Introducing Cynthia Bailey’s Boyfriend Will Jones

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we watched as Cynthia Bailey went on a date with a complete stranger. Sparks flew between the two, and though Cynthia isn’t ready to become a one-man woman just yet, she admitted they had chemistry.

So, who is Will Jones?

He knows a lot of people


The two were introduced by a mutual friend and Will is very connected in the Atlanta social scene.

Operation #TurnUp with my sis @absolutelyquad

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He’s kind and likes to help people

He likes to travel

His family adores Cynthia

What do you think of Will? Let’s discuss!

Photo Credit: Bravo


14 Replies to “Introducing Cynthia Bailey’s Boyfriend Will Jones”

  1. He seems like a “stand up guy” Cynthia! Maybe like Kenya you finally met someone who emotionally AND physically compatible with you”! That kind of smile doesn’t come standard.. he’s a deluxe edition! LOL My only red flag is how he got to 41 without being married!? But live in the ATL.. land of “good and plenty”..too many beautiful people.. too many choices! But I do have 40 year old son who just got married for the first time and he’s a great guy too..he just wanted to make sure he got married “one time”! Maybe that’s his mind set too! Wishing you joy and happiness!

  2. He’s way hotter than Peter, imo!!! 😮 Cynthia is also beautiful and a lovely person who deserves some fun and happiness, so my fingers are crossed for her 😀

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