Is Gia Giudice Being Bullied At School?

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice loves the opportunities that come with being on reality television, but a source close to the family tells RadarOnline that it’s starting to affect her family. Especially, Teresa’s 11 year-old daughter, Gia, who is reportedly being bullied at school, because of her mom’s success.

As Teresa heads into her fifth season of RHONJ, she is building her empire of products that continue to be successful. But this source reveals how fame comes with a price, and now Gia is starting to pay some of the price that comes along with her mother’s fame. “The show has been greatly effecting her daughter Gia at school. She’s being teased by the other kids and Teresa even had to go to the school to meet with teachers about it,” the source reveals.

Gia also has her own Twitter & Tumblr accounts, often getting mixed up in the drama that has to do with Teresa, Melissa, and the show. A fan asked Gia on Tumblr, “What is your favorite song by your Zia Melissa?” Gia replied, “Not to be rude but I don’t have one and I don’t listen to her songs!” Another fan said to Gia, “no u got it mixxed [sic] up you got a handful of people who love your mom and a lot more people who hate her.” Gia quickly defended her mom saying, “U got it messed up out of all the housewives my mom has the most followers and out of all the kids I have the most followers.”

Poor Gia. I have this to say. I write very neutrally on my website and on Twitter, and I get horrible, awful, disgusting hate mail. It is NO thing for an 11 year-old girl to be involved in. This saddens me, and my thoughts go out to Gia, who is a beautiful young lady and shouldn’t be involved in any of this. The RHONJ drama has gone way too far in my opinion.

UPDATE: In an interview with All About The Real Housewives, Teresa says these rumors are completely false. She says, “Absolutely not true. Gia is very loved and everyone is so sweet to her. Gia gets along with everyone at school and has never been bullied about me being on the show. She is a really happy girl and just the other day, Gia’s friends mother ran into me and told me what a sweet little girl Gia is which makes me proud to hear as a mother. Thank God everyone is so friendly to Gia and I just laugh at stories like that because its obviously untrue.” I’m so glad to hear this isn’t true. It broke my heart for Gia when this news broke. Glad to know it’s FALSE!

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Photo Credit: Bravo