Is Jason Hoppy Accusing Bethenny Frankel Of Cheating?

Bethenny Frankel

RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that Bethenny Frankel’s estranged husband Jason Hoppy believes she had an emotional affair with one of her Skinnygirl colleagues while they were still married. Hoppy isn’t accusing Bethenny of physically cheating, but says she strayed away emotionally in the last few months of their marriage, and closer with a co-worker…

“Jason doesn’t believe Bethenny cheated on him during the marriage, and he would be devastated to find out if she did. However, Jason does think that the talk show host did emotionally stray during the final months of their marriage with one of her Skinnygirl colleagues,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“Bethenny just stopped communicating with Jason and he saw her just completely withdraw from the relationship. Jason did see Bethenny interact with one of her Skinnygirl colleagues the way she used to with him. The colleague has become a trusted confidante of Bethenny’s and the two have become very close friends,” the insider added.

Jason “wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Bethenny began dating her employee. He doesn’t think Bethenny would go public with the relationship yet because she would get backlash for moving on to another relationship so soon. Bethenny is extremely media savvy. Jason also believes that Bethenny spent time with the colleague, who is single, during her recent vacation with Bryn in Aspen,” the insider reveals.

Photo Credit: Bravo