Is Jacqueline Laurita’s Home In Foreclosure?

Jacqueline Laurita

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita has been making headlines recently, and it’s not for her feud with Teresa Giudice. Jacqueline seems to be in a financial crisis, according to several reports. First, Jacqueline and her husband, Chris Laurita, are going through their business bankruptcy with Chris’ company Signature Apparel. The Laurita’s are being sued for reported $7 million. Then, it was reported Jacqueline owes $340,000 in back taxes to to the state of New Jersey. If Jacqueline doesn’t pay her tax debt, the state will put a lien on her assets. Now, it appears Jacqueline’s home is in pre-foreclosure.

According to Zillow, Jacqueline’s Franklin Lakes mansion is in pre-foreclosure. The Lauritas were allegedly served papers by their bank for being in default on their $1.8 million home loan.



Bankruptcy and foreclosure seem to be a common theme among The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast. For the record, there are several things The Laurita’s can do to stop their home from going in to a full-foreclosure, but it seems like their financial troubles have been making headlines a lot lately.

Are YOU surprised The Laurita’s have allegedly defaulted on their home?

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13 Replies to “Is Jacqueline Laurita’s Home In Foreclosure?”

  1. I have to say that I am surprised and I hope it doesn’t happen. Maybe the ladies on this show feel they have to live up to an impossible money level, that even with Bravo’s checks, is just not realistic for them. The threat of foreclosure hanging over your family must be an awfull thing! If it’s true, I’m sorry.

  2. Honestly, I don’t want anyone to lose their homes, but why oh why would you walk around in $1,000 shoes and carry Birkin bags? They all need a reality check.

    I am sure the bank and the IRS will work with them.

  3. This will be very interesting. With their MAJOR Fed fraud – the bankruptcy truste may not let the Lauritas be granted an easy way out – in fact, , this may be their way of avoiding the millions they owe and hope to be excused. Hope not, cause then the taxpayers are basically bailing them out. This is disgusting. All the money they literally stold from their creditors and vendors and they can’t keep up their mortgage payment?? They want to look poor on paper while they hide their cash. Oldest trick in the book. They are pure selfish, fake, asswipes and just cause they may file for bankruptcy, doesn’t mean they will necessarily be granted their fraudulent wish. This is also federal and I wonder what the fed bankruptcy trustee thinks about the $$$ games they are playing. I hope they are held accountable for every penny they ripped off. Off to prison, no more excessive beauty augmentations for WacoJaco. It is time we see the real Jack without her botox, fillers, implants, tummy tucks. I bet she is as ugly on the inside as she is the outside. And quit exploiting your lids for Bravo. LAME!

  4. There were articles a couple of months ago that stated they were being sued for 55million dollars. Chris and his brother raped their company, they ripped off many people and many lost their jobs. They have also been charged for deceiving the courts. This is not new, this is Karma.

  5. Yes – the nation is suffering from this economy. The sick thing about the Lauritas is how they STOLD $$$ from SusanGKoman and many others – hence – why they are in suck serious trouble the the Federal government. I would think Jack’s sad obsession with her looks is mighty costly… that could/can have been so much better used for something more important, like therapy for her drinking and constant lies, and denials. I have no sympathy for them. They are shady and mean. They put many innocent people and hurt many innocent people out of work with their fraud- all the while making inapproriate comments about the Guidice $$. The Lauritas are fake frauds. They totally brought this on themselves.

  6. Pinky sounds like a dirty, fraudulent guidice in disguise. Its the guidices that belong in jail for fraud not the lauritas!

  7. They all do, but T is at least paying them back. It’s wrong to steal. Probably what Jac did was take the money from BRAVO, did the tummy tuck, had her neck done, botox and I can’t remember what else she told Andy on her one to one.

    Gee, I wonder who was taking care of her baby? Those procedures are all expensive.

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