Is Gretchen Rossi Returning to RHOC?


With rumors and speculation with former RHOC star Gretchen Rossi might return to the show next season, she is finally speaking out about the topic in a new interview with RadarOnline.

“Let the money talk. Make it worth my while, Bravo,” Rossi said, when asked if she would be willing to return to the show.

Gretchen has been busy since being reportedly fired from the show, she just launched an app called Zip, that is reportedly worth almost $200 million dollars. “ZIP, the question and answer app, was born out of the need to settle a dispute,” Rossi revealed. “I was at a business dinner with my partner Ric Militi and some others and we were arguing about Real Housewives. As we were in this argument, we kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘Man I wish there was a group of people who we could ask.’ We kind of realized that this was missing niche in the market.”

“Just within the first 10 weeks, we had over 600,000 questions answered. There are 20,000 questions a day now being answered on ZIP and it is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar corporation.”

“My focus has always been on my businesses,” she said. “People see me as a housewife and as a fashion and beauty specialist. With my app, my fans will get to see a different side of me then they had known before.”

“Housewives comes and goes,” she added. “It would be hard right now to fit another thing into my schedule. But, like I said, show me the money and anything is possible.”

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32 Replies to “Is Gretchen Rossi Returning to RHOC?”

  1. Obviously, “let the money talk” has always been Gretchen’s motto, from how she got her start, getting that sick old man to leave his money to her instead of all his kids from all of his marriages, when she was only his girlfriend of a few years, and constantly left him home or in the hospital alone while she went out partying.

    PLEASE don’t have her and Slime back on the show. I doubt any women out there really like having their time wasted with the trashy gold-digging prostitutish bimbos. Keep the class and clear out the trash!

    1. Its so funny to me when ppl make these types of comments. Did u know Jeff personally? Did u handle his last will & testament? I’d bet the answer to both is no. U read a few articles about the situation & took it to be as fundamentally sound as the Bible itself. I actually googled this topic to see if I missed something. I didn’t. Their were a few “sources” who put stories out there but when it comes to interviews of ppl who were actually quoted I only found one. It was an interview Jeff’s daughter gave after his death. While she didn’t sing Gretchen’s praises she also didn’t call her a gold digger or any other derogatory term. She expressed that she felt her father wouldn’t have ever married Gretchen but she readily admitted that she & her siblings are still in contact with Gretchen. Stating that “they have all stayed in touch”. I did find an article that suggested that Jeff’s ex wife hated Gretchen & both she & her children thought she was a liar & was only with him for his money. However the “source” was a supposed friend of the ex wife. The information wasn’t coming directly from the ex wife. My main purpose for doing this research was to gain some understanding as to why women feel the need to pull one another down. Are we all that insecure that our first instinct is to lash out at one another? Why are we so quick to negativity judge one another? The only thing I was able to learn threw my research is that Gretchen has a degree in psychology. She had a fairly impressive career before her RHOC “fame”. She was engaged to a wealthy man who was much older. He passed away after losing his battle with cancer. He left her around 2 million dollars. She has since gone on to open a few different business. 2 of those business have become successful. She’s engaged to Slade. That’s pretty much it. So I have no idea if she’s a gold digging, cheating, liar or an intelligent, successful Florence Nightingale. What I do know is that I have no right to judge anyone. And that forming ur opinion of someone based on reality tv or tabloid media is ridiculous.

      1. I’ve read stories about Gretchen and Sarah Winchester being high paid escorts who targeted wealthy, old men. Gretchen even said flat out that she wasn’t even “attracted to Jeff.” And there was a LOT of damning evidence (pictures of trips to Vegas & Bass Lake) that she was involved with Jay Photoglou during her “engagement.” So, I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to call her a gold digger.

  2. Also, Gretchen? It’s “something,” NOT “sonething.” Only an idiot thinks they’re cute when they deliberately mispronounce common words, really.

    1. Oh, man. I know. She practiced that in front of the mirror, and the only other explanation is that she had so much botox and plastic in her jaw that she wasn’t physically able to put her lips together for the M. Watching her for 5 years on OC gave me plenty of fodder to form an opinion. For me it has nothing to do with judging her, although she was quick to judge everyone else. She decided, along with Slime, that Lynne needed a lesson on how to raise daughters, no matter that Lynne’s daughters were out of line. But she didn’t have kids and wasn’t asked for her opinion and Lynne having a specialist over who didn’t have kids either still doesn’t give her the right to say anything at all because the other person came at Lynn’s request. She decided to make her tagline that she loved the jewels, the bling, loved IT ALL, not meaning love that’s for damn sure. She decided to be out and about for the show while Jeff was struggling to live. Then she decided to judge Viki {who, BTW, I can’t stand}, and Tamra, who actually had a husband for many years and children. She decided to throw away the friendship with Alexis because Alexix was hurt??? And Alexis questioned the friendship. Then she went on to make a fool out of herself with that ridiculous engagement party in her effort to get a spin-off like Tamra’s. When she pretended to bawl about it at her last reunion my reaction usually would be choking up a little, but she was so fake I rolled my eyes along with everyone else. And lastly every interview she gave to camera had that cackle after she spoke and NOTHING is that funny.

    2. Thank you J J. I absolutely cannot stand to watch OR listen to this woman talk~!!!!!! Please do NOT bring her back…..ever. Gladly take your millions and go live a nice life OFF of television.

  3. Oh Gretchen, RHOC just had it’s highest rated season without you, why would she possibly think Bravo would be spending big money to get her back?
    If ratings get better when you are off the show, that isn’t a good indication Bravo is gonna spend money getting you back.

  4. No, no and again no, so glad she’s gone. Go away play with your make-up practice outlining your joker lips and take your concealer and rub it all over slimey and make him disappear

    1. So funny LOL! Yes, please don’t !! I’m just opposed to HWs coming back full time ! As a cameo here and there maybe, but not full time. Plus RHOC alteady has a blonde idiot , or is she a pink giraffe ?

  5. NO! He’s an aging “I’m cute, eh?” type of guy – I can’t stand looking at him. And she’s sneaky and thinks it’s cute to mispronounce words and dress like a teenager. No. No. No.

  6. She is so right, I never thought of her as a business person! Just the other day, i was going to walk the dog, and couldn’t decide on which pink furry half boots to wear & whether I should match them to my high shine rasberry lipshade. I thought about my fashion & beauty go-to expert Gretchen, squeezed into my sweater, headed out the door & all was right in the world.

  7. Don’t really care for Gretchen…. but I don’t for a second think she’s an idot or stupid… actually I think she’s a smart and a calculating lady …. BUT I don’t want to see her on the OC again with that strange boyfriend of hers.

  8. Congrats on the ZIp and if its worth 200 million (WOW)- I would like to see her and Alexis and DUMO Tamara go – she is way to Nasty Mouthed and its always SEX SEX SEX- nothing else and now her Son has a child that US the taxpayers will pay for on Assistance- because he is worthless and not sure but have a feeling Mommy Dearest has a lot to do with that JMO

  9. Judge Judy,
    Were you a fly on the wall when Jeff’s will was read? No one but the parties involved know what Jeff wanted.
    If Gretchen returns to the show feel free to change the channel. Not a fan of Gretchen nor Slade; just saying…..

    1. Gretchen herself has said she received a nice chunk of money, while he was laying in the hospital she was out and about cheating on him, there were pics and texts to prove it, she was nothing more than a high priced hooker. One of the phoniest HW’S EVER.

      1. Two million dollars certainly is a nice chunk of money. That makes it a million a year, plus the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and Harley Davidson’s. What could we do with that, naynay?

  10. Fashion and Beauty specialist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I almost couldn’t type that!!! OMGod. I will always remember her first tagline “I love the bling, I live the jewelry, I love it ALL” Well, maybe not remember verbatim, but the gist of it. If there was ever a housewife (altho she never even came close to qualifying for housewife) who was completely phony, it was Wretched Grossi.

  11. I like her and Alexis more than Vicki or Tamara. Get rid of those two and bring back Gretchen and Alexis. I would love to see Tamara’s reaction if she was fired to bring back those two.

  12. The comments of people hiding behind screen names never cease to amaze me. Does it make you feel good calling people don’t even know names? It’s totally disgusting. The question was would you like to see her back or not. Yes or no answer would suffice… Not name calling.

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