Is Camille Grammer Done With RHOBH?

Camille Grammer

With talk of cast changes for Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers are wondering if Camille Grammer will be a part of the Season 4 cast. Camille reduced her role in Season 3, but has remained a significant part of the show. After her fight with Lisa and Brandi in Vegas and the drama at Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party, Camille tweeted that she needs a break from the drama. Before Monday’s episode of RHOBH, Camille tweeted, “Bracing myself for more drama tonight on #RHOBH.” A viewer replied, “So glad we are seeing more of you!! :0) XOXO.” Camille revealed, “Thanks. Not for long. It’s time for me to retire from all the drama.”

So is Camille is done with RHOBH? Or is this the hiatus she was referring to when she said she would disappear from the show after her argument with Lisa and Brandi? In December Camille said in an interview, “There’s just really one scene where Lisa and I have a little tiff, but if I didn’t, I’d disappear anyway,” Camille explains. “I stay calm until something really upsets me, and then I say, ‘Enough’s enough.’”

Camille Tweet

Do YOU want Camille to return to RHOBH for another Season?

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3 Replies to “Is Camille Grammer Done With RHOBH?”

  1. Camille is doing herself no favors this year! Between accusing Lisa of “only being the face of SUR” (not the owner) and saying there is no letter or lawsuit against Brandi, all the while defending Adrienne …. I think she has lost her mind! Camille needs to take a step back! Butt-out! Clearly a letter exists. Brandi may have no filter, but she wouldn’t be on a rant if she didn’t have letter in hand It’s like going back to Season 1 with Camille. Icy and no filter……

  2. I do think Camille should hang up her housewife heels and take Faye with her. Not particular where they go, just go. Maybe they could get roles on the Kardashians?

  3. Camille will be sadly missed…. i like the way you but Lisa in her place, she is a sneaky rat that stirs up trouble and pretend to be innocent.

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