Is Faye Resnick Officially Joining The RHOBH Cast? Bravo DELETES Faye’s Bravo Blog!

Faye Resnick

After her memorable role at Kyle Richards’ dinner party on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, rumors have been swirling if Faye Resnick is officially apart of the RHOBH cast? After the episode aired where Faye bluntly confronted Brandi Glanville about her feud with Adrienne Maloof, Bravo added Faye to their website! Which makes her an official part of the RHOBH cast. They added her to the cast page, along with photos and a bio! They also added Faye’s blog to, but later removed! We can only guess they removed it due to an enormous amount of negative backlash from viewers, including nasty comments. If you missed Faye’s blog, you can read what she originally wrote, HERE.


Faye ResnickBravo writes Faye’s biography as, ‘Faye was born in Northern California and began her career as a young model before starting her own modeling agency in San Francisco. Pursuing her life in the modeling world, she realized this did not inspire her creatively. Faye always wanted to live in Europe and married in London where her daughter Francesca Sophia was born. She owned several homes throughout Europe and the United States and found inspiration in Classic Traditional and European architecture. She designed her homes to bring forth the true essence of each country, and weave it into the design. After moving back to The States, Faye purchased an antique store in Los Angeles, but finding it impossible to do both retail and design, she went back to her first love, design design design. Faye Resnick has designed projects including: Fendi Casa LA, Color at Caesars Palace, Amp Salon at The Palms Hotel, Dash Retail Boutique, and the residences of: Avril Lavigne, Kevin Connolly, Kyle and Maurico Umansky, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, Paris and Nicky Hilton and Ike Bakrie’s international residence in Indonesia.

One of FRD’s latest creations is her best friend Kyle Richards’ Beverly Hills retail store, Kyle By Aleen Too.

Faye is engaged to be married to the man of her dreams, and the love of her life, Everett Jack Jr.’

Bravo hasn’t made an announcement yet, but with rumors of a Beverly Hills cast shake-up for Season 4, does this put Faye in the running with Marisa Zanuck to become an ‘Official Housewife?’

UPDATE: After the news broke that Faye was added to Bravo’s website, and reports she was added to the cast, Andy Cohen Tweeted, “Don’t believe everything you read about the RH folks. Half Of it is bunk. There’s a reason we always say WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!” I’m not really sure what other stories Andy would be referring to? We think he COULD be talking about the release of some of The Housewives’ salaries, to read that article, click HERE. What do you think?

Andy Tweet

Tell Us- What do YOU think of Faye becoming part of the RHOBH cast?

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18 Replies to “Is Faye Resnick Officially Joining The RHOBH Cast? Bravo DELETES Faye’s Bravo Blog!”

  1. My prediction: Faye (and sadly Marisa b/c based upon her blog I kinda like her) will do about as well as what’s her name from RHONY with the twins…Cindy Barship? Right? Yeah…


  3. I think Andy might be talking about the RH salaries that were released… im sure his phone was blowing up with angry cast members wondering why so and so makes more than them… I dont think he was talking about Faye. Kim G was a big part of NJ and she never got her own pic and bio.

  4. I don’t really like Brandi, but Faye should mind her own business. I am really surpirsed none of the other women stood up for Brandi especially Kyle. A real disappointment, the attack took place at her dinner table, she should have cut it off!

  5. Dont like Faye Resnick, AT ALL!! What a bitch!! Know it all, interfering, way overly opinionated, attention wanting…ugh she cd make me stop watching the show…

  6. Very simply Faye is a disgusting slime ball. The reason she lived in Europe was her husband, Fadi Halabi, was wanted in the states for narcotics charges and they could not return to the US. She has been in 3 rehab centers for cocaine addiction, she wrote a horrible tell-all book about Nicole Simpson (who was dead and could not defend herself) and posed nude in Playboy to make money off her friends murder. If this is the type of degenerate low-life Bravo intends to put in their show Iwill refuse to watch, I have more respect for myself than watch someone who crawled out of the sewer.

  7. Shame on Kyle for not stopping Faye! Seems like they both setup Brandi! And didn’t Kyle claim to be done being a mean girl? She just got Faye to do her dirty work. How sad. I wish they’d show more Yolanda and Marisa.

  8. What is with these absurd attacks on Faye? Brandi got exactly what she deserved. She goes and spreads vicious gossip on national television about something very personal concerning Adrienne and her kids and somehow Brandi is the victim?! Why is it ok for Lisa to defend Brandi but not ok for Faye to defend her friend Adrienne? If it’s ok for Lisa to do it, it’s ok for Faye. It’s mind boggling how anyone can feel bad for Brandi who goes around saying the most vicious things about people and gets all weepy when confronted about it! Come on! This is all Brandi’s doing. She wants to be Miss Confrontational and dish it? Then she better be prepared to take it. And, for those bashing her..remember what happened to her during the OJ trial.

    She was slimed by the most disgusting defense team in history, blamed for Nicole’s death and hilariously and absurdly linked to a freaking drug cartel! They ruined her life because she told the truth about the monster OJ Simpson really was. She went to rehab for addiction during the Clinton administraion? SO? She got help and over came it and should be applauded for it. After what the Simpson team did to her, she was unemployable so she wrote a book. SO? There was massive interest and she had every right to set the record straight on the lies OJ, his disgusting friends and lawyers spread about her. Do I have to remind people that OJ slaughtered two people?

  9. I completely agree with Anonymous and I don’t think much of Adrienne either. If you look back you’ll see the moment where she began to reveal her true colours; just before Dana’s idiotic party, where Kyle and the pathetic Kim began to attack Brandi from the moment she arrived. If there was an award for best ‘passive aggressive’ it should go to Adrienne. Its extremely disappointing. It would be utterly distasteful of Bravo to continue giving Faye any air time and I am exhausted by Adrienne’s sanctimonious attitude, particularly when she is lying; which occurs every time she opens her mouth.

  10. I believe there is an open casting call for “the real seniors of Beverly Hills” Someone please let Faye Resnick know about this. She would be a shoo in. Please listen to your viewers no Faye on RHOBH.

  11. I think faye just gets into everybody’s business she claims lisa makes brandy speak for her isn’t that what she does for kyle and addrienne she is so full of it i hope they don’t bring her back what kind of lady goes to someone else’s party and insults them and when asked not to get involved in a conversation between 3 women that did not ask for her opinion still sticks around playing the bully i think if the camera was not on them both brandy and yolanda would have taking it to her plus that marissa is a two face person she truly showed her colors in this last weeks episode you know birds of a feather stick together yuck get rid of both for the shows sake. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Faye Resnick is as much a parasite now as she was during the OJ trial. If Bravo adds her as a housewife I’ll find something else to replace them. Watching an infamous cocaine whore makes the entire Bravo franchise appear toxic.

  13. I can’t stand to watch your show when Faye Resnick shows up. She is disgusting. Please don’t make her a housewife, you will lose a lot of your audience.

  14. I will not watch this show if Faye is added. TAKE HER OFF!!! Even the small amount of time she is on the show nauseates me!!

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