Is Bravo Hiring A Brand New Cast For RHONY Season 6?


Production for The Real Housewives of New York Season 6 has been at a stand still for months now, and has many people raising questions about what Bravo’s next move will be. RealityTea reports the networking could be giving the show a complete makeover; firing the current cast and bringing on all new ladies for Season 6!

The site reports, ‘Next week is the NBC upfront presentations and none of the current cast of New York has been invited, nor are they listed on the tipsheet.  This is a very big deal.  For those who don’t know, the upfront presentations are where the networks preview their upcoming fall and midseason series for advertisers, the press, and other networks.  The stars of said shows are always present for the event.’

Some of the women from RHONY did not even know the upfronts were happening next week. Tom Murro tells RealityTea, “None of the New York housewives are going to the Bravo upfronts on April 3rd. When I called 1 of them to see if they were going she said ‘what up front?'”

Carole Radziwill responded to the report on Twitter, writing, “@Realitytea The cast will find out the same way everyone else does; when we look towards NBC Headquarters & see white smoke. LOL Love u guys.”


Do YOU think Bravo should recast RHONY?

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6 Replies to “Is Bravo Hiring A Brand New Cast For RHONY Season 6?”

  1. No way. Recasting the whole group screams reboot, while I’d rather they just cancel the show than reboot. For me, having Ramona should be definite, while the rest are removable. I’d say bring back old housewives that made the show what it was, but with others added. Perfect line-up:

    – Ramona
    – Jill
    – Alex
    – Luann OR Kelly
    – New Housewife
    – New Housewife

    Lord knows Bethenny won’t return. Sonja is really actually replaceable, and doesn’t bring much to the show other than small fights. The new three didn’t manage to really make an impact, they are too high maintenance and up themselves to make an impression on the audience.

  2. The reason this show fails is because of Ramona. She is like Vicki, because she is an original they keep her around. Plus there is no one to root for on this show. Without Bethany it’s a dud.

  3. Like Herbal Esscence….”Yes, Yes, Yes”. I for one have totally lost my mere interest in RHONY. The last season was truly, truly boring. Everyone put on a floundering appearance. Number one, it was boring as hell. Number two, I’m so sick of even seeing Ramona. Shes an older, older woman who seems to think she is still 23, totally obnoxious. Number three, Luanne, she needs to “count-a-lot-less”. It’s time for her to get on her horse and go out to pasture. Dull comes to mind. I could cite at least 20 reasons why they all need to just disappear from Bravo. Ramona, Luanne and the Toaster Lady MUST go! The new three brought nothing to the show at all. Seriously! They’re lives are just too boring for Reality TV. Bravo absolutely needs a fresh, young, rich or not, hip, outrageously crazy new batch of real women. Professionals would be great. There has got to be a gazillion more women in New York that would make Bravo TV ratings soar. I just hope this is all true. And please, noooooo more Jill Zarin, nobody cares what she thinks or has to say. She should just stick to creating cushions, pillows and cooking Jewish food. I can say this for sure, I am totally excited about the idea and that is a good thing. Bravo has been really stepping it up with their brand of reality entertainment. Keep the creative juices flowing. Take chances, stir the pot. We will let you know for sure if you’ve created another “hit”.

  4. I like Ramona. She’s an odd bird, but my kind of bird. I like the fact that one never really knows for sure what will come out of her mouth and that she doesn’t let other women push her around. I also like and respect that fact that she seems to have a pretty good handle on how to have a successful marriage, despite all of the celebrity that comes with being a RHONYC. I don’t see anything wrong with going on vacation and blowing off some steam. If it is okay with her husband, then it should be fine with viewers. To me, Louann is the dead weight on NYC. That countess thing is old and tired….and ick, she is so phony!

  5. definitely dont want last seasons cast back. the 3 new girls didnt excite or bring drama to the show. carole sure is a nice smart lady but dull to watch and it was almost uncomfortable watching her having to create some drama for the sake of TV. I dont think thats how she lives and good for her…go live your life in peace without cameras.

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