Is Brandi Glanville Getting Fired From RHOBH?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is reportedly fearing she will be fired from the show as the cast will begin to negotiate for season 6. According to a magazine report, Brandi is desperately trying to line up other jobs in case she is replaced by Bravo.

“She’s terrified of being broke again if her gig on RHOBH ends, and she is determined not to be left high and dry. She’s putting a lot of effort in to her podcast, but what she really wants is a satellite radio show like Jenny McCarthy has, because that is where the real money is,” a source tells OK! Magazine.

Brandi definitely has rubbed some people the wrong way, and there are rumors that her role on the show is being reconsidered. What do you think? Should Bravo fire Brandi from RHOBH? Tell us what you think in our comment section.

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  1. NO, Brandi should not be fired, she’s fuel for the franchises fire of entertainment. Fire Eileen and Lisa R, they are boring

    1. I agree 100%!! I for one only continue to watch because of Brandi so if she goes I’ll stop watching!! I know an extremely large amount of people who feel the same way too!

      1. Really? I haven’t seen or heard of a single person who would stop watching if Brandi was fired. I have heard a lot more internet conversations about people being finished if Kim and Brandi stay.

        1. Typo? Maybe Susan actually meant to say she “knows an extremely large person who feels the same way!” That fabrication would have been more believable. 😉

        2. You know what really got me about the reunion? Her disdainful and dismissive attitude toward the others as if she really was above it all. It’s so funny to me that she has been trying to climb out of the gutter where she lives to just touch the hems of people like Kyle, Lisa, Lisa, Eileen and Yolanda. She thought she had grabbed on with Lisa V. but she just can not pretend to have any class whatsoever. I’ve seen a few people who can learn how to behave in polite society. But she is just, well, too low. Now she has Kim who was just floating around with her stinger waiting for anyone to find out. I really tried to like her and she was kinda funny and cute ’till she thought Kyle and Lisa were friends again. Then she betrayed her true colors and went after Kyle again for all of the marbles. She just can’t do it. She plainly does not belong in this group of women as they just outclass her in every way.

      2. Are you kidding. Why don’t you watch some of the other reality shows that are nothing but crude, lowlife behavior. In just one episode Brandy threw a glass of wine in Eileen’s FACE!! Then at Yolandas dinner, 1st. she had the ill manners to say that the ring baby face’s wife had “Could go bigger”, are you fucking kidding? Then while David was doing the after dinner musical, she suggested “finger banging” for the lyrics. Next event minus the spa day at poker night she got drunk – big surprise – and exacerbated the fact that Kim was hi. That was the first time she outed Kim about the late night calls. In Amsterdam she quoted the fact that Eileen had supposedly said some things about her being a mean drunk to explain why she became a mean drunk. Eileen said those things AFTER BRANDY DID ALL THAT, not before. Then Kim chimes in to tell her (Brandy) about Eileen’s discussion at lunch which was also AFTER POKER NIGHT. You can certainly stop watching, I’m sure Brandy will find a way to be in the public since she doesn’t have the manners or education to make a living any other way. Kim and Brandy maybe could do a spin-off together. I tried to think of a name for it but only came up with “The drunk and the whore”, which is expected but how ’bout “Leather and Lace”, do you get it? Conflict and resolution are good in a story, continuous drunken outbursts and sociopathic rambling are just boring. “Wind-up & whore-hoo” Get it? Still can’t come up with a title, damn it.

      1. She is just very angry it seems, and most of her reviews at other sites lash out at one character or another like she lives in their world. I believe she has reasons for her anger and displaces it in public forums. No, I am not a shrink…just observant. I actually feel for her and wish her well. We are all human, and most of us find these shows as an escape from our own lives where we can forget about everything else. We are all entitled to our opinions, and I choose not to quarrel with others, but will occasionally opt to agree with those whose opinions make sense to me. I would never say idiot. She does do her homework from what I can see, supports those characters she likes and doesn’t hold back a thing.
        I learned that depression is anger turned inward. Letting it out helps the depression…if done in a way that doesn’t harm others.

        1. Truth was not referring to me. I am new to this medium and finally after realizing I was confusing certain replies, I started looking at the date and time. It frequently looks like comments are related and turns out it was days or weeks before. I do get angry about this sometimes. It is an interesting social experiment for me now when it started out that I really like some housewives shows and other reality based TV. It’s actually almost all I watch. I do love the NOVA programs on DISH and the NATURE ones from PBS. Downton Abbey too. But I have BHills, NJersey and NYork on Amazon in my video library. All of the TOP MODEL seasons and the Bethenny series. I go back and check things now when a commentator refers to something so I can be confident that what I say is correct. Might seem angry, but it’s accurate.

    2. YEP! Brandi is the only entertaining one! Fire Rinna & Kyle! Tired of the FAKENESS that these Hollywood BS wannabes keep up.

        1. Talk about BORING, Alice the Goon (BG) is merely a one trick pony. There’s no wit or personality in that trashbag’s brain whatsoever. All she can think to do is make up lies, get drunk and make a fool of herself.

          We laugh occasionally, but it’s AT her because she’s a clown- there for our amusement. There’s not a group of ladies on earth that she’d fit in with.

          Her storyline, like Alice the Goon herself, has grown old and haggard. I’m sure most rational people, like my friend Cheri in the comment below, would so agree! 😉

      1. That’s so funny. Kyle is the best and has been an actress since she was a child and Lisa R. is a successful actress. The wannabees are the ones who never had a career, or it hasn’t been for a very long time. I could stand an opinion different than mine if anyone had a credible argument. I’m sure you will get to see more of Brandy somewhere being that she really will do ANYTHING FOR A BUCK. She isn’t even acting here she is just a whore. Don’t get me wrong, she has every right to have a sex life, obviously. She represents her kids now and doesn’t have the right to whore around on the show and do vile, crude things for a buck. That about Kim having more pride than Lisa R. was funny since Kyle got Kim the job on here and paid her bills for quite awhile before that. Even in Hollywood they don’t want to hire obviously drug and wine INFESTED people. Lisa R. has been a successful actress for a long time. And Kyle, even though she doesn’t brag when Brandy spouts the crap about jealousy toward Kim, can and does get an acting job anytime she wants. It is just crazy to me that Brandy has such hate for ANYONE EVEN RUMORED to have had an affair with a married man, but I bet out of the many, many, many men she beds some of them are married. Her excuse, black-out sex. Do people really think she is just as good as everyone and the rules are just different for her? She breaks the friendship rules every time she opens her mouth, so she is the one changing the rules. Kyle is lovely and I admire her more than anyone else on these shows.

        1. I don’t like when reality shows use professional actors. I feel they are more guarded and tend to be very boring. As for Kyle I don’t think we are watching the same person. I am not saying Brandi or Kim is a wonderful person I’m just saying Kyle is not a nice person either. She is just the lesser of two evils.

        2. I wouldn’t call Lisa R. A Successful actress. She is a has been at best. She can now get 3 line roles and that’s about it.

          1. That’s bullshit. She has been, (not hasbeen), an actress since she was about 20. Where do people get their “information”, just because she is not on the show you watch. What, so pick one. Either you don’t want actresses or you don’t want former actresses. This is a job too that they were offered and they took it. It IS A JOB. Brandy is a never been. I love Lisa and Eileen, great additions to the show to replace the drunk and the whore. Poor Brandy, poor me, poor me, pour me another drink. I am looking forward to seeing how great the show can be without Kim and Brandy. I lived how Eileen and Lisa resolved their conflict in Amsterdam. The words had as much weight as any used in other disgusting scenes but since they have class they were able to speak like the 2 classy women they are.

            1. I can not like when they use professional actors it’s allowed. I watch reality TV for the real ness and I feel actors have to be guarded at all times, they learn this because of the media…..paparazzi, so we don’t get a true depiction of who they are. I like Lisa R. as an actress but not for reality TV show like this. Eileen is the same.

              1. I love soap stars and I want to see them in reality. I think they are just as “real” as anyone. They deserve a chance to be on here for us as much as anyone. I love Eileen especially. she is funny and classy.

          1. She doesn’t…..the things she says are just her opinion and spouts whatever she thinks will win an argument. This is evident by her arguments about Tressa and what she says on the whole prison time. If you notice most people don’t even interact with her anymore because what she says is so ridiculous and not substantiated by fact. Lisa R.’s acting is summed up by 3 lines in a hallmark movie. There were scenes where she talked about working hard to get any role and most are small.

            1. Not interacting with me anymore? I’m crushed. I just started writing on here I think about 10 days ago. Even huge, successful actors aren’t doing a movie every minute of every day. I was watching an interview with a really successful actor the other day. The host asked “why do you do voice overs and commercials in other countries where none of your fans can know about it?” He said “because it’s my job.” I think of Lisa Rinna as a successful actress and person just because that is my perception of her. She has been acting since she was quite young and I like her. She has done a lot of jobs, which is what actors do, a job, that wouldn’t and didn’t make her more famous. The housewives is also a job, a well paying job in this new arena, reality. I mean it’s been around for awhile, but new compared to how long TV has been around.
              Jody, I didn’t see where you asked before how I write with confidence or I would have answered. The stuff about Lisa R. I write because she does a lot of work that isn’t necessarily movie stardom big. She earns a good living. When something is just my opinion I say “IMO” The blog doesn’t prevent us from writing at length, so being a writer by trade, I write at length sometimes. Some of the things I do know for a fact, but I would never say how I know, no matter how much goading anyone does. The prison time remarks I haven’t looked at any replies yet, but everything I say there is either a fact or my opinion like everyone on here.

              1. Sorry I was trying to delete and hit post. I was trying to say the post above yours was uncalled for not yours….dang fat fingers. People still interact with you, let hatefulness go.

                1. CassyJ, I really do consider what others think or there would be no reason for me to read it at all, and I think the housewives are secondary to the interaction about a social norm and people talking about that. I do have some strong opinions, I think a lot of people do. I even occasionally change my opinion, but rarely. I always reflect on the point made by others and look to mine to see if I’m still strongly ensconced in it. So, if anyone no longer interacts with me then I wouldn’t notice until it was pointed out. I’ve only been on here for 10 days at most and this entire way of talking to people is new to me. I had always done my talking in person.

      1. Brandi contributes to the dumbing down of America. Bravo contributes to the dumbing down of Anerica with its programming. Sad.

      1. You know there is only one event all season that Brandy hosted and it was her boring housewarming. Kim hosted nothing. They just go and ruin them all for everyone. Yolanda went to a lot of time and thought to host a trip to Holland. If Brandy wouldn’t have lied to Kim and said that Lisa R. was talking about her behind her back none of the ugliness would have happened. Brandy said way more about Kim’s “sobriety” at that lunch than Lisa did. Although Kim is just ugly so whenever she is pricked it spews out all over everyone, especially her sister. Then, because she was upset, she apologizes to NO ONE. She is the beast with that look on her face at that first dinner. What an ugly, ugly person. It is time for Kyle to regain her life and finally cut Kim out. Kim’s kids will understand because Kyle loves them and would do it in the kindest way possible. I cut my sister out of my life. I put up with it ’till all the kids were adults because they were really close to their cousins. Look at all she has and how she uses her platform, it’s shameful.

  2. We can but hope! Who wants to see that slapper any more. Making up stories, throwing wine, slapping people, befriending an alcoholic/drug addict just for a story line and so on and so on. She could be ok in another show just not RHOBH!!! If She is back who’s next Yolanda??????? It’s looking like She will go after Her next. She picks someone each season. Who will She film with???

  3. She is the WORST example for single moms everywhere!! A SLAP in the face for single moms who DO act like responsible adults. I feel BAD for her kids. Perhaps she should go into porn industry since she LOVES talking/acting/doing all that comes with it.

    1. I agree partly but She is not a single Mum. Her ex has the children 50% of the time and She gets maintenance. To compare that Trollop to a single Mum who struggles to raise Her children on her own with no financial support is not fare. I do agree that Brandi needs to go a revoltIng person.

    2. I think Rinna did this before HW’s. Maybe Eddie could do porn to pay cs fitting for his kids. Her wine will fail, too bad, she had it all going for herself until she acted up. Her new pr is a scam, read around, her fan base is going.

  4. I really want her to go. When Brandi has a falling out, she doesn’t burn bridges – she NUKES them. Watching her around the other cast mates is uncomfortable.

  5. Hopefully not, the show desperately needs her. It would have been a very boring show without her.

    Don’t think I could stomach to watch a season where all these ladies pretend to get along, they are some of the fakest housewives.
    the only ones that seemed to have a genuine friendship was Lisa V. and Lisa R., Kyle and Lisa Vs friendship was horrible to watch, Eileen was just basically there to take up a seat. And Yolanda is up in the air for next season.

    She’s also been mentioning other jobs since Apprentice, which was ages ago.

    1. Except Kyle and LisaV have been spotted a number of times since the show wrapped going for private lunches and dinners. In my opinion, their make up was real. Probably the realest on the show. Brandi and Kim, for example, did not see each other between the show wrapping and the reunion.

        1. They were friends 3 or 4 years before the show even started. Kyle always said she loved Lisa. Brandy helped make that rift way worse than it was from Kyle not defending Lisa from Adrienne Maloof’s accusations about selling stories. That is what started the problem. Then even though I love Lisa also, she kinda used Brandy to prove to Kyle that she could replace her. Brandy just could not stand that they were forgiving each other in season 4 and did her best work to pick a topic that was so close and so hurting Kyle to lie about Lisa. She couldn’t replace Kyle and would never admit using Brandy, but that’s OK, Kyle understands Lisa for the great friend she is even though she also does hurtful things at times. Lisa accepts Kyle for the true friend she is although she does hurtful things at times.

          1. I don’t know why you keep saying Lisa used Brandi to show Kyle. Can’t it just be what we saw on the surface? That Kyle and Lisa were not getting along, and so naturally you pay more attention to or hang out more with someone you aren’t uncomfortable with?

            1. ITA. Marian talks as if she is omniscient. Most of what we see in tabloids or online is not the total truth. A lot of it is supposition or blown out of proportion. Unless we actually know these people, we can only go by what we see on the surface and not constantly read into all of it. I don’t believe any of them are saints. They are human like the rest of us and have faults. Of course if cameras were pointed at our families, we may not act like our true selves as if they weren’t there, and I am certain of that. We don’t see behind the scenes. I don’t hate any of them, however, based on what I saw, I would rather not see any more of Brandi. She does not fit in with this crowd. I like LVP, Eileen and even Lisa Rinna. I would not miss either Richards sister if they were gone either, and Yolanda should leave. I would love to see more new characters who get along more than get drunk and catty.

      1. Sure, I dont believe Kim and Brandi are like friends friends off the show, very few castmates are.

        And the fact that Kyle and Lisas PRIVATE dinners were photographed should be all that needs to be said about that.

        1. They didn’t take the photograph of them at dinner themselves. It was taken by someone at a nearby table at the restaurant.

    2. RHOBH is hardly “desperate” for any one of the cast. And if it were (it isn’t) that person would be LV (see poll).

      Shocking jokes and behavior will often get people to turn their heads in attention, or to tune in. But the same meanness repeated over and over gets old and wears on people’s sensibilities. There’s just no substance to BG’s tired old mean routine. She’s worn out her welcome for the vast majority.

      1. I love that people always bring up how ‘boring’ things would be when dramatic cast mates leave. People didn’t stop watching OC when ‘dramatic’ Gretchen left OC, when ‘dramatic’ Danielle left NJ or when ‘dramatic’ Jill Zarin left NY.

        Ratings drop when the Queen Bee leaves. Bravo had problems in NY when Bethenny left. They are having problems in NJ because Teresa is gone. They would ONLY have trouble in BH if Lisa Vanderpump left.

        1. Not a great point actually.

          Gretchen was hardly the “brandi” of the group, had Tamra been fired you’d have a point but Gretchen and Brandi didn’t play the same role. OC still has it’s Brandi character.

          Also since the women on RHONJ are vicious it makes sense they didn’t loose ratings, RHONJ got more dramatic and more cut throat after Danielle left. The Women on BH don’t have that.

          Also the ratings weren’t massively different on RHONY after Bethenny left, it was only after Jill left and the two others (Cindy doesn’t really count) that the series ratings dropped massively.

          1. Wrong. It actually IS s great point because Big Goon had NOTHING in common with the ladies who actually haul from BH.

            And I’ll state again that OC would be the more appropriate show from which BG was sent packing. (Didn’t have to read between the lines that time)

            1. lol, that wasn’t the point made.
              So how can it be a great point if you bring up some random other point that wasn’t mentioned in “the great point”

              1. You got me there! I barely scanned my comment to which you were replying to ( thinking it was another). So my comment was out of context. Maybe I should have been sleeping at 4am, so I’d not been so sloppy! My apologies, please. 😉

      2. I didn’t say it wasn’t desperate for Lisa V.
        The show can be desperate for more than 1 character.

        It needs Lisa V. as she’s like the main housewife, but it also need Brandi as it would be dull otherwise.

        1. The show doesn’t need ANY single personality. If the only way you can enjoy the site is if it includes the wretched Big Goon, then you’re very much in the minority.

          LV really is the closest thing to a must have as adds so much variety and depth. There are tons of untapped storylines with these ladies. And drama is never far away when you mix beautiful women, money, egos, and a production staff well versed in story-boarding conflict.

          Like a sports team, the show is greater than the sum of its parts. And losing the trainwreck KR and the lying, nasty bully BG would be addition by subtraction. Stronger show without those losers.

          1. You’ve been dripping the word “DESPERATE” quite a bit, sidewinder- but in much the wrong context. RHOBH isn’t desperately in need of anything.

            Seems the only proper context for the word is: that KR DESPERATELY needs to successfully complete rehab; BG is DESPERATE to make herself relevant and keep her “job”; and you are DESPERATELY trying to make Big Goon seem indispensable to the show, as a loyal paid assistant should.

            Fail. She’s not.

            Personally , I hope Eileen comes back and they expand her role a little. Heck, I’d tune in to watch her make scrambled eggs for 15 minutes each week… 😉

            1. Well you’re in luck that will probably be her super exciting storyline next season – it would be more exciting than anything she did last season!

              Fingers crossed there will be a spin off where she makes toast!!

              1. Hey sidewinder are you from the UK? After reading your posts your wording sounds very British so I was just wondering.

        2. It most certainly wasn’t dull the first season. I would love to see who is right in the category of would people still watch without the type of “conflict” Brandy brings. Personally I think it’s sickening the way Brandy fights and strikes back. And Kim, well I’ve stated how I feel about her. Lisa V. used Brandy, too. She was so hurt by Kyle not defending her against Adrienne’s accusations that she decided to show Kyle that she could have another friend who loved her. She made references that prove that all of the time. I think it is one of those things people don’t even realize themselves. Brandy delighted in the fact that there was a rift between them because she knew Lisa still really loved Kyle. She did everything she could to widen that rift. Yeah, having a little instigator is good in a show like this, but it is so obvious now what she wanted all along and that was to take Kyle down. It just irked her no end that Kyle kept being kind and supporting her role in the show by inviting her to every event she hosted. Brandy never hosts anything just like Kim. But I digress. Brandy hated that Kyle rose above all the low down tricks she pulled because it showed her that Kyle not only outclassed her but showed that it wasn’t so important to Kyle that she would start a war. She picked and pushed Kyle to the best of her ability and never got the response she expected because people with class just don’t sink to that level. When she could no longer get to her through Lisa, she went for KIm. Simple as that.

    3. I’ve seen a lot of episodes where she isn’t around and it’s great. I am tired of her foul mouth and I know exactly what she is going to do because she is boring. It’s the same nasty, drunken thing every time. If anyone is fake it’s her. Kyle has forgiven her for doing so many things I think truly. She is a mean drunk starting way back. She rarely hosts anything but is happy to go to all the things others host and pay for and totally ruin everyone’s fun. A drunk is a drunk is a drunk. Her and Kim deserve each other.

    4. Desperately needs her? I can’t wait to see it without all of the ugliness. It is not boring. The first season certainly was not boring. Conflict, yep. Resolved. Yep. Thanks to Kyle and Camiille. I wish she would come back. And Kim. She is just disgusting. That dinner in Holland just showed how really ugly she is. The way she spoke to everyone, especially Kyle. And Eileen, I could listen to her speak forever. Love her, she is funny and witty. Kim owed Eileen an apology for the way she acted and the things she said at her house. But – excuse coming. People like her think that because they don’t remember it didn’t happen. She was horrible to everyone, especially her sister. Unforgivable. Then, what really gets me is after the fact she rearranges the facts to make herself look like the victim of Kyle. ARE YOU KIDDING, KIM? She (maybe) was not on something in Amsterdam and look at the vile things she said to Kyle and everyone. That look on her face reminded me of satan shows. Gives me the creeps. It is everyone’s business because she made it everyone’s business. She herself put her “alcoholism” front and center on the show. That entails acting like a tue recovering alcoholic. People in recovery do not react like that because it is learned in 12 step how to handle things like that. Just barely touch her and her puke, fetid, disgusting insides leak out or spew out all over everyone. Too late for her Kids, BTW, Her saying her kids were being hurt by Lisa is just to ridiculous for words. It is so, so too late for her to fix the damage she has done to her kids. Can you imagine seeing your MOM act and speak like that in your name, (her Kids name.) I can’t wait for her to be gone, and her little (big pit bull) dog, too.

      1. I understand why you don’t like Kim or Brandy however the show you seem to want to cast is a very boring one where we watch the ladies do homework with their kids, shop and watch the women fake perfect lives. Eileen was absolutely nice, sweet, guarded and BORING, Lisa R. is actually a mean vile cyber bully, (not just Kim she has a history and has legally been made to stop, Kyle seemed to become even more fake this season. It seems because Kim was so awful everyone seems to forget how vile she has been seasons past. I also think the other ladies in Kyles ear about her sister were very inappropriate. They should have not said a word about the actual relationship between the sisters. With editing it gives a poor Kyle feel. I want drama I want something interesting to watch.

        1. Me too. When there is a new cast member they let you see the homework kind of thing to introduce them to us. Showing the home life, the home itself, the career and marriage is necessary so that we know who they are if we don’t already. I also realize that even though I own them all on Amazon that I rarely re-watch the boring ones. But I did re-watch the one’s where Kyle and Yolanda walked around Spain and others like it. I liked Brandy during season 3 and was on her side in some instances. Kyle actually was absolutely fair toward her for a long time. Inviting her to all of the events is how they get publicly noticed. If you go back you see that. That isn’t a matter of opinion, that is what happened. Brandy can’t stand that Kyle rises above her dirty tricks and just keeps going deeper and more personal with Kyle. She wanted to absolutely obliterate the love Lisa V. has for Kyle and it just irked her no end when it didn’t happen. She gets more and more insulting and cruel as time goes by. So, I see your point but I am really tired of the fact that she isn’t growing at all, she just gets more lost in her zanax fog with a wine chaser. I think if any of the stuff she was saying about Kyle was true, it would have been caught on film, and you know damn well Bravo would have used it. When people are in that state of zanax wine chaser they are in and out. They honestly don’t hear things correctly or in context. Then they repeat their inaccurate memory of it and it’s almost always wrong. The reason they sound so believable is because they believe it, that still doesn’t make it true. Things can be said like “Cedric told me that one of the bars Lisa had in London went under.” That gets transformed to she said they went bankrupt. I have a sister who is a mix of Brandy and Kim and I have been seeing that for 50 years. I haven’t spoken to her since she did that in accordance with my own daughter’s memorial and got angry WITH ME after my 27 year old daughter died. There comes a time….

  6. It’s funny how women who look bad on TV and know they are not the viewer’s favorite will make comments like, “I was getting tired of the show”, or “I’m thinking about doing something else anyway”….they bash Bravo and the show, then beg to stay on…..

    1. To One Rotten Egg: Nice catch. I was thinking the same thing. They make a nice pay check for this. Difference for her is it is her ONLY CAREER. Kyle, Lisa, Lisa, Eileen and Yolanda were all successful already and did this to do something different. Brandy did it for exposure like a lot of housewives. Lisa V. opened a new restaurant but was hugely successful already, and Kyle opened a store in season 4 but had planned for years to do that. Brandy was a drunken slut who needed a job. Now, because at first even I wanted to like her, she has 2 books and a podcast WOW, and now wine. She started a career here and has a long, long way to go. The 2 new ladies were already successful actresses for a long time and Brandy just can’t stand it. She destroys everything in her path and she makes me sick, her and Kim both, disgusting.

  7. The show desperately needs something for sure. All of the shows do. The total disrespect these women show each other is nauseating as normal people wouldn’t continue any relationship with some one who is constantly interfering with their very personal lives. I get the “reality” part of it. But, the comments about the marriages, cheating rumors, careers and other family relationships are not necessary. I do kind of hope most of it is scripted. Brandi makes comments regarding what kind of sister Kyle is, Cynthia comments on Phaedra’s marriage and cheating rumors all the while saying no malicious intent is meant. I would love for any of them to really regret what they have said. It was really touching to see Phaedra and Kenya finally speak to each other and find some common ground only to see at the reunion, that meant nothing. I guess that makes for good TV. I remember laughing at the mostly harmless shadiness these ladies throw around, but now, it is harmful and sad and none of them seem to really be apologetic for the horrible things they have done and said. They seem offended by the viewers opinions even though, the viewers should be the very people Bravo listens to. Get rid of Brandi, Kimfrom BH, Cynthia and Peter from Atlanta, Tamra from the OC, Holla and Kristen from NY, the twins from NJ.

    1. You make a lot of sense Kelley. I agree with almost everything you said (except about Holla and Kristen who I enjoy).

    2. I agree, Kelley. I am addicted to reality tv…but I think I am losing interest in the Housewives franchise. These women are just becoming so desperate…and “f”ing crazy. I watch these shows because I like to see real people dealing with real stuff. For example, I loved Shannon on OC last season. She is a wife and mother, with a handsome husband and beautiful kids who all live in a fabulous home,…the perfect life…but actually, not perfect. She has marriage problems , and she feels under-appreciated, and sometimes she drinks a little too much and goes nuts. She doesn’t slap people, or throw wine on them, or make up lies about them, but she is very interesting to watch….because she is relatable. Bethenny may be an even better example. At first, I liked watching her struggle to create her business, find a good man and have a child…she lived a fabulous life, but she had money issues, man issues, and her clock was ticking….relatable. But this season, she feels superior to her castmates, is rude and arrogant, and completely clueless as to how her behavior is playing in Peoria. You could just plug Nene into that scenario, too. In fact, the entire franchise feel a little paint-by-numbers… each series has a few old timers tryng to stay relevant, a couple of new ones trying to become relevant, and then one or two that are just plain nuts. It is not fun to watch anymore and needs to change…and let’s start with the crazy ones.
      B’bye Brandi.

      1. Yeah, I want to like Holla. But it’s hard sometimes. Thought she bullied Kristen a bit last year- around the time of the rapelling/canoeing trip. And it’s probably petty, but I’m just bothered when a white, middle-aged suburbanite all of a sudden starts spewing ghetto-speak. It’s so awkward and contrived to somehow look what, gangsta? Weird.

        Again, its petty, as I believe she has a good heart. That’s what I think that I think at the moment 😉

  8. Let’s be real… The show needs Brandi. How boring would the past couple of seasons had been of she wasn’t there. You may not like her but the fact is, she brings the drama.

    1. Brandi could have been the leader on the show, instead she went to the gutter. Her poor me has worn out, she needs to move on.

      1. Hi Charlie, Brandy did not go to the gutter, she came from the gutter, tried to fit in with so called high society & failed from day one. She does not own a classy bone in her body, viewers on the whole would rather she not return.

    2. The show absolutely does NOT need this boring, one- trick pony. There’s nothing new or insightful about her act. And the accusations she’s throwing around are steadily moving away from dirt and more towards inferences, conjecture, and outright lies. People don’t like seeing that crap 24-7

  9. yes…. dump her… or bring her back as part timer…. Brandi brings too much bimbo to the show – not enjoyable. I don’t enjoy watching a drunk lady on a weekly basis. Women most certainly can be entertaining without being a foul mouth drunk….it’s insulting Bravo thinks this is what we want! No Way….

  10. Well, I really think that most reality shows seem to start out to be more entertaining from the beginning and then it seems like it is all becomes a big act as time goes on, and characters are being forced together that never would be friends in reality. It becomes cat fights that look rehearsed or forced and then we have younger characters, like Brandi, who just get drunk to try to fit in…and make trouble because perhaps they feel it makes for better ratings and a guaranteed spot or they are just ridiculously immature and really never should have been asked to be on Real Housewives.
    Bravo is in it for the ratings. I think these shows have an expiration after so many years. Maybe a spinoff with a more interesting character, or two versions…a younger set and a more fifties age group…etc. could help. I enjoy some of the characters, but watching Brandi…(her name suits her) is not my idea of entertainment. Others may want a show with Brandi and with others more like her…but not me. I really feel that these shows should have five year caps, and then bring in new blood for a totally new show. Just my take on on it. Brandi is toxic with this group of women. I don’t enjoy the show any more with her in it. She seems to be far too envious of the others, especially Lisa V and her successful marriage, etc. Her mouth…well…the whole package… It just doesn’t work for me. The chemistry is lacking on this show with Brandi on it.

  11. Bye Felicia! Her handful of defenders always say she brings the drama. Well for me, there is a difference in dramatic behavior that is relatively harmless foolery we love to hate (Camille, season 1 for example), and just vile hateful stomach-turning behavior. I find nothing about Trashbox Barbie the slightest bit entertaining anymore. Further, for all the complaints about the allegedly fake other HWs, how is she any different? She gets caught in lie after lie after lie regarding her castmates…how is that not considered fake? Get rid of her Bravo, or I am done with this show. If I wanted to watch something this trashy, I’d tune the television over to VH1.

    1. Yep, her ex and his honey had a failed show on VHI, that’s where you go when everything has failed for you.

      1. Did that VH1 show Love and Hip hop just return with bigger ratings than RHOBH, hardly a failing channel.

        1. Ha. You’re absolutely right. Not a lady on this show that wouldn’t jump ship to VH1 if they were offered their own show. And I’m guessing here, but I’d bet vh1 is more widely distributed than Bravo.

  12. SHE HAS TO GO. No one wants her. All she adds to the show is an abomination to a normal society.

  13. I for one, would love to see a show where the ladies all go out and have fun. This show was so much better before Brandi hobbled into it. I get drama, but vicious just doesn’t cut it and she is vicious.

  14. You know whose fault it really is that train wreck behavior and people spiraling out of control in a public forum are rewarded? Ours. We not only watch it, we keep it alive and flourishing with our comments. Andy Cohen told one of the Housewives he fired that these decisions are made according to who we’re talking about at the water cooler the next day. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth.

    1. 100%
      It makes total sense, people keep going on and on about how they will stop watching cuz of Brandi – but they haven’t.
      If people are willing to talk about a character, good or bad, that is good for the show.

      And Brandi is the most talked about housewife of RHOBH according to this site. (There’s a table on the right hand side listing most talked about housewives. No1 is Teresa, 2 is Brandi and 3rd place in Lisa V.)

      1. OMG…STOP with the gross politicking to save the Big Goon’s job. How much are you paid to keep at this?

        NOBODY likes hateful people, sidewinder. And everything else aside, that truly is the very best one-word description for BG- HATEFUL! I feel sorry for her for whatever happened in her life that has left her so bitter and mean. But regardless, she’s taken drama and ratcheted it up to just plain old whacked out, random meanness.

        That act wears thin sooner than later. So despite the large # of people correctly calling her out in these forums, that doesn’t mean she’s good for ratings.

        If BG isn’t the most disliked person on TV, I’d love to know who is. She’s vile and her constant ad hominem attacks are vicious and contemptible.

        1. Pretty sure you didn’t read the point.

          Even if she’s the most disliked, she’s most talked about.

          1. You continuously equate drama and being talked about with a show’s success. That simply is not a fact. You can be dramatic and not be heinous and disgusting. See, for example, Camille in season 1. Brandi is talked about not because she is someone we love to hate. We just really effing hate her and wish she would go away. Aside from that, drama the same way over and over ceases to be dramatic in the least. We see the same thing from her every season, fighting with one of the wives about whom she has told horrid lies, calling herself the Truth Cannon, getting drunk and acting like an idiot. Oh, and whining about her husband leaving her six years ago. Frankly it is no longer watchable for most people.

            1. Wow you are really misremembering season 1 Camille.

              Season 1 Camille was despised by the public. She earned the title, and Andy even said it to her in the reunion, of most hated housewife.
              Season 2 Camille repaired her image and people turned around on her, but if you actually watched the show during season 1 Camille was the villain and was not liked.

              1. That is exactly what I am saying. There is a difference in people we love to hate and people we just hate. Camille acted somewhat crazy and people did not like her, but enjoyed her on the show. Brandi acts completely repulsive, and most people would unplug her life support to charge their phones. There is a difference.

                1. Yeah but the part you are missing is that between season 1 and 2 people hated Camille.

                  After her redemption editing in season 2, she is thought of of the one we loved to hate, but at the time she was hated.

                  All you have to do is look at Kyle. Last season and the season before Kyle was hated, when she was against LVP. This season she’s decided to play nice and not disobey her and all the Lisa fans have embraced her again.

                  1. I disagree completely. Camille was never hated like Brandi is. People enjoyed hating Camille. They just flat out hate Brandi. As for Kyle, I don’t think any of us have embraced her, but we do feel sorry for her having such a vile hateful mess of a sister as she has. It took a LOT for me to feel sorry for someone as irritating as Kyle, but Kim definitely accomplished that.

                    1. Well said, CM. Couldn’t agree more.

                      Big Goon has earned every last bit of the IRREVERSIBLE disgust and disdain that almost unites the disparate personalities of the cast AND fans. And yes, unlike with Camille, this IS irreversible.

                      I mean they’re not even taping the show right now. But this very week she’s bashing Harry Hamlin on her podcast and inferring he was off drunk somewhere while LRs working, leaving the kids alone.

                      Who does this???????? This is so completely indefensible and just further merits her hated stature. There’s nothing redemptive showing in this GROSS personality!!!

                    2. I honestly dont think you remember what coverage of Camille was like around season 1 before season 2.

                      Here’s a transcript bit from the reunion where Andy laid it out:
                      Camille: Absolutely. Very negative aggressive. And it’s very hurtful, because I don’t think that they’re seeing the real me on this show. You’re seeing glimpses of me, but I think I’ve been villainized.

                      Andy: Here are some of the words that were used to describe you in these questions: conniving, passive-aggressive, narcissistic, insecure, catty, jealous, cruel, hypocritical, self-absorbed, manipulative, fake, insincere, delusional.

                      Camille: Wow. It’s very hurtful. It’s devastating when you hear that about yourself
                      I mean that is not love to hate, that is hate. Camille acknowledges that she wasn’t liked, and the words used to describe her are the ones used to describes someone people love to hate, they are very similar to the words people use here to desribe Brandi.

                    3. ( this is actually a reply to sidewinder above….thread fork too long to reply)

                      I remember that- was funny and true. But BG’s meanness is on a completely different level and is universally spread, like a bad cancer run amuck. The damage she’s done- and continues to do- is irreversible.

                      She has nothing common with these or other really real BH women. She’d be a much more appropriate fit with the other skanks on whatever Bret Michaels’ next reality venture is.

                    4. I embrace Kyle most. I can’t wait to see how great she is without her sociopath sister. Her sister is just mean and hateful. She implies she is going to say something about her own niece. Kyle has NEVER once stooped even close to the disgusting level Kim has. Now that Kim’s kids are grown, Kyle can without guilt go her own way and leave her sister to try to make up with life on her own. Sociopaths do not see other people’s feelings, Kim has learned how to pretend she loves others. That thing about the dog proves it. Dogs love unconditionally, they do not care if their master is a horrible person. That is why she cares more about her dog than her niece.

                  2. Kyle loves Lisa V. Always has. They were friends way before this show. The drama of Taylor made a mess of a bunch of things. I love Kyle and can’t wait to see how she thrives without her vile sister. Kim and Brandy don’t even do events for the show! I mean really. Sacramento and where was it Kim took everyone? The rest of them go out of their way to film the events that are part of their lives, before this show they did the events. I hope we get to see how Kyle lives without the dead weight of her sister and the whore.

          2. I read and understood the point you were attempting to make. And I disagree. Andy’s comment to that fired housewife- or the sentiment contained therein- was not transitive to to BG.

            Boring, with little prospect of improving one’s storyline, doesn’t bode well for reality show survival. But neither does having no social grace and a pit bull’s sensitivity. Her act is BORINGLY predictable and ABHORRENTLY MEAN- a bad combination.

            BG has zero relevance to anything worthy of televising, other than bashing her castmates and their families. Once she loses this show- and that’s only a matter of time- she’ll fade away into oblivion where mean trolls like her belong.

  15. Happy S U P E R early birthday to me if she DOES get the boot! She is definitely a waste of air! I realize that she brings on the drama…but for heaven’s sake! She’s just too much. Now with her dating CHILDREN…..yes….I typed children……she’s even more disgusting! I have a son in his 20’s and if BG EVER hit on my son….she’d need A LOT more plastic surgery after I got finished with her! Terry Dubrow would be busy for the next 1-2 years fixing her face! I say toss that trash out on the curb with the rest of the garbage.

    1. Adult men that are 23 can do what they want, no matter what Mom’s want in life for them. I don’t think she bed him, it was all for the cameras and make you believe she did. Cover up Andy and the scripted show has gone down the tubes.

    2. Why is it she dates children but totally ok when Andy talks about how he also dates 23-25 year olds? I’m sorry that comment is not ok, it is sexist and to ilude she is harming children when she is with a consenting adult, even if they are early 20’s, is wrong. The ladies on NY seem to be doing the same thing dating younger. Tadpoling has been around a long time. I mean I wouldn’t do it, I want someone older with money haha but she is not hurting anyone.

        1. Hahahah a that’s funny! Wasn’t there a movie called Tadpole with Jennifer Anniston where she hooked up with a younger man? I’m gonna use this as often as I can even if it doesn’t make sense in the conversation. Haha

            1. I felt that way about the ‘I’d unplug her life support to charge my phone’ comment. I’m dying to use that in real life.

              1. I LOVE that!! I now want to use that some how some way…..hey rh_dude can we start a thread where we only use lines from HW’s or funny words. No opinions just things like this. We should do it on a story about a HW no one really cares one way or another about. Like Claudia or Kristen.

  16. BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE! If Bravo makes a RH show about trash, she’d be the star. She’s a total misfit for RHOBH.

  17. BG has ran her course. She has beaten the Lisa V friendship horse to a pulp and Lisa has made it crystal clear after the unprovoked slap that she is completely done withe her. BG has made it impossible to have even cordial relations between Kyle and herself, given the horrendous state of affairs between the Richard sisters, that BG had a healthy hand in. BG openly said she’d gladly throw the wine again in Eileen’s face, even though Eileen had fone nothing to BG to provoke that attack. And she’s been openly antagonistic with Lisa R and Eileen nearly all season long as well. The only two women she hadn’t attacked and burned bridges with- are Kim, who is in serious trouble with her addiction and thus in danger of not retuning, and Yolanda who is in serious trouble with her health, thus in danger of not being able to return. None of the ladies wants to deal with BG’s assaults, lies, or antics anymore (which she has claimed in numerous interviews and on her Podcasts are all fake, acting and scripted- in a major shade to Bravo). Yup, it’s time to go.

    1. Just like a year or Two ago when Kyle and Lisa were saying they would NEVER be friends again, and kyle was releasing text messages to prove Lisa was lying, and Lisa was saying they would never stoop so low as to release texts (after being caught in her lie).

      No relationship is beyond repair if it means storyline and attention on TV.

      1. Bad analogy sidewinder. Because those two NEVER rose to the heights of the vicious, relentless campaigns in character assassination the BG has lead against both of those ladies AND countless others. She’s so far on another level with her meanness that those two will NEVER forgive her.

        1. How?

          Kyle released pictures of text messages that proved Lisa is a liar.

          That seems more vicious, Kyle actually proved she is a liar.

          1. Oh, ever the Brandi supporter sidewinderVX. It. Will. Never. Happen. Kyle never hit Lisa for one thing. Kyle never tried tell the world Ken was an abuser of women, and Kyle never tried to say the the Todd’s had bankruptcy issues that they were trying to hide while they were trying to open businesses. BG did such egregious and vicious things they crossed the line, when both the Todd’s had let her in thier inner circle. She didn’t just stab them in the back- she stabbed them in the heart- with glee. Plus as BG as demonstrated over and over (and over and over) again, she clearly has no idea how to conduct herself in a way that 99% of the human race would accept as condonable for a friendship. But you- you seem to like the “drama” of being treated poorly and being abused by your friends apparently – to each thier own I guess.

            1. Brandi is scum. No question, But I do think that Kyle was whispered in Brandi’s ear at one time and fed her the stories about Lisa and Ken. Brandi vomits horrible comments. Kyle is more duplicitous.

              1. She actually said that Cedric told her that one of the 26 restaurants Ken and Lisa had in London or one of the bars went under. Then she made a joke about Cedric, who trained WITH lisa in the show and her were having an affair. That was the entirety of it. Kyle never said mean, hateful things about Lisa and certainly not about ken like BG and YF did, and Kim of coarse.

                1. Who knows what Kyle has said. She was very snarky behind the backs of girls in the first couple of seasons. Did she quit that, or just learn to say it off-camera. Kyle has said a few things about Lisa behind her back that were meant to create a bad impression of her. Brandi swore it was Kyle that told her Lisa was having an affair with the trainer, had filed for bankrupcy, etc. She’s scum, but did she make it up or just repeat it? We don’t know.

                  1. We do know. Kyle and Lisa acted out of hurt about the loss of their genuine friendship and what happened when the cameras were added. They both did things they shouldn’t. They NEVER went to the disgusting, vicious lies and accusations about each other’s husbands or anything even close to it. If you watch, you see it really was Brandy in the center of the gossip circle, doing everything she could think of to try to make sure Kyle and Lisa never got their friendship back. She hates Kyle for having more class than her. She hates Kyle for supporting her role on this show by continuing to invite her to events and trips. She can’t find her footing when people don’t respond how she would. Go deep, go dirty, go to hurt. People have to fight back low the way she fights for her to feel at home and comfortable. Saying things like Kyle smoked pot once with her so therefore if she doesn’t shout it out for her kids to hear is hypocritical. That’s why she whores around and tells her kids she does it for them. She is the hypocrite and proves it by saying she wants to and has dreamed of beating the shit out of Kyle, all the while accepting all of the invitations from Kyle. Attending every party and event because that is what the show is and of you aren’t there, you’re not relevant. Going to Eileen’s and ruining her party too and then justifying her behavior with being “morally against” the fact that Eileen has a past. If she morally objected she would have stayed home. Just like a drunk to look back at their reckless, low class behavior and rearrange the facts to make themselves look better. it kills to use the word “morally” in the same post as Brandy. Out of the many, many, many men she screws I bet money some of them are married for sure.

                    1. You’re preaching to the choir about Brandi. Nobody is lower. I was referring to Kyle’s behavior right from the beginning. I think she’s sneaky and a back stabber. She just pales in comparison to Brandi, but then who wouldn’t?

          2. That was only to prove she had texted her, wasn’t it? I know I am late to this but Lisa and Kyle never did unforgivable things. Kyle and Lisa have both given BG so many more chances over and over forgiven her for her horrid rude mouth and behavior. And one of these days Yo is going to watch and notice herself being lumped in with “menopause mamas” and Mohammed Hadid being portrayed as some kind of mindless freak over his adoration of Lisa. Did everyone miss that? She just does not know how to behave in polite society.

              1. To be fair I think you mean implication, not inference. One ‘implies’ as the speaker. One ‘infers’ as the listener.

              2. I lived in Southern California for a period of time. There are or were ways to be privy to certain conversations. I absolutely know the difference between fact and speculation and I have only spoken like it was a fact on a couple occasions. The “speculation” on whether sloppy, ugly drunk makes it home as a shining example of motherhood is not speculation, but common sense and enough not only for the court of public opinion, but for a lot of court cases built on whatever the legal word is that has fled my brain at the moment. When conjecture and evidence is so overwhelming even without an eyewitness that there is just no other conclusion that can be reached.

  18. IMO – Brandi needs to go! Bravo needs to give her a spin-off if they’re worried about ratings. Who knows? She may even be relatable if she shows her true struggles instead of her drunkeness because she feels inferior to the other cast mates.

    1. DebBrenn, What did Kyle say about Lisa that was intended to make her look bad. I just watched the whole series in order and I did hear her say she was hurt and felt left out. I never heard her say something that wasn’t along those lines. She was very hurt that Lisa wouldn’t forgive her because Lisa isn’t perfect. She always said she loved Lisa and missed their friendship. She never went low like BG, Yo, and Kim did. She did say that one thing to Taylor, but I honestly didn’t think she meant it the way it sounded. Is she perfect, no. But come on, who is. Lisa isn’t innocent in all of it for sure. She used Brandy to try to prove to Kyle she could replace her, it just didn’t work.

      1. It’s true that with Brandi and Kim being so outrageous all the time it makes everybody else look better. But I’ve seen Kyle get snarky many times behind someone’s back and then act all lovey in their presence – including her long time, best buddy Lisa. I don’t trust duplicitous people. Kyle would sidle up to anybody that was against Lisa and sort of egg them on at one time. She did not defend her so-called good friend. Brandi attributed a bunch of gossip about Lisa to Kyle. Do you KNOW for sure Kyle never told her those things? I get a vibe of sneaky, gossipy, mean girl in hiding from Kyle.

        1. I agree with you. Kyle always used a mouthpiece to do her dirty work in the past when she had Faye Resnick around. She wanted to save face and not actually say what she wanted to say, letting Faye talk for her. She never stopped Faye. Kyle is not so sweet. Clearly Kyle does what she can to keep Mauricio in business and not let him look bad by having her embarrass him, though sometimes she cannot hold back totally. That time in her kitchen when LVP laughingly hinted that the girl Mauricio was seen with must have been Porsha and she blew up…Well, she wanted to save Mauricio from looking bad on TV more than anything. She promotes him and hobnobs with the very wealthy, not wasting time with those like Brandi, who aren’t too wealthy and won’t be giving him giant commissions. I believe that if Kyle is friendly, it is because she thinks of her husband’s business and hteir income and wants to be friendly with the very wealthy for future business when they sell or buy property. This whole show was supposedly her idea…or so I read in the past, with his clients like Camille…and other very wealthy friends. I never liked Kyle. I always thought, not that I like Brandi at all, that Kyle and Kim were mean girl bullies especially from day one (with Brandi) when they hid Brandi’s crutches and conspired together like immature kids.

          1. Me, too! If it weren’t or Brandi people would look more closely at the Kyle-Kim pair. I think you’re spot on about Kyle. I also think those 3 sisters were taught early on to go for the money and to climb the social ladder.

            1. ITA DebBrenn. All the sisters looked for extreme wealth…and married quite well in that respect. They had a an extreme stage mom from the way it looks who lived very well in Beverly Hills off her children’s earnings and pushed them to keep herself, of course, and them living in such a glamorous ultra wealthy lifestyle.

              1. I don’t know if I completely agree. I think Brandi added a lot of fuel to the fire, but I don’t know if people really would have been looking at Kim/Kyle as villains were it not for her. Honestly, I think that a lot of people, myself included, who really didn’t like Kyle and think she is an attention and sympathy whore actually really feel for her this season. Regardless of how annoying I typically find her, I do think she loves her sister, and I can’t imagine having to navigate the big pool of insanity that is their relationship when Kim is abusing substances. I mean, Kyle got castigated for outing Kim’s problem a few seasons back. She got castigated for knowing it was going on again this season and not saying anything. She got castigated for Kim’s house allegations. She got castigated for finally defending herself against the accusations. She really can’t win where her sister is concerned. She gets on my last nerve and was totally in on the gang-up on Lisa last season, but I can’t help but feel bad for her when it comes to her sister.

                1. I stand by my words. Kyle was upset, but some of it she started herself with Brandi when Brandi brought her gay friend to the mixer. Kyle wouldn’t let up…not the time or the place. It was as if Kyle wanted us to see her as the victim a little too much. Don’t get me wrong. I think Brandi is an enabler who needs help herself, but Kyle is no sweetheart. Kyle and Kim have a longstanding love-hate relationship that, from what I can see, can never totally be a wonderful sisterly bond that they each will say was what they truly wanted all along. Kim blames Kyle for things that cannot go away and vice versa. Kyle plays for the cameras a lot, especially acting out when it makes her or her family be cast in a bad light…She wants our sympathy for her situation. Kyle did cry and it looked like she was upset, but it also looked like she wanted a pity party. I do get that her sister is trying, but each sister should go to family therapy., because Kyle hurts Kim too when she won’t tolerate her friends at all, even when they aren’t misbehaving. Kyle’s behavior when the cameras are turned off is what I would like to see…but won’t. Kim, I hope, gets the help she needs, though I think she is not a nice person from her behavior, alcohol, drugs or not.

              2. When Kyle married Mauricio they weren’t even well off by BH standards. He had a good paying job and they worked really hard and now they are gaining wealth. They didn’t just expect the Hilton family to give them wealth. He did work for Rick but he actually worked. Now he has his own company and I have never heard one whif of a comment that says he is anything other than a hard worker and an ethical guy. Kyle worked outside the home too sometimes, just like actors, they do all kinds of odd jobs which are different than odd jobs outside of that arena. With 4 kids she always worked in the home. Her kids are beautiful girls just like her.

                1. I’m not sure you think you know how hard Mauricio worked in that you’ve claimed it as a fact. I just know he climbed the ladder through nepotism. Whether or not Mauricio was wealthy when she married him has nothing to do with Kyle being a social climber. She gained her notoriety by volunteering to be the family spokesperson when Paris was making an ass of herself.

                    1. The only way most of us know stuff like that, the interview with Rick Hilton and all of the positive articles in financial magazines. Several small and a couple longer interviews with Kathy too sometimes, where they speak very highly of his work ethic. And, from what I’ve seen most of them would tell the truth if there was anything else to tell. When one is in the glare of public opinion and dealing with hundreds of home buyers, if he did anything BUT work hard, we would be bombarded with the stories. But, seriously 2 or 3 financial magazines and periodicals have in depth articles on him and his company.

                    2. And what the hell is wrong with families working together and having mutually beneficial financial arrangements and investments. I swear, it seems like some people take something like him being successful after a family business arrangement as insulting to logic or something. I am so willing to read comments and respond as honestly as I can. I really do think there are so many people that are just so envious that they can’t see straight and they tear apart every single mistake people make because they are rich and famous. If I knew every single mistake every single actor had ever made it would ruin the movies for me. I try to see that they were born into a completely foreign life to mine and just enjoy the show without looking for something just to piss myself off.

            2. How do you speak with surety that Kyle has always been a social climber? I mean I really don’t care because I am a fan, but to make it sound like every single thing she ever did was wrong is just kinda sounding jealous to me.

              1. I’m speaking to what I’ve noticed. I’m not relying on claims other people make in an interview. And nepotism is fine, but it does give one a leg up that can’t be denied. If I were going to be jealous I would be jealous of Lisa, wouldn’t I? She’s the one that seems to have it all.

                1. Claims? Rick Hilton speaking to Mauricio’s work ethic is not relying on claims other people make. He is the source. Of coarse he had a leg up. If anyone should benefit from family business and success, it’s family. You asked me how I knew that Mauricio worked hard. And I told you.

                  1. Rick saying so is “a claim.” Sometimes I think you have a little problem determining the difference between 1st hand info, 2nd hand info (or claims), and opinion. You make a lot of declarative statements that you couldn’t possibly know.

                    1. I have exactly no problem with any declarative statement I make, you have a problem with me knowing it. How much closer to “how do we know Mauricio worked hard in Rick Hilton’s company”, than to listen to or read an interview with Rick himself. That isn’t a “claim” you are just getting all caught up in the description of words that can be subjective. The only question I was asked was how did I know Mauricio worked hard. Because Rick Hilton, his boss and Brother-in-Law said so. Who could be closer to the truth of just that one question than him? That is what I read about Mauricio really working a lot of hours for a long time, years in fact, to make the success he and his wife have now.
                      And for the other statements I have made, I find them to be true. I refuse to be told, or to make a change, in a blog full of strangers about a social experiment called housewives that I should form my opinions the way anyone else would or take from what I see anything than what I take from it. And for anyone to say I should change the way I speak here is pious and condescending of those who say it, in my opinion. The owners of the blog invite comment and I have been pretty outraged and passionate about it.
                      As far as whether you or anyone else wants to engage with me or reply to me I wouldn’t know whether or not you did unless you make a point of telling me in your reply that you no longer wish to reply.
                      I actually laughed out loud, so thanks for that, when I read how nasty people thought I was by being nasty to me. By making a whole blog comment on what I should say and how I should say it. I am glad that I am not boring and that what I say has an impact great enough on this fun little experiment to cause such outrage. It was and is totally worth it.

                    2. I didn’t suggest you shouldn’t express an opinion. I expressed the opinion that you don’t seem to know the difference between fact and assertions. You’re welcome for the laugh. I always love to provide those.

              2. I’m not sure about the social climber, but I do think she tends to follow others and wants to be friends with Lisa V she’s willing to do anything. She was with BG when she called Lisa V but didn’t want V to know. Seemed like last season BG and Kyle were friends but when Lisa V changed her opinion so did Kyle.

        2. I was looking for the show where she actually SAID hateful things meant to be sneaky because I just couldn’t find it, that’s all. I do see where her and Lisa talk about each other and sometimes both say things I know they regret because they said they regret it at reunions, in the blogs and on WWHL. Neither has gone for the kill and just kept it up ’till the other was dead. I know they are genuine friends and they have forgiven each other and I am happy to see them together again. They were friends way before housewives.

        3. I asked what she said on the show that was snarky about Lisa that was any worse, not than BG or KIm, but that reached a level WORSE THAN LISA, WHO SHE WAS HAVING THE PROBLEM WITH AT THE TIME. I keep asking anyone to point out where she ACTUALLY SAID IT. We see lots and lots of things they all do say, instead of what they are accused of saying. I just do not think that she ever trusted BG enough to speak of Lisa any worse ever than the hike that time in season 4. And I don’t think that SHE THINKS THAT OF LISA, I REALLY DON’T. So, she wouldn’t say it. BG is in a zanax with many wine chasers most of the time. What we have seen her recount of scenes on camera that is totally inaccurate makes me know that what she recounts when she is pissed off and it is not on camera is also wrong.

          1. Your level of acceptable sure does change with whatever HW you support. If you like that HW they can never do any wrong and when people point it out you ignore what they have said or completely add words to their posts in a rebuttal to make a point.

            1. ABSOFUCKINLUTELY. My level of everything acceptable changes with what I personally find acceptable or objectionable. When anyone has related to me here in a genuine manner, I genuinely respond. I don’t know what you mean when you say “adding to someone’s comment”, I think is what you said. The thread is too long for me to scroll up but your meaning seemed like I was adding to another commentators remark to make it look like theirs? I genuinely would like to know where you saw that one thing because I did not ever intentionally do that.
              My opinions are pretty solid and I defend them. Even though it can be exhaustive, I would like to see where it looked as though I was doing what you keep saying I do. If not, well, it must not have been important anyway.

  19. get rid of her she brings nothing to the table she’s rude heartless and bitter.if the way she acts on the show is the way she carries herself in her marriage . I understand now why he did what he did.

    1. Totally agree!!!! I’ve been thinking this for a long time. All we’ve heard are BG’s wines about her former husband.

      I imagine that once the honeymoon was over and the reality of his situation began to set in, he woke up one morning, looked over and said to himself, “oh my, what have I done? I can’t live this nightmare for the rest of my life!”. I can’t even imagine the horror the poor guy was going through.

      I feel sorry for the kids of divorce as I’m one, and so are my children. But having one parent that escaped to sanity is better than two miserable, bitter parents under over roof.

  20. P-L-E-A-S-E !!!!! Please please please please !!!!! wooooot wooooot let her be gone !!!! I may get to watch this season if she goes !!!

    1. Give her and Kim their own show like I said. I tried to think of a name for it with no luck. The whore and the ? I had a couple on another post that were so bad I can’t even remember them!

        1. No that’s a terrible name for a show. How about Bitches and Boozes? Or Lush and Lies? Drama and Drunks?

  21. I really dislike this woman… You do not need to create drama to get drama and she just creates and exacerbates and makes it excruciating to watch because her duplicity is so obvious. She is not married, she is not even wife material because she acts more like a whore who objectifies men worse than a great many men do to wormen! She is a mean girl. Plus, even IF she is a good mother, she is forbidden from filming with the kids. In fact, every family pic of late has been with her EX. There is nothing redeeming or rather, who’d know because from our perspective she provides absolutely nothing positive to anyone or anything.

    1. I totally agree Molly.

      And just to make this perfectly clear: I’m certainly not averse to a little drama. It’s amusing sometimes, for sure. But I don’t want to -and will not- watch constant meanness while getting upset. I don’t like being upset. So I’ll tune out.

      But I do like watching beautiful women (as Marian has repeatedly stated) going about their beautiful lives. It’s an escape for me.

      1. ITA with you. I really loved RHOBH from the start with all the beauty homes and extreme wealth that most will never see otherwise. It was an escape into an almost fantasy world of beauty. I always loved every glimpse into LVP’s homes and her businesses to see her amazing decorating and outrageous furnishings, clothing and even her pets. Even Camille’s many homes and beautiful scenery…Well, that is an escape to the lifestyles of the very wealthy. Getting upset watching cat fights and people like the mild mannered Ken and LVP getting attacked by Brandi, Kyle, Kim and YoYolanda last season, etc….have made me upset. I would rather have more fun times to watch like pleasant vacations…some drama…not vicious behavior.

        1. Thanks Sandy. And well said.

          There’s just no substance to BiG. And no relevance to anything- not to the cast, to BH or to the show- other than whatever fight she chooses to start. It’s no longer entertaining.

          And if KR isn’t back – and if she is then no Bravo program will ever see my TV again- then BiGs in a world of hurt. Nobody respects her. And only Yo, God bless her, tolerates the BiG bully.

          I have no doubt BiG is trying to get one of her “friends” casted. But if so the show will only further devolve.

          A show based in arguably the richest area in the world has an opportunity to show us things we likely would never see. To waste that opportunity in order to show common thuggery would be a shame.

          1. Bravo also needs to realize there’s a ton of content out there. People are creatures of habit and are reluctant to change. On more than one occasion I have turned on my TV at night never to change the channel as the shows cycle through.

            But give us reason to look elsewhere and we’ll find that content. Only last night did I try out Netflix for the first time. There’s SOO much on there! Ended up watching 7 episodes of About A Boy- hilarious!

            1. I wish we could like people’s comments. Rh_dude I would like this one. I wish Bravo would change things up however they won’t. They will ride this out until it completely died and it will only get more vile as we go.

      2. Thanks, rh_dude. That is why I watch too. Beautiful people, homes, vacations, clothes and even food. I feel a little close to some of them, and very much dislike others. If B didn’t have kids, she would still irritate me, but I wouldn’t have the absolute disdain for her that I do now.

  22. I would LOVE for the show/franchise to go back to watching lavish women with amazing lifestyles with minimal drama. However I just don’t think BRAVO will go that direction. I think even if they get rid of Brandi they will replace her with someone to fill the same role. I also think if they have kept Tamra on OC, who is equally as vile and has huge anger issues they will keep Brandi.

    1. You’re probably right about Bravo…sad. And I agree that Tamra is vile- majorly. I don’t like her at all. But I still don’t think she even comes close to the awful levels BiG takes things to, as well as how indiscriminate she is to whom she is evil. Again, a little drama is fine, and not unnatural. But she’s just soooo cruelly mean.

      1. You say that about Tamara but we have had time to forget how bad she is…..I personally think she is just as mean. The things she has done, yelled ect. The point is Bravo keeps the mean vile women. You are right it is sad.

        1. Yeah, I remember how awful Tamara was to Shannon- the poor lady was going through so much and Tamara just went all out to make her seem crazy.

          Remember that dinner party where Tamara kept physically grabbing Shannon and getting in her face, all the while she’d been lying about what Shannon (didn’t) say? She couldn’t even keep track of her lies, she’d told so many. And we’d have been none the wiser had the other famewhore, Vicky, not called her out. That was so awful for poor Shannon. (I almost grew to like Vicky at the end of that show/season. She actually showed glimpses of a conscience.)

          That was also the same dinner party where the Dubrows just wouldn’t stop harping on Shannon and her husband. Other than at BiG, I’d never been more ticked at a RH personality than at Terry that night. He is such a flipping loser to yell at a woman like that- which is off-the-charts unacceptable. That’s another night where that guy deserved to get the “fist of clarity” until he settled himself. What a tool.

  23. Yup, Brandi is a very evil, nasty spirited human, with no morals or values & her heart is as black as tar. She definitely needs to be rid of. I feel so very sorry for her sons.

  24. Hahahah a that’s funny! Wasn’t there a movie called Tadpole with Jennifer Anniston where she hooked up with a younger man? I’m gonna use this as often as I can even if it doesn’t make sense in the conversation. Haha

  25. Brandy is the curse of the show. Kim too. I would really like to see what it will be like without them. Kyle, no one can ever say what she has actually done that would get her fired. I really want to see her without her cruel, offensive sister and the whore. I am sorry. Her sons are going to have to live with the public person she tries to be. She only feels relevant if she is screwing someone over or just screwing them. It really is disgusting, and I am not, what is it called? When one has children everything you do should be with a thought to them. Seriously, her husband left her for another woman. That doesn’t give her the right to judge every single person who has had a life before her. She expects people to give her a chance, but she NEVER DOES. Throwing a glass of wine in someone’s face because you are transported to a soap opera? Are you kidding. How despicable. And Kim, she is a sociopath. She tries to hide it after the fact, but there is nowhere to hide. Get rid of her and Brandy and be careful when you add someone to the show. Conflict is great when there is resolution, like life. We don’t need to be in the gutter. Reality TV is great without that. You’ll see when you just get rid of those two.

  26. I have been watching the show from day one. I believe in Brandi , she is real and says it like it is this show will go down hill when she is gone . We want realness as viewers so sad she is leaving . I guess will have to watch food network

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