Is Dallas The Newest City To Host A Real Housewives Show?

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As we previously reported, Andy Cohen announced that The Real Housewives will be coming to a new city and soon! While we currently have Orange County, Atlanta, New York City, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills, and rumor has it the new city could be Dallas!

“All of the filming has been done, and it will be announced soon,” an insider tells US Weekly, adding that the next city will in fact be Dallas.

I would personally love to see a Texas version of Housewives. What do you think? Comment below.

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48 Replies to “Is Dallas The Newest City To Host A Real Housewives Show?”

  1. I hope so!!!!! I have had a void since big rich texas ended…and if those ladies were a glimpse into the dallas lifestyle…itll be a great addition!

  2. No JR? Oh well, I am thinking huge homes and ranches. Everything is bigger in Texas, even their hair? I love the homes, even if they may have steer horns on the mantel. I look forward to it.

    1. I’m used to stag horns so no different to lots of houses in Scotland. Except they drop off naturally so maybe there is a difference! I can pretend!

      1. Here the deer drop them naturally. Shedding antlers yearly is the norm. I found a complete set in my yard (garden) and they were mounted…for free by a friend, who found out from the spouse about my rare find. I hate them in the house, so I put them behind something on a shelf….
        Rarely do they drop them both (antlers) in the same location, so most horns you see mounted were from an animal that was hunted down. I know it is a common thing to see out west…but I myself do not like them on anything but the live animals. No, I am not a vegan, but I stopped red meat for years.

        1. They are collected in the parks here where there is no hunting so are naturally shed. They are then sold and the money used in the parks.

    2. IIf everything is bigger in Texas then there should be a franchise named “Real Bachelors of …Dallas”

      1. Naughty Countess!! :)) careful what you wish for! ‘Bigger’ can ruin you for everyone else that comes afterwards 🙂 would be disappointing no? Kinda like throwing a hot dog in a hallway 🙂 🙂

            1. 🙁 I was trying, Rain. You had to say that, didn’t you! Well, let’s hope I have some better dreams now…It beats reality! (The “rain”in Spain (or SF) is mainly on the ……not the plain for sure!) sorry, my mind went elsewhere again!

      2. Yes, I agree! Real men of Texas…anywhere will do. I choose Austin, since it is a younger, more hip place with a different vibe or so I have gathered. then again ranch hands could be fun for some eye candy. Uh oh, I will get i. Trouble for that now.
        Why not go to Scotland. I love a handsome man in a kilt! (I do!). Real Men of the Highlands!

      3. I meany, I will get into trouble for that comment. Sorry, i like to watch, but Idon’t touch…except in my dreams maybe?!

          1. Can’t stop laughing! (Funny that kept showing as sighing, interesting) unfortunately for the pair of you unless at a function the only men you see in kilts are the old country set and you don’t want to go there I can assure you! They need extra fabric added to go round their bellies!

            1. Well then they can wear kilts to a function for us? Gee, it isn’t only at weddings and funerals, is it? That should be changed. I really need my windows cleaned…Men In Kilts…window washers here…but they probably aren’t Scotsmen. 🙁

              1. How about getting our cars washed by men in kilts? All the suds? All the sponges!! OMG!!! See what you started Sandy 🙂 let’s apologize to all the other people here LOL

                    1. The worst!? Really? Oh then, I must have met Sam Heughan on the set of Outlander whilst he was donning (or the opposite) his kilt. I never knew there was so much fabric. You have to be strong just to wear a kilt. Of course, that was all in a dream, sadly. 😉

                    2. Did he lay it out on the floor to pleat it? The real kilts which were just one piece of wool fabric weighs around six pounds. They are 8 yards long. This is of course without the belt buckle sporran

                1. Well, climbing ladders to wash windows is fun too…. Yes, you may have something there with the car wash. Sally could choose a few good men to send over here. It may be a profitable business for them and fun for her too. Car wash in Kilts. We do interiors too! 😉

        1. 50% right! He is a Mac! Of course everything is bigger in Scotland!! Bigger clouds, bigger sun, bigger snow flakes and then last of all bigger sausages,

  3. I’m kind of done with the housewives. Nothing but negativity, narcissism and materialistic horrible women. I don’t watch anymore.

  4. Well I can’t imagine anyone saw Potomac coming, lol.
    I wonder if it not being a very well know city will have an effect on people tuning in, looks interesting enough from the trailer, but you can never judge these shows by their first season the trailer was full of cliche lines etc.

    I said Dallas was a bit predictable, so Potomac came out of nowhere, awesome that they are adding 2 cities. with them having RHONJ back next year too (I presume) they will be able to have a housewives always on the air!

    I guess is why a few people thought Real Housewives of DC was filming!

  5. So many stories. At first I thought it was DC. Someone said they were sure. Then I heard about Cheshire, but that isn’t a new city. Now Dallas. Wherever it is someone is keeping a good secret. Did you say you liked DC, sidewinderVX?

    1. They’ve officially announced it, there 2 new shows. the real housewives of Potomac starting in January, and Real Housewives of Dallas starting later in 2016.

      Cheshire is just the English version, it’s not so much a new city as they are just gonna show it in America.

      Yeah DC was amazing! It was so totally insane!

        1. The trailer for Potomac looked alright, wasn’t spectacular.
          The first seasons are always a bit hit or miss. Both Dallas and Potomac weren’t shot as housewives shows, they’ve just decided to make them housewives shows after they’ve filmed, which they did with Miami and the first season of that wasn’t great, but got much better in season 2 when it was shot knowing it was a housewives show.
          So both shows could be different from housewives in their first season, which people may think would be a good thing, but rarely is.

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