Is Dorinda Medley Engaged To John Mahdessian?


During Tuesday night’s season finale episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John was ready to take their relationship to the next level, however Dorinda wasn’t quite on the same page.

Dorinda confesses, “It’s a different relationship with John because I’m not particularly looking for a husband. I’m not wanting to have children. I feel sort of emotionally secure and financially secure, so I can actually be present and be there because I choose it.”

At lunch, John admits, “I do have a ring,” but Dorinda warns him, “Don’t bring it out now!”

He tells her, “I love you more than anybody in this world. You’re my partner, you’re my best friend, you’re the love of my life. I live for you… I couldn’t even imagine it any other way. So I think it’s really important that now we do something together. Like we live together, you know, move to the next plateau.”

Dorinda admits that her daughter Hannah is in a better place now and that she would like Hannah and John to start communicating more and move forward. She promises John that she will address the situation more often.

Watch the show highlight below.

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11 Replies to “Is Dorinda Medley Engaged To John Mahdessian?”

  1. Eek, that scene was awkward! Also, I think Dorinda needs to get rid of him. He’s sneaky, grabby with her friends right in front of her, and I wouldn’t doubt if he tried to grope her daughter too.

    1. Oh no!!!! That’s horrible!!! I like Dorinda so that would be sick!! Sometimes watching on You Tube it’s not a good picture or the women all sound like men! I missed the episode where Kristen said he was touchy does anyone know which one it was? If so I can try again to find it.

  2. I feel sorry for him. He was a friend of the husband . It seems he moved pretty quick after Richard died , probably because he was already in love with her…and she was receptive at the time because she was at her weakest and needed him. But he is terrified now…and is worried that as she grows stronger, she will leave him…and she may. They don’t seem like a good match.

  3. I couldn’t EVER imagine that fat F*** on top of me, makes me gag just thinking of it. Onward and upward is what I say for Dorinda!!! There HAS to be something better for all of us or man we’re sunk as women!!!!

  4. OMG, he is beyond gross. He acts like a perv with her friends and he just seems….creepy? At a loss for words after watching that dinner scene between the two of them. Something isn’t right between them, I see zero chemistry.

  5. dorito is strange, always slurs her words (maybe needs to work on English pronunciation)—and I think RHONY faux fame is going to her head—she’s just figured out that there is money, T.V. time, and book deals to be done – so it’s bye john…

  6. It’s been a long while since the death of Dorinda’s husband – so, why is Hannah soooo against even being around John? There’s more to that story! Hannah would not have such strong feelings against John if John was in this relationship with her mother for the right reasons – at her age – she doesn’t dislike John to that extreme just because she can’t accept the fact of her mother being with another man other than her father – I believe Hannah has legit reasons for disliking John that we know nothing about – and I believe Dorinda does care for John, but she also knows that a marriage – or living together – would never work – and, even though she knows Johm isn’t the long term faithful type – she does enjoy being around him on certain occasions and for certain reasons – he fulfills enough to get her by – he meets the needs she has for a man enough to make it possible not to need anyone else – she seems to be a smart chic – I think she knows exactly what type of man John really is – and she’s smart enough not to mix business with pleasure! A lot of people think John is using Dorinda for his own personal agenda – but the way I see it – Dorinda is playing John like a fiddle – she knows what he’s up to – but she’s smart enough not to ever let that happen – she’s taking more than giving – smart smart lady!!!!!

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