Inside Tom D’Agostino’s Feud With Luann de Lesseps’ Children; Already Spotted With Another Woman

According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps and estranged husband Tom D’Agostino were not just battling cheating rumors before Luann filed for divorce. An insider claims they were also battling a nasty family feud.

A source claims that Tom and Luann’s daughter, Victoria, 22, “hated each other,” and got into a nasty brawl in recent weeks.

After a battle of nasty words, “‘Tom told her to ‘F*** off,’” an insider told RadarOnline. But that’s not all… Luann’s son, Noel also couldn’t stand her new husband.

After announcing the split, Luann plans to vacation with her kids in Europe.

“She’s devastated and humiliated,” an insider said of the news.

But that’s not all. Tom has already been seen out in public with another woman just hours after Lu filed for divorce.

Tom was spotted with at a midtown restaurant, close to the apartment he shared with the former Countess, but he was with a blonde. Luann was reportedly in the Hamptons.

Photo Credit: Bravo/RadarOnline


9 Replies to “Inside Tom D’Agostino’s Feud With Luann de Lesseps’ Children; Already Spotted With Another Woman”

  1. This feud with Victoria and Noel did not just start this week. It had to be ongoing since early in the relationship. If my kids did not get along with my boyfriend I would NEVER move in with him or agree to marry him unless the issues were dealt with, it was NOT going to get easier down the road. Lu was just so needy about wanting to be married she overlooked all of the signs just to have a wedding. It just shows how ignorant and selfish Luanne is.
    Oh the fighting with go away over time let’s just ignore it.
    Tom is a womanizer and the fact that he was seen out with another woman is no surprise to me. Im am SURE that he was cheating the 7 months they were married. Get divorced Lu and stay single. Your choices in men are really bad. The guy who had the stringy long hair that tried to put his tongue down her throat that was so gross.
    She will be back in bed with a couple mid 20 guys very soon.

  2. Goodness, this is a man who has likely never known what it is to have dry nether regions for longer than a 5 day stretch. Good riddance. I’m sure Lu will find some man to “tango” with while she’s hopping through high season in Europe.

  3. He is despicable. And she was so anxious to get married and just ignored all the warning signs, so I think she should have been smarter. People don’t change who they are at their core.

    1. But he does have a reputation that precedes him, and there has been previous hard evidence of his proclivities for sucking face about town, so that’s enough for most women, lol.

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