Details of Teresa Giudice Reuniting With Her Father


Teresa Giudice finally got to return to New Jersey and reunite with her family on December 23rd just in time for the holidays. While serving time, most of her family members went to see her in Danbury, Connecticut- one of them not being her father Giacinto Gorga. He refused to visit his daughter in prison, but Radar Online is giving exclusive details on what happened when they reunited when she returned home.

The source starts with when Giudice first returned home, “For the first half hour, it was just the kids and Joe. The family wanted to give Teresa time with the kids before coming over.”

After reconnecting with her husband and four daughters, her parents arrived. “Teresa immediately burst into tears,” the source said. “It was the first time she saw her father since she went to prison in February. Giacinto had refused to visit, because he said he didn’t want to see his daughter locked up behind bars.”

During the past few seasons of RHONJ, both the Giudices and the Gorgas have been open about how Giacinto has not been a healthy man. The insider shares that Teresa was worried her father would get worse while she was serving time.

“Teresa’s biggest fear while locked up had been that something could happen to her parents while she was inside. And there was genuine concern that Teresa would never see her father again, because he has been suffering from several ailments. He is getting older and Teresa was just so grateful to be able to hug her dad again.”

While it may have been an emotional time for the Giudices the source concluded that Teresa calls being reunited with her parents “a Christmas miracle, Teresa just couldn’t stop smiling all day. No one is talking about Joe’s upcoming prison surrender. They are just living in the moment.”

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  1. This is so stupid, did they have cameras hidden in there, Radar yet again, but this time stating the obvious about certain things, Teresa loves her parents so of course it was emotional! Ridiculous story!

  2. I don’t care what her Dad looks like quite frankly. But she crawled right back into her old ways. Selling photos of herself. What ever happened to people actually working for a living? Then again, as a convicted felon I’m not sure if it’s that easy finding a normal job…

    1. That’s just how I feel but a lot would sooner see her working a burger van and taking ten times longer to pay it back if ever.

        1. Are you serious? It has been mentioned here she should be selling burgers! I don’t think that way and never have. As far as I am concerned all she can earn from photos,the show, books is good. The restitution will be paid in full by the end of January. I think you read my comment wrong! Very strange!

          1. I think if you had not put “pay it back if ever” was the comment that I disagree with. Like Karrie said she has and is paying society back for her mistakes. Just like Martha Stewart did.

            1. Ok this s the problem I have often with how we say things in Scotland to US. I read it back a few times and couldn’t see it but now I do! Thanks you for telling me, what I was trying to say, if she had a ‘normal’ paying job rather than reality it would take her forever to repay the debt. This way the restitution will be paid by the end of January and the tax Lein by the summer. I think I need translator software on my iPad! Thanks again and happy Hogmanay!!! That’s happy new year!!! I have always supported Teresa, (but can’t stand the term Trehugger). I think it’s ridiculous and don’t like the rest of the cast!!

      1. Why don’t you shut up, Hairy Karrie. Obviously, she has not fully paid back society at all when she still lives in that big house and just got a new car. Serving time in prison did nothing to pay back society. In fact, the taxpayers had to pay for her stay.

      2. Karrie, Teresa is damned if she does or damned if she doesn’t. I think it will take a long time for some people to come around if ever. I agree with you let’s just give her a chance and see what happens. No one can do much in a few days! Happy new year! 😀

  3. If they are out in a restaurant and someone comes up with a camera, she smiles. She is free to do anything her heart desires, because she is now free. It is part of the American way, just as paying for her crimes was. Now she is done with the first part and she can go and do and smile for the cameras forever as far as I am concerned. According to the factual accounts, the initial judgment is almost completely paid off. The IRS leveled a tax judgment or lien now and that will, according to the facts, be paid by mid-Summer. You hold your head up and smile for the camera’s girl! Because some folks want you to bow your head in shame. But then they would find something else to hate on you for so not to worry.

    1. Right. The fact that she committed a felony has nothing to do with people’s attitude about her. After all, anyone can have a lil whoopsie like commiting felonies. *eye roll*

      1. The fact that she committed a felony was why she just got out of prison. I am curious, for real. After she pays back the money, which she will be doing alone, will that be enough, or do you think she should have a scarlet letter on her for the rest of her life. Martha Stewart has her multi-million dollar business and her homes still. The court levied a judgment against her she went to prison and payed the money. And, she actually had the brains to know what exactly she was dong when she lied to the federal prosecutor. I honestly think, even though the couple times I have said this I got pages of people telling me otherwise, that she didn’t know ’till it was too late. Either way though, she has paid her price to society and will have the money paid back by Summer according to her attorney who held a press conference or a press release, I forget which, siting the amount of the judgment and how much has been paid. Do you then think she doesn’t have the right to live free. Her Gucci plates and her Valentino bags and her Prada shoes were not ceased by the government, should she give them to the poor? I am honestly asking what you think she could do to regain or gain the ability to walk without being shunned.

  4. I am wondering if any of you think there will be a blog about Mr. Bill Cosby, America’s favorite tv dad, for drugging and raping 40 some women over the last decades? Will he receive the disdain and bashing Theresa does? Just wonderin’. I know this isn’t a news blog, but I was just listening to some news about him, and I really do wonder if for a year his detractors will speak of his unspeakable crimes daily.

    1. We have the same here with a favourite Rolph Harris, abused kids from the age of Seven to nineteen now serving four years!!! It makes me sick the thought of people like him and Jimmy Saville with 150 victims, kids! It is a shame he died before this all came out! These are real criminals!! I’m not condoning The Guidices but like you I don’t understand the level of hate.

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