Inside the RHONY Season 9 Reunion

Just as we have seen all season on RHONY, Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel keep finding themselves in an argument with each other and apparently it only gets worse at the reunion, according to RadarOnline.

Apparently the Housewives are having it out on the set unlike ever before, “It was a sh*t show” the source said. “The biggest fight was between Ramona and Bethenny, and Ramona even walking off.”

The source describes why Ramona was so upset with Bethenny in the first place. “She had it out with Bethenny. She could not deal with her because she always acts like she wields the power, she falsely portrays herself that she has a hand in the show and controls the show too, and Ramona said it was BS,” the source said.

The source added, “[She] was sick and tired of Bethenny being a bully and bossing everyone around because she doesn’t have the power to fire people, Ramona called her out.”

As for Bethenny’s reaction the source said, “Bethenny was appalled and shocked, and couldn’t argue [with] it.”

Also, newcomer Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan had it at as well, over when Tinsley lived with Sonja. Tinsley thought as soon as she arrived to New York Sonja made a target out of her.

“[Sonja] offered Tinsley safety and shelter then turned on her,” the source said.

Dorinda Medley tried to give her opinion about the arguments until Bethenny told her to shut up, according to the source with Dorinda responding, “all she does on the show is complain about other people’s problems.”

Newly married Luann D’Agostino also went off on Bethenny and Sonja because they have made her marriage harder and stopping her from being happy with Tom. But in the end, Bethenny and Sonja did apologize, the source shared.

One big piece of information came out during the reunion and that is Bethenny started her own production company that has nothing to do with the The Real Housewives, and according to the source, she could be in the line to not come back next season.

Are you excited for the reunion?

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7 Replies to “Inside the RHONY Season 9 Reunion”

  1. oh god it bethenny lives again, the show is going to be cancelled for sure, cause we all know how exciting season 4-6 were

  2. She doesn’t have the power to have people fired, but she has the influence to ice other cast members out of group filming, which is why Sonja is still hung up on Dorinda not inviting her to the Berkshires last year (because it was a Bethenny kiss-up that lost Sonja money since she was contracted on a per scene basis instead of a flat salary). I cracked up when Ramona’s ornery arse told Bethenny on this week’s episode that she was coming anyway because it was a group trip: it was basically a “oh hell no, you will NOT have ME missing during three FULL episodes on the most important group filming of the season”, lol. Ramona irritates me but I was tickled by that…it’s as close as we’ll ever see her or anyone else on this show come to breaking the fourth wall.

    If Bethenny comes back next season , I wonder who she’ll put in her crosshairs. Now that she’s wealthy, she ‘s become more and more like the women who used to marginalize her the first season..but i think she’s learned that picking on those weaker than she is creates terrible optics for her brand and the business partners she’s beholden unless they have a real alpha come in next season as the new girl, I guess that leaves Dorinda…? Although Dorinda (when she’s sober) is nothing to fool around with, though…she’ll charge you like a bull seeing red.

    1. Yes.
      I am still holding out hope that Dorinda will put Bethenny in check, and will be sober when she does so we can understand her, but I was really surprised at Tinsley reaction when Beth told her to “grow up” because she was staring while they screamed at each other 3 feet away from her at the dinner table. I thought the little bunny rabbit may just bite off their heads. That would have been everything. The only thing better would have been if the entire cast joined in and told Bethenny to get over it and just STFU.

  3. The only time I really like Ramona is when she is giving Bethenny a taste of her own nasty medicine and NO ONE does it better than Ramona. NO ONE.

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