Insider Claims Jim Edmonds is a Distant Father to His Unborn Child


Meghan Edmonds’ husband Jim doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about her IVF treatments on the Real Housewives of Orange County as many viewers have noticed this season. Now, an insider is claiming that Meghan is also disappointed in how Jim as acted towards her pregnancy.

“He is definitely checked out and she doesn’t know what to do,” a source reveals. “She’s pushing and he’s pulling away.”

“Obviously he just doesn’t seem excited about having another kid,” the insider claimed.

“He was done having kids,” the insider told RadarOnline, noting that he had a vasectomy. “He told everybody that.”

Meghan also confessed that Jimmy is “removed” from the process, saying, “I was really disappointed in Jimmy’s lack of sentiment throughout my IVF process. And honestly, there were moments I was questioning if getting pregnant was even the right choice. Now that I am pregnant, he is so happy and excited for our baby girl to come, but at the same time I still think he’s removed.”

“They haven’t really been around each other that much… and he seems so distracted,” the insider continued. “She just wants the attention period. She’s obsessive about the IVF because she feels that’s a way to get attention.”

What are your thoughts about Jim’s involvement?

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30 Replies to “Insider Claims Jim Edmonds is a Distant Father to His Unborn Child”

  1. I don’t watch but this seems a little silly to me! How many fathers are close to their unborn babies? Mine wasn’t! He was pleased but yes I could say he was am bit distant until I gave birth then he was involved up to a point. Now they are close!

    1. I think this is one of those situations that has to be seen to be understood, because on the tv screen it comes off as a bit sad and unfair to Meghan. Every moment Jim is on camera with Meghan he appears to be completely checked out with ANYTHING having to do with her, baby included. Also, with the fertility issues she’s having, the fact that she has to inject herself in the stomach alone all the time…it’s made for an uncomfortable watch. I believe in the sanctity and covenant of marriage, and don’t ever want to see the deterioration of one…but…to put it as gingerly as possible, Jim Edmonds does not come across as a man who is deeply in love with his wife, nor interested in the hopes or dreams coming from the deepest part of her heart. He sends red flags flying in my mind that, if I were Meghan, would have me getting a detective on his tale asap. It’s just an intuitive feeling, but regardless of me not being able to stand Meghan, I hate to see any woman blindsided hope that this young girls stays several steps ahead of the game in this marriage…just in case….

      1. Well said Bon V. However, I don’t think Jim is cheating so no tailing is necessary, I think he’s just self absorbed and a bit of a narcissist and he can’t be bothered by anything that’s not 100% about HIM

        1. I actually don’t think he’s physically cheating, over even striking up simple conversation with potentially interested 3rd parties…yet.

          It’s only an intuitive feeling. It’s kicking my gut so strongly that if I were in a similar scenario with that sort of communication dynamic, it would lead me to any and all social media accounts of “every” category, straight into his DMs.

          1. With men, any thing is possible :). There has been persistent rumors that he’s closeted. I don’t care enough to investigate these rumors but that could definately be an explanation

            1. Hi, Rain. I have been trying to catch you here to say that. I tried to catch GIGI too. Anyway, here is hoping everything is good over your way.
              I don’t watch the OC any more, but I always think it is unfair to pull a bait and switch. Megan knew he didn’t want any more children when she married him just like Melodie said. Love, unfortunately, does not conquer all. I do not understand when mature people, or this woman in particular, went into this marriage with all the information she had, and did it anyway. Having a child is the biggest thing there is in the world. Creating life. Jim is going to be that little girl’s dad for as long as she lives, so any pulling away he is doing now would be worrisome to me too. I have wondered about him, period. Closeted, hmmmm? Just a bum, yeah. Cheating, for sure IMO. Any problems they have as a couple, and there will be problems, will be visited on the child. I hate to say this, Like Bon Vivant, even though I never could stand her, I don’t want to see her fall apart, or the pregnancy not be the joyful thing it should be. I don’t see her as evil or cruel. I simply don’t care for her, she is rather selfish and for some reason, she reminds me a little of what I believe Sonja might have been like at that age. The IVF process is very difficult, I have heard. I know very little accept that the hormones and the stress are incredibly high. It would be made more so if your partner was absent physically and emotionally. Very difficult indeed. I do know someone very well who always wanted children, who married a man she adores who has children already. He has had a vasectomy and that was done years before they met. It is probably the one thing in her life she wishes for terribly, and feels a deep sense of loss for, and the one thing she knows she will not have. They are very happily married, sometimes we don’t get what we want, even if it is a pure wish with no bad intentions. Sometimes other things are more important, no matter how wholly something is wanted. I have some very strong opinions, ( what a shock ) hahaha, but I believe it is unfair to the husband, no matter that he is a jerk, to marry with that knowledge, then use her heart and love and tears and her need, to make him want it for her. In a smaller way, it is like a man or woman going into marriage fit and in good shape. I will use a woman as an example, because it is more common. Then, she gets pregnant and there is normal baby weight. Some women, and it is so sad, do not lose the baby weight, then become pregnant again and now they are 100 pounds overweight. I know there are exceptions to this and most rules where some illness, thyroid or diabetes or kidney make it impossible for her, or him if that is the case, to lose the weight. But when those things are not part of it I see it to be very unfair to the spouse to not do your best be healthy and look as good as possible. I gained a lot of weight with my second child, 55 pounds. Man, I was starving ALL THE TIME. She was 2 pounds heavier than my first baby and nursed every 2 hours for the first 3 months of her life. It’s funny, because she is very fine boned and sometimes too slim now. Since nursing takes 2 thousand or more calories out of the body daily, I lost the weight soon. But, if I had not and carried that weight to my next 2 pregnancy’s, I would have been obese. It is one shout out for nursing if you can or want to. Some women don’t and naturally that is their personal choice. I hope for the child’s sake they make good of it and he puts his heart into that baby. The baby girl deserves it more than anyone.

              1. I agree 100%. Didn’t he tell Brooks how difficult it was, being married to her, when they were still NEWLYWEDS? UGH!! Not a good situation to bring a baby into.

    1. I understand him not wanting more babies but what about supporting his young wife? What about her need to be a mother? He mocks her to her face. What an SOB that guy is.

  2. They are mismatched from the word go. Each with gender traits that are common, but in them the traits are in overdrive. She wants to talk, and get him to talk incessantly. She wants to explore every feeling in him ad nauseum. He wants to live in his head. Her love for him is clingy and needy, and he doesn’t seem to love or tolerate her enough to fake it. But comparing how they each react to a fetus yet to be born doesn’t seem fair. You don’t have to connect until they are here, and that’s a common occurrence. But how is he with his other kids? From what I’ve seen Meghan brings her angst to at least that one daughter of his we’ve seen, wanting to invest every emotion in her. And he still seems disengaged. He dispatches every concern Meghan has about his daughter as quickly as possible and shuts down the conversation so he can disengage and get back into his own head.

    1. Sadly as someone who experienced both titles in my earlier twenties to now my late 40’s, He reminds me so much of my much older husband who decided 1 day he didn’t want to be married to me. I hate watching them because it brings too much hurt & I was stuck in a crappy relationship. Difference between me & HER, the more needier you appear, the FARTHER they run away, learned that after 3 yrs married & HE HAS A LOT MORE BAGGAGE HE BROUGHT IN TO THE TABLE,Even @ 25 then I WOULD HAVE RUN FAR AWAY FROM HIM & BRINGING A BABY INTO THIS MESS IS SELFISH TO THE CHILD, I pray I am wrong. I have seen this scenario to many times, a baby adds more stress to a “stressed” relationship & usually couples are done w/in a few years after. SHE doesn’t seem SHE would handle being a “single” parent very well-that’s the way HER LIFE is going to be with HIS job,behavior & possible marriage collapse?? Her Mom in the room during the procedure?? I had to face everything ALONE & MY parents-1 deceased/1 in NH w/Alzheimer’s were a typical 50’s marriage generation-Clean up your own mess, & unless your in dire straits, put YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON & DEAL W/IT ON YOUR OWN.
      JMO-my story,observation of this story & sadly not surprised…

      1. I’m sorry you had to go through that. It makes me sad too, watching this situation with Jimmy and Meghan. She already got a big taste of what she’s in for, with babysitting his daughter and doing her homework, so she could graduate high school. That was a HUGE red flag.

        1. Thanks Queenie, We are certainly share the same POV about stepdaughter from last season. Thought Heather told her What life is really like when you are with a married, successful,career driven man very diplomatically. I was a cardiologist wife for 20+ yrs, & YOU ALWAYS GET PUT LAST. Red flags around since Day 1 & She immaturely thinks SHE is going to change HIM-HA!! Good luck w/that & just feel bad if she is expecting for unborn child to be treated like other kids HE already has or worse, He is older & more set in his ways….

  3. The Scumbag Jimmy-Boy is already auditioning his next wife. Why Meghan thought she would be any different from his previous wives is beyond me.

  4. Does anyone feel that the discussion of having kids came up a very long time ago between Jim and Meg? Im sure he voiced his opinion that he has plenty and is getting older and it gets harder when your not home all the time. I would bet my little farm that Meghan was fully aware of his feelings about having more kids. She starts bugging him he still is not fully on board. She begs a little bit more and he says to himself “Fine whatever will shut her up. Now she is going through the process and he is distant. In watching him the few times he has been on the show he has very little personality. He is dry with no sense of humor. I would bet he wanted nothing to do with the entire HW’s experience, but wanted Meghan to focus herself on the show so he could work without her ragging at him all the time. Everyone blames this on Jim…. yes he is kind of a drag but I bet he was not fully into this. meg has a dream that she is now married to this big baseball player she has money she is his trophy wife she thought things would be way different. Now fast forward. The baby comes and then meg starts complaining about how hard it is to raise a baby alone with her husband working 2000 miles away all the time. Jim is never going to have relief from her whining. That is what he gets for marrying an immature child.

    1. Melodie, another good post. As much as I don’t care for Meghan, she is deliriously happy that her dream of mothering a child is becoming a reality. Unfortunately, Jim does not share that dream, he’s had a million kids already, it’s not his 1st born & it is so apparent he did not want another. Big mistake on her part as this is a road she travels alone & I think she knew that beforehand.

    2. I posted my comment before I read yours. We agree on a lot of things, Melodie. I am sure she knew he did not want more children, hence the VASECTOMY! I never had trouble becoming pregnant so I do not know the heart break of having to go through a process like this. I forget, did he have some sperm frozen? Does anyone know? Must be he did, or it wouldn’t be his bio child. I have not seen more than ten minutes of the first show of the season, then I deleted the timer. I won’t be buying it on Amazon either as I do a season I really like. Looking forward to hearing more here, and reading the comments from all of the posters I have come to love and respect. That will give me as much as I need to know about what’s going on. 🙂

  5. ITA, Lisa. This guy is a narcissist. He needs to sit down and watch the show and see what an awful human being he is. ugh

    1. He KNOWS,DOESN”T CARE because The world REVOLVES AROUND HIM!! Guarantee every previous wife & GF before would agree w/my observation. I unfortunately married a carbon copy & separated from a “Jim” after 23yrs.

  6. I also don’t care for Meghan this Jim cud be her Dad. He’s twice her age that just blows me away! I’m aware there R marriges where there is an age difference! It does matter. The fact that she’s so freaking needy piles more trouble on the situation. I agree absolutely that they discussed the baby situation! Which couple doesn’t? But there R women that have this idea,”I’ll change him”! That’s been proven to be a disaster& an epic failure. They’ll have this baby & she’s happy for a little while as some of U have stated. Then the demands will start abt the need for him to be more available. The baby needs her Dad, yadha, yadha & then that’s when the marriage starts falling apart.It will be down hill from there. Ppl don’t change and thinking that we can change them is a recipe for disaster.If U throw an innocent baby in the mix U better be prepared bc it will only get worse. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it bc if we have. learned anything it’s by experience or being a little wiser with age.

  7. He was disinterested from the start and he and Meghan have zero chemistry. He always just seems bored to death by her (I understand that feeling!) What did she expect? When you threaten an indifferent man like Jim with a 4th divorce (or 3rd?) If he doesn’t go along with the baby plan I imagine he is very resentful and yes, probably thinking this isn’t going go to last just like his other marriages and he’ll be a bank account for Meghan via child support. In general, she does not seem like a good person at all. Spiteful, manipulative and mean-spirited.

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