Brandi Glanville Drunk At Book Signing!


A tipsy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and a viewer asked if Brandi feels she should apologize for being drunk at a recent book signing in Dallas. Brandi answered, “No,” then explained, “I actually didn’t come to my book signing drunk, I left there drunk.” A perplexed Andy responded, “Oh, OK, You got drunk AT the book signing.”

“We didn’t eat all day,” Glanville explained. “We had two book signings. By the end of the day, it was a sh*t show. But we hadn’t eaten all day, and they’re giving me rose, and I’m like ‘this is great’ and I’m signing.. I’m like ‘whoa!’ By 5 o’clock I was hammered. No food, just rose… I got through the whole line. There was like, 400 people,” she added

An eyewitness tells RadarOnline, “Brandi had at least three big glasses of white wine. She started slurring her words and acting very, very silly. Brandi tried to turn on her inner-sex kitten and use a breathy Marilyn Monroe voice, but she just sounded ridiculous. Brandi wasn’t eating anything, and one of her staffers was bringing her the drinks. The book signing was extremely successful, and it was very well attended. It was an odd choice to have the book signing in a bar; was Barnes & Noble not available?”

During another signing earlier in the day on Sunday at Bistro 31 restaurant in Highland Park Village, a suburb of Dallas, Brandi “had at least two glasses of wine. Brandi also upset a patron with her foul language. The offended person left the restaurant with her child because she didn’t want him to hear Brandi’s swearing. It was surprising to hear Brandi dropping the ‘f-bomb.’ She sounded like a trucker,” the source added.

Do YOU think Brandi is out of control or just having a good time?

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10 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Drunk At Book Signing!”

  1. I wouldn’t have been happy to have my child witness Brandi swearing at a book signing… but then, I don’t let my kids WATCH that show (though I do, because I love it.) So, I probably wouldn’t bring them with me to her book signing.

  2. While only those close to her really knows how much she drinks it is apparent to viewers she gets intoxicated rather quickly & appears to always be drinking when she’s away from her kids. Warning signs for sure. Her & Taylor seem the same to me.

  3. The bigger issue here…not when, how much, and how often Brandi drinks…is: What parent would bring a CHILD to a BAR???…EVER…And then start mouthing off about Brandi’s behavior? Really?… Who is the person with the problem??? Seriously.

  4. She was in character. I agree, that’s no place for a child. Consider the title of her book, and give the woman a break.

  5. On another site it said the woman and child were dining at the restaurant where the book signing happened to be taking place. Not everyone watches the show.

  6. I was actually at the book signing last year at the Grapevine, a bar very popular amongst the gay and lesbian community, and can say for a FACT that she got wasted. I was one of the last in the line, and actually got her to sign my book, “F#$% That C#$%.” I was surprised I managed to get her to sign that. The several glasses of wine she had throughout the day had to have helped.

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