Is Dina Manzo Speaking To Caroline Manzo, Chris Laurita, & Jacqueline Laurita? Dina Reveals What Caused Problems In Her Family

Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo, former Real Housewife of New Jersey, is sitting down with Celebuzz and talking about EVERYTHING! That includes her new scripted TV gig- Tainted Dreams, RHONJ, and of course, her sometimes controversial friendship with Teresa Giudice. Dina says the Teresa we see on RHONJ is not the Teresa she has known for 15 years. Dina also says that she does not regret being a part of RHONJ, but is not thrilled with how the show has affected her relationships with some of her family members. Read Dina’s interview below!

We really admired you for leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey; it was a very brave move. Do you regret leaving? Or are you happy you invested in your own catharsis by focusing on your real, not reel, life?
I don’t regret it, and I’m so happy I did leave. I had to be true to myself. Everyone thought I was crazy walking away from a super-successful show, and all the red carpets you’re invited to. But it wasn’t me. I wasn’t going home from work every day happy — and that, to me, is very important. I have my own show now on HGTV [Dina’s Party]; I’m starring on Tainted Dreams; and my charity, Lady Bug, is nationwide and very successful.

Having said that, I want to also add that I do not regret ever being a part of Real Housewives because the show has made [everything] all possible. I’m not thrilled with what the show did with my relationships with a few of my family members, but I’m confident one day when the show is over, we’ll be back to normal. We’re waiting to see this pass.

It was nice, albeit shocking, to see you back on the series this past season. Were you nervous — even though you only appeared in a few party scenes?
I was super-nervous! I had my reasons, which I will keep to myself. It had nothing to do with anything happening on Housewives; it had to do with my foundation, LadyBug. I do support Teresa [Giudice] behind the scenes. I mean, I go to all of her events. I had asked [the producers] not to mic me, but one thing led to another, and when you drink you some Fabellini, well, one thing leads to another. [Laughs] It is what it is, and I can’t do anything about it now. In hindsight, I would have gone to support Teresa, but I would’ve refused to wear a mic because they did twist my words.

Are you surprised you and Teresa are friends? Do you think Teresa is misunderstood? We liked the Teresa we saw on Celebrity Apprentice.
I’ve known Teresa for over 15 years, and the Teresa I know is the one I saw on Celebrity Apprentice. Housewives is somewhat produced and — I hate to say it — set up to put you in a [contrived] situation you normally wouldn’t put yourself in. Would I go to a dinner with Danielle Staub? No, but I had to [contractually] attend that dinner. The Teresa I know is misunderstood. She is somewhat quiet. She’ll go out and have fun with you, but, in 15 years of knowing her, I have never seen her flip a table before. I have never seen an ounce of a temper from Teresa. In these Housewives situations, it brings out the worst and the best in people. There’s a lot of egging on behind the scenes.

Do you watch Real Housewives of New Jersey now that you’re not on?
I don’t watch [regularly], but I did watch last season when it was on a rerun at 2 a.m. because I knew I’d be on the season so I could follow [the storylines]. To be honest with you, I love Beverly Hills and New York; they’re both fun and fascinating for their own reasons. But watching Jersey, well, it gives me anxiety for several reasons. Even if I didn’t know everyone on [the show], the franchise would still give me anxiety because there are so many women being hurt. The other franchise, it’s more about the women insulting each other or whatever. But on Jersey, it’s about families being hurt.

Will we see you back on Real Housewives in 2013? Or are you over it?
I said I wouldn’t do it this [upcoming] season because of all the wonderful projects I’m working on this year; but I can’t help it if the show keeps me a part of it. Listen, this is something I signed on for a few years ago and they’re allowed to use my image or name. Rumor has it I’m coming up this new season again. It’s just funny that I left the show a couple of years ago, yet I’m still the topic of conversation!

You mean you’re coming up in the new season as conversation or are you appearing on the show?
No, I’m not gong back on. But, like I said, I do support Teresa and if there is a party, I may show up to support her but I won’t be mic’d this time! I’ll be in the background, I promise!

For more of Dina’s interview, click here!

Do YOU think RHONJ caused the problems between Dina, Chris, and Caroline?

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18 Replies to “Is Dina Manzo Speaking To Caroline Manzo, Chris Laurita, & Jacqueline Laurita? Dina Reveals What Caused Problems In Her Family”

  1. I Agree With Dina..It Is About Families Being Hurt On RHONJ And I So Hope That That Changes. Noone Wants To See Families Being Hurt Or Torn Apart BUT As Iam Seeing So Far That This Year Coming Up It Will Be Again…Sadly.

  2. She says she’s never in 15 years seen Teresa act up, but now she has. Maybe Dina needs to watch ALL the episodes so she has a better idea of what she’s talking about. Teresa is a backstabber, and as with all backstabbers she keeps at least one person in the dark about her nastiness. It appears it’s Dina. One personal note to Dina: get rid of the gum every time you shoot. Remember if a director only has a minimum of dialogue or time for a character and they want them to look ignorant and low class they put a stick of gum in the actor’s mouth.

    1. While I am not a Teresa fan, I have followed this show over the years. I think your comments seem fairly harsh. While I don’t agree with Teresa nor Melissa’s behavior, I do believe some things were left on the cutting room floor that might offer insight into their behavior and why they act the way that they do. I don’t believe that we get “everything” that we need to make an informed decision about these ladies. The way the show is edited probably plays a big role in what we think their character is like. I actually believe Dina when she says these things about Teresa. Afterall, she’s known her for 15 years and has spent time with her and her family.

      1. I don’t know what show you’re watching, but I’ve watched Teresa do her best to sabotage her sister in law, lie to everybody, insult and degrade others, and basically show no character whatsoever. If my comments are harsh, they don’t hold a candle to some of the vile and sneaky stuff she’s been caught doing.

  3. The reason her and Caroline aren’t speaking is nothing to do with Teresa, it is because her husband Tommy wouldn’t let them film at the Brownstone any more and fired Caroline’s two fat sons, which forced them to go out and peddle “disgusting black water”.

    1. That doesn’t pass the smell test, since it seems to be Dina that can’t let it go. And what’s with the comment “two fat sons”? They aren’t fat, and that’s just a ignorant thing to say. Are you sure you aren’t Teresa?

    1. Angel, You’ve just provided an example of how when people can’t win on the points all they can do is call someone a name. Delusion is the absence of logic and reason. So let me break it down for you using logic and words you may be able to understand: (If) the cause of the dispute were the action of Dina’s ex husband against the Manzos, then the Manzos would be the injured/angry parties. But Dina is the angry party that refuses to get over it. Therefore, firing of the Manzo boys by Dina’s then husband IS NOT the cause of the riff. I don’t pretend to know the cause of their fight, but it’s obviously Dina that’s still pissed off, not her brother, her sister, or her sisters kids. And, no, I am not any of the RHONJ, not from NJ, and have no connection to any of this pretty tacky group of people.

  4. I agree with Deborah’s comments about Teresa. If you know that most of your scenes involve nasty gossip and lude, confrontational behavior you shouldn’t act surprised when people call you out on it.

    As far as the feud between Dina and Caroline Manzo, I read Dina believes Caroline has been unsupportive of some of the ventures she has taken post RHONJ. It sounds to me that Caroline might’ve been pressured by BRAVO to lure Dina back into the show and maybe that’s where they had the falling out. Hmmm…I guess all we can do is wonder.

    1. Wouldn’t be all love to know, though? There should be a Perez Hilton or Bravo leaker that finds out these things for us!

  5. I think Dina appears as a classy lady, not into all the drama. So I understand her saying that she said she left because of the scripted story lines and egging on behind the scenes that were created to create more drama than would normally be there. So what I don’t understand is how she chose to leave for those reasons, because it wasn’t her and she wasn’t happy, yet she is SO supportive of her friend of 15 years for continuing to do the same thing and create continued destruction of family and relationships. So lose to Teresa for doing this (because this isn’t really how Teresa really is) yet she won’t speak to her own family members after all these years probably for less severe reasons? They are all fame whores is they continually sign contracts to behave like this on TV just for the sake of a paycheck.

  6. “It’s just funny that I left the show a couple of years ago, yet I’m still the topic of conversation!”

    This statement sums up Dina for me. She thinks she is still THE topic of conversation? She may be A topic of conversation, but only peripherally.

    Dina puts on this air of “touch me not” and that she is above all the immature fray but it rings false with me. I’ll bet she LOVES the attention and stirs the sh!t with the best of them, she just does not get her hands dirty. Dina is as big a diva as any of the others, only of the ice cold variety.

    1. Why do woman love to hate one another and believe the worst in them…..they are complete strangers. We only get a peak at them which is scripted through editing. Give people (Theresa, Carolina, Jacqueline, Melissa) a break. It’s fun to peak in to this stuff but don’t get so attached that you get hardened. It’s not the Real Lives of Real Housewives.

  7. Love Dina, she knows Teresa better than any of us and the show’s process. We just get the product. Just these few post I’ve read twist others statements to reflect their opinions and beliefs. I’m confident it goes on Housewives. There is enough poor behavior to go around ….the worst the better. Or who would watch.

  8. Will I like Carolina. I wish she would work it out with her sister. I didn’t really care for Dina or her show only watched it once she just don’t seem to have a personality, she is just a better than you are type. ( MY OPION) I don’t like Teresa at all. She is a liar and really has two much drama, I don’t believe this is all just for show its just how she is. I really like Kathy now there is the class of the show, her sister is a hoot she makes me laugh so much. I like Jacqueline she is a good mom and truly loves her kids, she is not all about the drama and is a little shy bit I bet she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Melissa seem like a honest person and don’t wont her kids to hear all the things that come from Teresa kids mouth. I can understand that. Teresa kids hear way to much. Its one thing to be honest to your kids its another to let your kids hear you degreed people. Teresa kids are very disrespectful girls. And Both Of The Kims not. not nice at all, don’t like them are was it Deana that left. Cant remember her name the ( ex Hooker) ( ex drug pusher) glad she left the show now if only Teresa would go this would change the show all for the better. ( LEAVE THE SHOW TERESA )

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