Is Dr. V A Licensed Doctor? Tamra Barney Says She’s Not


After a rumble between Dr. V from LA Shrinks and Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney on Watch What Happens Live, Tamra and some of her fans took to Twitter to point out that after calling some of the women on RHOC bullies, Dr. V isn’t even a licensed doctor!

“So according to Bravo Dr V is not a licensed shrink. Makes you wonder?” Tamra tweeted after appearing on WWHL.


We decided to set the record straight. According to Wikipedia, ‘Dr. Nicolino has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She lives in a Bel Air home with her husband Matthew and their two sons, ages 3 and 5. Dr. Nicolino also has permanent guardianship of her two nephews, ages 5 and 7.

However, as licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Vonda Lozano has pointed out, Dr. Nicolino is not actually licensed to practice in California as a therapist, and the title of the show is a misnomer as the term “shrink” normally refers to a psychiatrist. Lozano also noted that she reported her concerns about Nicolino’s license status to her own licensing board, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, which responded that the Board of Psychology was following up. (Both Boards are housed in the same building, the Sacramento headquarters of the California Department of Consumer Affairs.) Nicolino was licensed in April 2005 as a “psychological assistant,” a designation given to psychologists in training, but the license was terminated at her request in February 2009.”

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33 Replies to “Is Dr. V A Licensed Doctor? Tamra Barney Says She’s Not”

  1. Tamra said on WWHL last night, “You people (meaning BRAVO) pay me a lot to be on this show, so I am going to be direct!” In other words, she feels she is paid to be as nasty and aggressive as possible in order to create drama on the show. That’s something we all of know, of course, but it was still interesting to hear a reality TV show star admit it. Andy Cohen can’t be happy about it.

    1. All the girls aren’t that nasty, so me thinks Tamra is just enjoying her natural trailer trash behavior and using Bravo as her excuse.

      1. I agree, Kris. She’s a mean, nasty thing who has never nurtured a heart for anyone. She “loves” like an adolescent, and she fights like one, too.

  2. If Dr. V had sided with Tamra she would not even said anything. I hope that backlash from this will help point Tamra to the door. I don’t watch OC because of Tamra, Heather, Gretchen and Vicky.

  3. why does tamra feel she needs to throw the shade at dr v just because she was giving an opinion lol like i love all the ladies but they do gang up on alexis and alexis does play the victim card alot

  4. Anybody with a Ph.D. is a Doctor. Tamra is an idiot. Dr. V is a life coach and that news has been out there for awhile. Tamra will stop at nothing going after people who don’t agree with her and kiss her ass. She needs a little help from Dr. V.

    1. Tamra is n uneducated idiot…probably doesnt have one? college credit under her belt…to clarify tamra, dr v holds a bachelors. Degree
      , two masters and a psyd, which means she spent one year in a apa internship, working w/ severly mentally ill patients i would say that educational component allows her to accurately assess someone so simple minded as tamra barney…good luck eddie. R u sure you want to grow old w/ such a wretched beast…run 4 the hills

      Love dr v…she is real, & quite frankly had no malicious intent, untile tamr

    2. Well said. Tamra’s probably just jealous of Dr. V because she’s prettier, sexier, classier, younger, smarter and has a degree…she just didn’t like hearing the truth. Prb because she’s mentally 5 still stuck on the playground. Grow up Tamra! I used to like her until this season. Very 2 faced. One would thk after what happened to her (speech on attempts at suicide) would make her more humble? Well, guess what Tamra? I grew up just like you did and I treat ppl warm, kind, with respect and the way I’d want to be treated. Nice try! Love you Dr. V! You’re the best, keep doing what you do best! Fellow Philly native!

    3. Well said! but idiots like her thinks a doctor is invariably a medical doctor.
      I like Bethany Frankel’s statement “success hasnt changed her”? what success? Her life is a train crash!

  5. “Makes you wonder”?

    What a brilliant comment. Wonder about what? Your comment makes ME wonder why you think it matters if someone who calls you mean and aggressive is a licensed psychologist, when there are millions of viewers who have the same opinion/diagnosis about you.

  6. Let’s break this down. There is a disagreement between two women regarding how to label a behavior: One (Dr. V) has a PhD in clinical psychology, the other (Tamra) probably has a high school education, majoring in Trailer Trash.

  7. Tamra may not happy to be shown up as the half-witted harpy that she is, but I’ve a big ol’ smile on my face. Tamra makes a bigger joke out of herself every time she speaks, tweets, and acts out.

  8. Wow! Tamra thinks she knows more about behavior than a Ph.D in clinical psychology? And what were her credentials again? Getting preggers in high school? Tams should go back to school and learn about the word DENIAL.

  9. I don’t care what Dr. V is or isn’t. Tamra is just jealous because Dr. V is prettier, smarter, and has more money. Tamra attacks people when they don’t tell her what she wants to hear. Grow up!

  10. Don’t worry Tamara, the haters are just jealous they don’t have the stones to speak their mind…they aren’t as pretty….don’t make as much money….don’t have as hot of a man as you do. It’s not your fault, girlfriend! Alexis brings all the drama on herself. She is pathetic. And Becky M Grey, admittedly doesn’t watch the show so she obviously doesn’t know what’s going on…

    1. Tamra has traded on being cute, because that was all she could bring to the table. She’s not beautiful or smart or nice, but she was cute. I noticed her legs are getting fatter and she’s got cellulite on her arms like someone in at least their mid-50’s. Maybe she should be trying to develop another attribute to replace the cute she’s losing. Getting smarter won’t happen, so she should try a little ‘nice’ on for a change.

  11. Bravo Andy,
    I really wondered, as I tuned into WWHL with Tamra & Dr. V on, how in heaven did you even get Tamra into the clubhouse after that episode of the Real Housewives of OC! As a hostess of a completely abhorrent “dinner party” just shown, I would have been cringing in a corner of the studio too embarrassed to show my face on camera! To have a party that turned into such a nightmare…a fiasco, & then sit proudly in front of millions of viewers was just unbelievable! Whether Tamra started the skirmish, participated in it, or let any of her guests become involved in it, should have been enough to be so rattled & embarrassed as to even want to show up!
    I think that really rocked the after show was that Tamra was pompous & unashamed by how hurtful & completely bizarre her party had become! It was totally out of hand, and I would have left as soon as harsh words started flying! No guest of mine where I have given a party has EVER been belittled by another guest in front of ME! It’s just not done in civilized company….NEVER. No mattered who started it, it is the hostesses’ job to end it, guide the conversation elsewhere, or see that EVERYONE invited were made to feel at ease. NONE OF THIS WAS DONE, TAMRA!
    Dr. V. was actually insulted several times by your rude, snippiness, too. Instead of listening, you forced your comments over her polite & professional help as if you were STILL better than the doctor’s.
    How devastating for Bravo to have to deal with this degredation. It went beyond tipping a table over….this was emotional warfare of the worse kind!

    1. Actually, Real Housewife Wise Fan, Alexis was NOT an invited guest. I can’t believe she had the guts to show up where she KNEW she wasn’t going to be welcome. The way she was sitting there making her little rude comments before anything went down…she was asking for trouble!

      That old hag Vicki should have known better…what was she thinking bringing Alexis to that party…she only did it because she’s jealous of Tamra & Gretchen’s friendship. Who does Alexis think she is?? And telling Heather, “we will talk later too!” …WOW! Too funny.

      I’m sorry ladies, you might not like it but Tamra and Heather are the only REAL women there….they aren’t fake like the rest of them. What you see is what you get.

      1. Vicky got Tamra’s permission to invite Alexis before hand, so yes Alexis was invited. Tamra could have said now and there would not have been any issue as Alexis did not want to go. Alexis took Tamra’s invite as a sign that she might be willing to bury the hatchet. She also sincerely congratulated her and repeatedly asked if they could discuss the negative stuff at a later time. The only rude comments that I heard prior to Tamra losing her ever loving mind, were coming from Tamra, Gretchen, and Alexis.
        Alexis saying that they should discuss their issues later is what a grown up does when she doesn’t want to ruin someone else’s social event.
        And Tamra is one of the fakest women on the show. She doesn’t have any of her original parts, she lashes out at people out of jealousy so no one will notice that she to is a pretentious, bragger with nothing going for her except for her gay fiance and fake wedding storyline.

  12. Tamra is kind of person that throws everyone under the bus and on the top of it – then try to turn it around. Just watch, next thing you know she is going to be the victim of bullying herself just to prove everyone that she is not a bully and it’s just her “defense mechanism” from some messed up childhood drama. That’s really the only route she can take to save the face after making the comments about Bravo paying her big bucks to be nasty.
    BRAVO shouldn’t stand for it. Even it it makes good tv. She should be let go!

    1. Yes! What was that attempt to be a heartrending conversation with her boyfriend where it’s not her fault she’s a bitch, it’s something she can’t control? That display was just as disingenuous as all the fake crying she does periodically, with the wavering crying voice and the screwed up face, but no tears ever. It’s time she understood that her big mouth is a behavior, and behaviors are deliberate. Nobody has to follow their impulses.

  13. Tamra Barney is a freaken moron!!
    Why is she still on television – remove the scum, she is not entertainment rather a bully that has no class!


  15. Tamra has no class & she’s completely fake. When you look in Tamra’s eyes, you don’t see any soul in there – she’s just an empty shell with a ice-cold heart. Dr. V. is a warm, caring, sensitive person – you can see her soul in her caring personality. Alexis seems like a real person who at least TRIES to get along with those fake bitches like Tamra & conceited Heather. I wonder if Heather married her husband for his money, because he is so nerdy & unattractive. Vicki seems like an angry person – she definitely has a mean streak, and she is very two-faced & hypocritical. Laurie is also two-faced – what a gossip – nobody should ever trust her or Vicky. The only two OC housewives that I would trust, are Alexis & Lydia. Gretchen is really not that bad – they pick on her a lot, but she actually seems more sincere than the truly fake bitches: Tamra, Vicky, Laurie, & Heather.

  16. Hi,
    I never saw where Tamra and Dr. V were together does someone have a link so I can watch Dr. V. and Tamra together?

    I’m “Pro” Dr. V ! I think she is awesome! I’m guessing that Tamra could have learn a lot that day that they were together but, it sounds like from most of you it seems Tamra missed her change with Dr V. If I were Tamra, I would have grabbed the opportunity to listen and learn from Dr. V. People like Tamra doesn’t see an opportunity when it arises. Tamra still has a chance to make amends. If I was Tamra, I would apologize to Dr. V. and sit back and listen to Dr V. Dr. V. was there to help Tamra. Just my 2 cents worth. I hope Tamra does. I would JUMP at the chance to have appointments with Dr. V. And, she is so likable!!!! Not discounting the fact she’s very intelligent and beautiful and classy and has such goodness in her heart! Take care everybody! ~ Patti R. ( Have a Happy 2014 Labor Day weekend! )

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