Is Bethenny Frankel Dating Warren Lichtenstein? Does Bethenny Have A Boyfriend?

Bethenny Frankel

Is Bethenny Frankel dating Warren Lichtenstein? Shortly after the former Real Housewife of New York filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy, RadarOnline is reporting exclusive details about Bethenny’s relationship with Warren. The site reports that Bethenny and daughter, Bryn, have moved in with Lichenstein in his New York City apartment, and she will also be spending time with her “friend” in Aspen this weekend.

“Bethenny will be staying with Warren this weekend at his vacation home in Aspen, Colorado. The two are just friends at this point,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. According to Life & Style Magazine Bethenny took a vacation to Hong Kong with 47-year-old, Lichtenstein, in October. Hoppy was invited to go, but decided not to go, and was extremely unhappy Bethenny went.

Radar also reports that amidst all of the divorce drama with Jason Hoppy she was spotted at a bar “with a gentleman that looked to be in his mid-50s.” The site has a source that tells them, “Bethenny was staying at Warren’s house in Aspen after Christmas. Warren was there, along with several of her friends.”

Warren Lichtenstein

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  1. Bethenny stayed there while Warren was away for a night because Jason wouldn’t leave the apartment. They’ve been friends for 20 years. Sad that it turned into Bethenny cheating, especially when Jason and Bethenny aren’t even together as a couple any longer.

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