    Court records also show she’s been to jail 4 times for child support arrears. Go online to bergen county court inmates under Jennifer Patterson ….and you will see. She has changed her name to Dalton. But court records don’t lie. How can she call Melissa’s house fake. She’s a fake and phony herself!

  2. The commission on a handful of million dollar properties can still be sweet. Maybe she sells real estate part time. She can also not report all her income so it looks like she doesn’t make much money. Unless she owes me money it’s not my business and I don’t care. Searching this woman’s court records is an example of doing the absolute most.

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