Is Gretchen Rossi’s Engagement Ring Used? Did Slade Give Gretchen Jo de la Rosa’s Ring?


Real Housewives of Orange County Star Gretchen Rossi showed off her engagement ring with her fiancé Slade Smiley to Life & Style Magazine, but reports are suggesting that Gretchen’s ring is recycled! It has been reported that Gretchen’s 4-carat fancy yellow diamond ring has been worn by Slade’s former fiancé, Jo de la Rosa! As seen on RHOC Season 1; Jo’s ring was a canary diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds on a platinum band.

Last year Gretchen was seen numerous times wearing a canary yellow diamond ring. For example, in November of last year, Gretchen attended an appearance on Twin Cities Live sporting a canary yellow engagement ring on her left ring finger. (See photos below.)

Gretchen shows off ring in November 2012
Gretchen shows off ring in November 2012

Here’s a trip down memory lane: Season 1 of RHOC, a photo of Jo de la Rosa wearing a canary diamond engagement ring. I have to admit, I was curious, so I looked back at my Season 1 RHOC DVDs to see what I thought. While these images are hard to see clearly; Gretchen and Jo’s rings look very similar, but the bands are different. RealityTea found the image of the ring in the box, and it was shown on Episode 1 of Season 2 as Slade was talking about how he and Jo had called their engagement off, but explained she had moved back in with him.

Jo de la Rosa wearing engagement ring on Season 1 of RHOC
Close up of Jo's engagement ring
Close up of Jo’s engagement ring via Bravo TV; courtesy

UPDATE: Gretchen and Slade are crediting Newport Jewelers for designing their engagement rings, and there’s new information about whether Gretchen’s ring is recycled! According to Daniel Arik, of Newport Jewelers, Gretchen has been a longtime client and friend. “Newport Jewelers is very excited for Gretchen and Slade and couldn’t be more pleased to have designed this everlasting symbol of their love,” Arik told The Newport Patch.

According to Daniel Slade’s ring is made of black gold encased with black diamonds, according, and has the letter “G” inscribed four times, which stands for God, his two sons and Gretchen.

After Gretchen proposed she and Slade went back to Newport Jewelers a few days later where they collaboratively designed her “four carat round fancy yellow diamond center stone set in 18k white gold.” Rossi’s center stone is surrounded by an additional five carats of “round brilliant diamonds and a trillion diamond on either side.” Her engagement ring also includes inscribed letters, “S” and “G” on either side representing the couple’s first names, Arik said.

According to RealityTea, ‘The stones in Gretchen’s current ring are the same as the ones in Jo’s ring and her “go to jewelers” redesigned the “four carat round fancy yellow diamond center stone set in 18k white gold,” to change the orientation of the center stone. If you look at the previous rings, the canary diamond is set vertically, but is now set horizontally. Otherwise it is the same exact stone layout.’

Do YOU think this is a coincidence or is Gretchen’s ring the same one Slade gave to Jo?

Photo Credit: Life & Style/Bravo/TCL


15 Replies to “Is Gretchen Rossi’s Engagement Ring Used? Did Slade Give Gretchen Jo de la Rosa’s Ring?”

  1. No, they are not the same. Also the ring in the box has square diamonds on a partial band, where as Gretchen’s ring appears to have one smaller diamond on either side. Canary diamonds surrounded by white diamonds just make for a beautiful setting. I’m sure that Gretchen would not copy anyone.

  2. It looks like the same canary yellow diamond in a different setting… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same diamond… Gretchen is pretty trashy.

  3. why should we care if she wanted it similiar? lol and why should we care if it was the same? shes not dumb and hes not that dumb lol at the end of the day it symbolizes the union of two people together who are about to get married. even tho i really DONT CARE FOR SLADE. but at the end of the day she loves him and why i will never know but happy for her

  4. They are not the same stones. Jo`s ring is a radiant cut and Gretchen`s is either a modified round cut or a modern cushion.

  5. Its obviously been redesigned you can see her wearing the same ring as Jo’s originally then they must of had it redesigned when comments where made. They are so fake I wish bravo would get rid of them both it is obvious hey are both in it it for the money from the show.

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