Inside RHOC Stars Shannon Beador and Peggy Sulahian’s Feud

The drama on this season on RHOC is only going to get juicer as it looks like Shannon Beador and Peggy Sulahian get into a big FIGHT!

According to a RadarOnline source who says, “Peggy is FED UP with Beador’s ‘whiny’ battle-of-the-bulge and she is not holding back any longer!”

Peggy was also apparently very reluctant to become the newest OC Housewife.

The source added, “Peggy has really hit it off with Vicki and Kelly and viewers will get to see this as the season progresses!”

One of the biggest causes of the fight is that Peggy doesn’t hold back on her thoughts about Shannon’s marriage.

According to the insider, “Peggy accuses Shannon of being jealous of her marriage and she tells her that she needs to check herself when she tries coming for her off-camera.”

“As she gets more comfortable as the season progresses, she does not take crap from anyone and does not tolerate any of Shannon’s whiny BS!” the source said.

Peggy didn’t stop with just the marriage talk as she went after Shannon for her personal issues and her misplaced blame.

“Peggy gets into it with Shannon and tells her that she is pathetic for blaming any of the other women for her personal issues,” the source said. “She doesn’t completely side with anyone though. Peggy spends the entire season playing to the beat of her own drum even though the ladies are constantly trying to get her to choose sides. but because she came in as Lydia’s friend, she will always take her side!”

The source concluded, “Peggy is as real as real gets, she seems shallow but she is not at all. She is able to use her platform to discuss her cancer in hopes that it will help other women.”

Are you surprised to hear this news?

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5 Replies to “Inside RHOC Stars Shannon Beador and Peggy Sulahian’s Feud”

  1. I think Peggy is going to be my favorite OC housewife. I’m glad she’s standing up to Shannon. That should throw Shannon a little more over the edge.

  2. Someone has seen the whiney, nagging, hysterical, lunatic side of Shannon. She is every husband’s nightmare. Shannon should look into her own mirror, not everyone else’s. Actually, her mirror is so black, she cannot see herself as she truly is.

  3. About time delusional Shannon hears the whole truth. Stop blaming everyone around you, the blame is yours & yours alone, missy Shannon.
    I do also believe that Shannon is jealous of David. She feels she cant compete with him, she also lacks trust in him since the affair & she’s constantly putting him through the wringer washes with her nagging, accusing & petty whining & forever neediness. She really thinks she has the upper hand since the affair. What she refuses to see is how she drove him to it because of her disrespect & constant berating of him.
    No man looks outside unless his needs are not being met at home—unless he’s a womanizer, which I suspect he’s not.
    If Shannon wants to save her marriage, she needs to rectify a lot & she has her homework cut out for her, not David, her.

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