Is Heather Thomson Leaving RHONY? Defends Josh Taekman


Real Housewives of New York City star Heather Thomson is speaking out about her friends Josh and Kristen Taekman and how they have been making headlines for Josh’s alleged participation on the Ashley Madison website.

“The Ashley Madison thing is unfortunate because Josh is completely innocent,” Thomson told US Weekly. “If you knew Josh the way I know him, you’d be completely like, ‘Of course he would sign up for that with this buddies!’ That’s a total Josh thing to do! He has a very fraternity side to him that I love.”

“Kristen is a trooper and taking it like a trooper,” Heather adds. “Josh took it like a trooper [too] for the first season of the show when he was made out to look like such a douche when he’s not.”

“They’re going to be fine. They are my friends for life. I count them among my dearest friends. There is nothing but love there,” she says.

The site also reports that Thomson is leaving the show, although Heather has yet to confirm her departure. “She wants to focus full-time on her business, Yummie, her family, and expanding into the health and nutrition arena,” a source revealed. “The cons of doing the show far outweigh the pros at this point, and what the show has become don’t fit what she wants to be doing. She did it to promote her business and it devolved into ridiculous fights over the ridiculous antics of some unstable women.”

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40 Replies to “Is Heather Thomson Leaving RHONY? Defends Josh Taekman”

  1. Its because Josh was her friend first, that’s how she met Kristen, thru Josh. They met working for Puffy. And that BS about him “taking like a trooper” the backlash of “being made out to be a douche” He took it well and learned, you mean, from SEEING HIMSELF AS THE DOUCHE HE IS. And signing up doesn’t require, how many? 70 payments? Can’t stand Heather and I hope she leaves.

  2. The only people who know what’s best for Taekman household are the Taekmans themselves. If they are going to stand by their vows and work on the restoration of their marriage, then, I say best of luck to them and hopefully Josh has learned his lesson. In his own words at his 10th wedding anniversary party, he “married UP”. Now it’s time for him to act like it.

    1. No, when someone chooses to make money by putting all their personal business out there for public consumption, then they can’t really call “privacy” when the bad is discussed along with the good.

      1. I’m not arguing whether or not the viewing audience should have an opinion of a relationship they’ve seen (in part) on television. I’m simply saying that the ONLY people who know what’s best for how the Taekmans should move forward and make decisions for their family are those who actually own and are present in the relationship, the Taekman’s themselves. Those are two completely different things.

    2. How is Josh standing by his vows?
      If he signed up as a prank with his buddies ok maybe we can say he was peer pressured into it but they weren’t all together after that when he was making 62 credit card charges to Ashley Madison. If he hadn’t gotten caught he’d still be doing it. He has thoroughly humiliated his wife but if she stays with him she is humiliating herself even worse.

      1. I was speaking of standing by his vows from this moment on since he made a mess of it before: I’m speaking from the spiritual perspective that people can make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot feel remorse, feel convicted, and then make conscious the decision and effort to change positively and do the right thing – hence standing by the vows from this moment on and working towards marital “restoration”. if this were a serial issue (say similar to Dr. Darren Naugles on Married 2 Med), I would be less empathetic, but I do believe anyone can make a mistake, learn a hard lesson after the fall, then straighten up and fly right. We’ll see how it plays out, I guess…

  3. After 70 payments, Josh is on,y sorry he got caught.
    Heather may already have been on her way out, although I liked Heather, she tended to butt in too much and at the reunion always interrupted others and had a comment for everything.

  4. I like Heather. This time, I know she means well about Josh, but no one knows the real truth except him and all signs point to infidelity in a big way and most likely with multiple partners who also, most likely, have multiple partners. The Taekmans have to decide if they can repair their marriage or not. In the meantime, Kristin should have herself checked for STDs, especially HIV which has to be repeated tests over months to be sure there is no infection. It isn’t just one test and done. Josh should stop, see a sex therapist and do the HIV tests over months, abstaining from contact with his wife and others. Kristin really has to worry about this risky behavior. I have only seen the disrespectful Josh who puts his wife down in his few episodes. I don’t know him, but from what I have seen, Kristin has a family with someone who should never have had a family. It is sad. I do wish her well. Josh…get help. This marriage is in serious trouble.
    Heather…I wish you well, but this time, you don’t know it all…when it comes to Josh, especially.

  5. Heather I like your candor and you are a real woman, not like Ramona who is going through a crisis by constantly blaming her awful behavior on “little girl” antics. Regarding Josh, to label his Ashley Madison association as frat brother antics, I don’t agree. Josh’s betrayal whether in spirit or by acts is a violation of trust and fidelity and for most people hurtful and disrespectful to his wife and family. In my opinion, Kristen had better learn from Ramona, LuAnn and the countless other housewives whose husbands overtly humiliated their wives because they could not tolerate their wives being famous.
    P.S. I think that your husband is a great guy and I hope that you don’t leave the show.

  6. She’s so desperate for ANY kind of attention, she’ll BUTT her way into someone’s cheating scandal. It wasn’t a fraternity thing Heather, stop making excuses. It was a CHEATING thing. 70+ times isn’t a one-time funny guy thing to do as a group. Please take your “Jim Carrey in The Mask” smile and go far, far away.

  7. sure he’s sorry…. he’s sorry he was caught… and if he wasn’t caught he would still be going strong with the Ashley/Madison… I would also like to see Heather leave and pursue her dreams…

  8. I hate to see Heather go but dont blame her. She is getting pounded on. I believe unfairly. She has her career to think of. I also don’t believe for one second that Josh is innocent but I respect her standing up for her friends.

  9. Yeah right, 70 payments to Ashley Madison was nothing but a great big fraternity joke.

    I hope Kristin boinks every man in his immediate family and in his business before changing the locks on that rat trap apartment her fake-rich husband provides for her and those two darling babies that he’s not fit to raise. Thank god they take after Kristin because he is a toad! I can’t think of one single good thing about him, come to think of it. He’s lucky Kristin is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that’s all I can figure…

    Why on earth would Heather be so eager to stick her big nose in (as usual) and sing his praises? Maybe she hooked up with him on Ashley Madison herself hahaha! Hint: it was all far from yummy!

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that post. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Heather showed her alliances the day of the booby trap race when she humiliated Kristen and took the assholes side. She is the man in her marriage, so she understands men more than women. It really is unfortunate for Kristen this had to come to light in front of the world, but I am glad, for her health she did find out. There is no way to explain away 70 plus payments no matter how fast he talks. He just makes me sick and I hope along with what you wish for him that all of his peers turn against him and she gets out.

    2. I was thinking that Heather probably was on Ashley Madison herself too…but maybe not. I like Heather more than dislike her, but this comment about Josh is way out of left field. She makes no sense at all assuming his innocence after all of this. I feel sorry for Kristin.
      Anyway, I would think there are many women on Ashley Madison as well, for the guys to meet. It isn’t just guys. I wonder if we will be hearing about other house husbands or ex husbands. I would wonder about a bunch of them. Kelsey Grammer comes to mind…

  10. Heather is STUPID if she says Josh would not cheat on his wife

    Josh ADMITTED that he is a member of the cheater website : Ashley Madison

    Josh is a cheater! ! !

    FIRE Heather for her stupidity thinking –
    FIRE Kristen for her BORING gullibility

    Holla !!!

  11. Heather and Josh have no respect for Kristin. She’s to nice and they are not nice people. They are insecure and resent Kristin for her niceness and beauty. Kristin should leave Josh. No one deserves to be treated with such disrespect. Kristin, take your kids and move back to Cali. don’t waste your life married to a man who doesn’t respect you or puts you down because he’s insecure of having stress at work.

  12. Who joins Ashley Madison “with friends”? How does that work exactly? Do they all take turns entering their names and credit card information? Do they all bring their laptops to one gathering spot and join up in unison?

  13. I am not sure who Heather thinks she is to call the other women full of drama and unstable. Here she is publicly butting in and telling the world someone else’s husband with 70 payments on a cheating site is innocent. Does she think that is normal behavior?

  14. I think she knows there is a very strong possibility she will get cut next season and is just saving face by saying she might not come back.

    1. I think that the dynamics of every relationship are different and singular in scope: everyone has a different length of “elasticity” in a relationship and sense of priority for what constitutes a deal breaker vs. for better or worse/ till death do you part. There’s too much generalization going on without knowing these people intimately, although, I do get that this is what discussion forums are for, lol.

      1. It’s true, we all put our ten pennies worth of comments in but the only people that matter are The Taekmans. It’s her choice if she can live with it fine, We criticize because we can! Lol

  15. Exactly Sally. And since the Taekmans made a CONSCIENCE decision to air their lives on public television all the while that creepy husband with that STUPID hat was skulking around doing God only knows what on the side……. then we are allowed to comment! Again: if you are on reality tv, we are allowed to comment. Good or bad!!! I really could not take ANYONE seriously who wears a hat like that.

  16. Usually Heather has common sense, but she has let her loyalty and friendship for Kristen Josh cloud her judgement- badly. No one with a clear mind could say nearly seventy exchanges with the Ashley Madison sight, over several years (some while Kristen was pregnant) was a “frat boy prank”. Morever, all these incidents occurred while Josh was in his late 30’s and married with children- hardly a frat boy. But as many of my fellow bloggers have pointed out, this is Kristen and Josh’s marrige, and if they choose to stay together and work on their issues, best of luck to them.

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